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Some Sexism Issues on

  1. 1. Pritha Anggiarima - 309222426424 Some Sexism Issues on 9gag ( is a humor site which is trending in many parts of theworld. Hundreds of people are accessing it everyday. In this site, there are many truthsabout our life that we sometimes do not realize. One of which is about sexism, it can besearched by typing the word „sexist‟ in the search bar. It is 9gag‟s characteristic to exposethings that we do not realize, and sexism issues are things that we should be aware of.This essay will talk about how 9gag will remind us about sexisms issues around us, bydescribing some of the hundreds humorous posts that talk about sexism issues. An indicator of being sexist is somehow can be seen in how 9gag depicts a manand a woman in two figures, Derp and Derpina. Derp, the male figure, is depicted as abald man, and Derpina has a blonde short hair with a black ribbon on it. It is somehowsymbolizes that men are monotonous and do not have a combination in their life, just likeDerp‟s bald head. While, 9gag depicts Derpina with her little-bit-messy hair, itsymbolizes that women are more complicated than men, sometimes it can be seen bysome women exaggerate little things and be easily panic, it can be symbolized intoDerpina‟s messy hair. As what I have mentioned before, that sexism issues in are many, buthere I will only talk a few of it. The first one is how men and women see themselves inthe mirror (picture 01). On the picture, it is seen a woman staring at herself in the mirror.The woman is slim, but the reflection shows that she is fat. Her face expression shows adisappointment towards her body. It shows that women are always obsessed to have aslim body, and they always think that they are still fat. Having such kind of obsessionwill lead to some diseases such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and many more. Therefore,many kinds slimming programs are offered, and many kinds of body-slimming productsare sold best. Below the picture of a woman staring at the mirror, there is a picture of aman staring at himself in the mirror. He is posing like an athlete showing his muscles.The reflection shows a man with very big muscles. While the man‟s muscles, for real, isnot that big. It shows that a man is usually obsessed to have muscles and sixpacks on hisbody. Therefore, many men join sport clubs or gyms, being professional athletes, andconsume some milk that is manufactured especially for building muscles.
  2. 2. Pritha Anggiarima - 309222426424 Seeing this fact, somehow people take these obsessions too much and they burdentheir mind with these things. Obsessions like these are caused by the discourses in thesociety, which construct that women should be slim, and men should have muscles. Infact, we are not necessarily to be like that. We have to keep on believing that beauty is inthe eye of the beholder, to build the meaning of beauty in our own, and boost the innerbeauty. The second figure posted on 9gag is about clothing (picture 02). In the post, it isshown Derpina‟s cupboard which is full of many kinds of clothes. It is shown thatDerpina with a disappointed expression saying “Nothing to wear again”. Aside with thepicture of Derpina‟s cupboard, there is a picture of a man in front of his cupboard whichcontains only one jacket, and he says “Enough for a week”. This post is talking about thedifferences between men and women in wearing clothes. Women, they are naturallyhaving an instinct to be fashionable, for they have a curvy body which makes them goodlooking in many kinds of outfits. This makes women always eager to have manyfashionable outfits, do mix-and-matches between more than one fashion items, andexplore the world of fashion. Fashion is mostly becoming women‟s biggest obsession.Then, the result is, like what we find on Derpina‟s cupboard, she has plenty of clothes butshe feels that she has nothing to wear, because she always wants to get new clothes. Onthe contrary, a figure next to Derpina‟s picture, is saying that a single shirt is enough forone week. Men, mostly feel that thinking about daily outfits is way too complicated, sothey prefer having the same t-shirt for the sake of practicality. They feel confident withthat. On the other hand, women are easy to feel unconfident with their look, thereforethey cannot have the same clothes for a week. To relate this with the real life, again, this is a thing that we should not obsesswith. It is true that women always concern in style, and being fashionable is a good thing,but feeling that what we have is not enough can lead to greediness. On the other hand,men, practicality is always a prior, but having the same clothes for the whole week willmake an impression of being dirty. The third sexist post in 9gag is about men and women in apologizing (picture 03).The post is showing how Derpina says sorry to Derp and how Derp apologize her. Besidethat picture, it is the opposite occasion, when Derp asks apology to Derpina, and
  3. 3. Pritha Anggiarima - 309222426424Derpina‟s response is much different with Derp‟s, on forgiving her. In this post, it is setthat Derpina and Derp are couple. When Derpina says sorry to derp, she tries to keep onbeing calm and smiling when saying “baby, I‟m sorry, I love you so much”. Derp replies,“but I think that you don‟t know your wrong yet”. Then, Derpina cries. Finally Derp says“you‟re forgiven”. To relate this with real-world life, many times men are trying to keepwomen‟s feeling to not be hurt, therefore they finally apologize their women. Although infact they actually still have some „not sincere‟ feeling in their heart to apologize them.Aside with the picture of Derpina asking apology, it is the picture of Derp asking apologyto Derpina. Derp says, “Honey, I‟m sorry for everything”. Derpina replies, “No”. ThenDerp says, “What can I do to make things better?” Derpina answers, “Nothing”. Derpthen replies “I love you”, and replied “Ok” with Derpina. Then Derpina left, making suchconfusions on Derp. This part of the post shows that women are more sensitive than men.It is proven by Derpina‟s utterance which is so monotonous, without any hedges, andvery direct. Many people say that women uses their feeling more than the logic and it isshown in this post that Derpina does not think about Derp‟s feeling when he apologizes.Of course, Derp feels disappointed because of Derpina‟s act. In the real life, it is true thatwomen are more emotional then men, and on the other hand, men who loves theirgirlfriends are trying to make them keep on feeling fine. Sometimes, women just do notunderstand what men means, due to their heart filled with emotion. To conclude, women and men are set to obsess on having a particular shape ofbody, and own some kind of clothes, although in fact they do not have to be like whatthey are obsessed with. These obsessions are somehow made by the discourses in thesociety, which set the mind of people that women have to be fashionable, men are okay towear the same clothes for the whole week. On the other hand, regarding the emotionalaspect, when men hurt women and vice versa, since women uses their feeling more, anemotional feeling will be felt by women, and arguing cannot be avoided. These 3 postsare just a few and analyzable post from 9gag that talks about sexism. 9gag has its ownway and uniqueness on making us realize that sexism is still happened in our life. I do notover-adore 9gag and exaggerate its uniqueness, but this essay only shows that 9gag hasmade us realized some „hidden‟ facts between men and women through its posts andmemes.
  4. 4. Pritha Anggiarima - 309222426424 List of pictures ` Picture 01 Picture 02Picture 03