A check list for hiring staff


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  • A check list for hiring staff

    1. 1. A check listFor hiring the best of the best
    2. 2. Your business is booming, and better than expected. At some point everyentrepreneur must stop and realize “I really need some help”. You can’t always do it alone, no matter how hard you try.
    3. 3. Hiring staff can be very difficult, especially if you are a new business owner. The following checklist mighthelp ease some of the stress that comes along with the hiring process.
    4. 4. Access your needs - How many employees do you need? Will you need amanager, a supervisor and staff? What is the title of the role you are hiring for? Try to narrow down your own needs before you start accepting applications.
    5. 5. How will you do the deed - Will you be hiring for yourself, or will you hire a recruiter to do the work for you? If you don’t already have a Human Resources department, you may wish to seek out someone who does professionalrecruitment for small businesses like yours. They will know the right questions to ask.
    6. 6. Be greedy - Ensure you get everythingyou want and need, and do not feel guilty about it. You will meet and interviewmany applicants before you find the rightone, many that you will like. Only hire theone or ones that are a perfect fit for you, your business and the position. For example, you are hiring a front desk person for your new hair salon and youhave two people that you really like. You should consider Hiring the one who has the most exposure to a variety of salonsoftware programs. This person will need less training and will meet your needs immediately.
    7. 7. Don’t focus on the negative - there aremany things that can go wrong when you hire employees. They might steal, theymight cause you to lose customers, they could sue you, they could get injured onthe job. But the key is to not focus on thenegative. Focus on the benefit that these employees will bring to your business. If you have a positive attitude, it will be contagious.
    8. 8. There are many things to consider before you hire a new employee. The best advice is to always go withyour instinct. You will know when you’ve found the best possible candidate. Trust yourself, and your good business sense to make the right choice.