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Unleash Your Blogging Superpowers


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Learn about considerations for starting a blog, how blogging helps build your business, what to write about, how to optimize your posts, and tips for social media promotion.

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Unleash Your Blogging Superpowers

  1. 1. unleash your Blogging superpowers @angiepedersen | @kcgeeks Who?! What?! Where?! Why?!
  2. 2. Hello!I am Angie Pedersen. My superpower is content management and development. You can find me at @angiepedersen and @kcgeeks.
  3. 3. 1. WhY?! Marketing effects of a blog @angiepedersen | @kcgeeks
  4. 4. What is a blog? × A type of website with specific features × Chronological journal plus static informational pages × Focuses on a particular subject @angiepedersen | @kcgeeks
  5. 5. Why blog? × Improves your search ranking × Showcases your expertise × Provides engaging, informational, behind-the-scenes content × Allows valuable feedback and personal interaction @angiepedersen | @kcgeeks
  6. 6. 2. Who?! Starting a blog @angiepedersen | @kcgeeks
  7. 7. Who should host your Blog? @angiepedersen | @kcgeeks × Blogger × Wix × Wix SEO pros & cons × Weebly × Typepad × SquareSpace × WordPress (.com vs .org) × Movable Type
  8. 8. Considerations @angiepedersen | @kcgeeks × Features, e.g. × Access to SEO elements × Storefront/ecommerce × Photo galleries × Server space × Support × Pricing × Ease of use
  9. 9. 3. WhAT?! Content/editorial planning @angiepedersen | @kcgeeks
  10. 10. Start with × Top Tip #1: Determine your target audience × Top Tip #2: Determine your marketing goal(s) × Top Tip #3: Plan your work; work your plan @angiepedersen | @kcgeeks
  11. 11. What should you write about? × Upcoming sales and promotions × Newly arrived stock × Backorders × New menu or services available × Event or service changes × Event announcements × Tips for using specific products × Project ideas and examples × Gift guides × Trade show recaps × Industry news × Frequently Asked Questions × Professional development or organization tips × Product reviews × Customer testimonials @angiepedersen | @kcgeeks
  12. 12. × Identify a target keyword/ phrase × Use your keyword/phrase in: × Post title × URL × First paragraph × SEO title: ~80 characters × SEO description: ~135-155 characters × Use active voice × Include CTA (e.g. “Find out how…”, “Discover the steps to…”) Optimize your content Example of WordPress Yoast SEO plugin @angiepedersen | @kcgeeks
  13. 13. × Use your keyword/phrase in image “Alt Text” (aka alt tags) × Make them Pinterest-friendly × in-article images need Alt Tags. OG/social sharing images do not. Optimize your content Example of WordPress image in Media Library @angiepedersen | @kcgeeks
  14. 14. × Add a Facebook Open Graph (OG) image Optimize your content Example of WordPress Yoast SEO plugin @angiepedersen | @kcgeeks
  15. 15. 4. Where?! Distributing and promoting your content @angiepedersen | @kcgeeks
  16. 16. × Plan your social promotion alongside your blog content × Promote each blog post × “Resurface” older posts when timely × Monitor audience engagement and adjust social posting (scheduling and content) × Always include an image Social Promotion @angiepedersen | @kcgeeks
  17. 17. × Create and USE an email newsletter × Send blog post links to your network × Share links with influencers × Post links in Facebook and LinkedIn Groups Other PromotionAL OPPORTUNITIes @angiepedersen | @kcgeeks
  18. 18. resources × How to Start a WordPress blog × Choosing the Right Keywords: Google Best Practices × Moz Beginners Guide to SEO: Keyword Research × AdWords Keyword Planner tool × Crafting a good page title for SEO × How to Write an Effective Meta Description × Ideal Image Sizes for Social Media Posts × Pixabay / Pexels for public domain stock imagery × Canva for creating optimized social images × Ultimate Social Media Holiday Calendar × 100 Blog Topics @angiepedersen | @kcgeeks
  19. 19. THANKS!Any questions? You can find me at @angiepedersen, @kcgeeks, and
  20. 20. Credits × “Jachimo” Presentation template by SlidesCarnival (Creative Commons 4.0 - Attribution)