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WordPress 101 from WordCamp Cincinatti 2016

This slide deck was used during the WP101 presentation at WordCamp Cincinatti 2016, presented by Angie Meeker.

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WordPress 101 from WordCamp Cincinatti 2016

  1. 1. You’re in the right spot.
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Angie. @angiemeeker on Twitter
  3. 3. 2001 b2 is launched 2003 WordPress is launched as a fork of b2
  4. 4. = GPL v2
  5. 5. 2005 Matt Mullenwag launches Automattic 2005 Automattic launches 2010 Matt founds WordPress Foundation
  6. 6. Core Developers Mobile Group Polyglots Accessibility Meta TV Flow Design Group Themes Plugins Documentation Support Community Training People build WordPress
  7. 7. People build WordPress things for^ 3,500 themes 45,000 plugins 163 languages
  8. 8. Cincinnati WordPress Meetup WordCamps Where to go for help
  10. 10. HOSTING COMPANIES GoDaddy Managed WP 1
  11. 11. Need Hosting? Get Free Account Create New Site > Deploy WordPress Visit Pantheon Dashboard > Site Admin Choose Language Add Site title and username Install WordPress then Login 1
  12. 12. other files including wp-config.php .htaccess index.php The wp-config.php file contains a roadmap to your MySQL database. wp-admin wp-content wp-includes If wordpress threw up…
  13. 13. Inside wp-config.php is WordPress’ roadmap for connecting to MySQL database
  14. 14. -When installing WordPress yourself manually, you have to enter these values after creating a MySQL database. -When using a one-click install through a host, they create the database and fill in these values for you.
  15. 15. what’s in the database? wp_commentmeta Meta information per comment wp_comments Comments wp_links Information related to the Links feature wp_options Options set under Administration>Settings wp_postmeta Meta information per post wp_posts Posts, Pages, Navigation Menu Items wp_terms Categories and Tags wp_term_relationships Association of posts with categories, link categories wp_term_taxonomy Description of taxonomy (category, link, tag) wp_usermeta Meta information per user wp_users List of users
  16. 16. With WordPress connected to your MySQL database, we’ll use PHP to retrieve that information through directions specific to the page viewed on your site. These PHP directions for each page template, along with the CSS to style those directions, make up your WordPress theme. putting it all together…
  17. 17. Hi, I’m Angie. @angiemeeker on Twitter