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Aging Inmates


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Aging Inmates

  1. 1. The Aging Inmate Angelia Handshoe: Cultural Diversity
  2. 2. Angelia Handshoe: Cultural Diversity Why the rise • Changes in laws ▫ Truth-in sentencing laws ▫ Mandatory sentences ▫ Three-strikes-you’re-out laws • Aging society ▫ Baby boomers ▫ Longer life spans ▫ Life threatening disease among the younger inmates
  3. 3. Angelia Handshoe: Cultural Diversity Politicians want to get tougher on crime • Mandatory sentencing, Truth-in- sentencing, three-strikes-you’re-out
  4. 4. Angelia Handshoe: Cultural Diversity Longer life-span and diseases inflicting our youth
  5. 5. Angelia Handshoe: Cultural Diversity 100% 90% The Aging inmate 80% The inmates over the age 55 70% make up 5.5% of the total male population and 3.5% of the 60% total female population. They over 55 account for about 1.5 million 50% White inmates in the state and federal Black prison system. 40% Hispanic 30% 20% 10% 0% male female
  6. 6. Angelia Handshoe: Cultural Diversity The need for changes in policy and procedures • Prisoners age 7 to 10 years faster in a prison system • They require more health care • They create new medical issues within an institution • They require more assistance in social and psychological areas
  7. 7. Angelia Handshoe: Cultural Diversity The differences among inmates older younger • Cost: $69,000 • Cost: $20,000 • Recreation ▫ Horseshoes, shuffleboard • Recreation • Training ▫ Weights, basketball ▫ Wellness and aging • Training programs, Preventative care programs ▫ GED, vocational • Services • Services ▫ Walkers, wheelchairs, dentur ▫ Drug and alcohol, anger es, special diets management • Medical issues ▫ Diabetes, heart • Medical issues disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, ▫ AIDS and hepatitis dementia, and strokes
  8. 8. Angelia Handshoe: Cultural Diversity The older inmate • Many will become vulnerable, or victims amongst the younger inmates • They are denied participation in programs that may be needed for parole considerations • They do not hear as well or move as quickly making them at risk for completing tasks efficiently.
  9. 9. Angelia Handshoe: Cultural Diversity Religion Older inmates usually abandon their original religion because they usually abandon their ties to their families. They no longer use religion as a way to adapt to prison life but as away to deal with their death.
  10. 10. Angelia Handshoe: Cultural Diversity Changes being made •. Facilities are becoming better equipped to deal with the issues of the elderly. Many of the staff have begun training to assist the aging inmates. Programs are being aimed more toward the aging inmates needs. Housing units are being set-up for the elderly prisoners.