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Night and day


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Night and day

  1. 1. Night and Day By Isaac
  2. 2. Day and Night Very simply, day is when the sun is up and we have light; night is when the sun is gone and we have darkness and the moon. There are 24 hours in every day and for most people this means 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night time.
  3. 3. The Earth’s Axis The Earth spins around on an axis that runs from the top of the Earth to the bottom and it takes 24 hours to make one complete spin therefore we have 24 hours in a day. As the Earth spins half of the Earth is looking to the Sun and therefore has daytime and half the Earth is away from the Sun and so is in night time.
  4. 4. When you look at the sky during the day the Sun looks like it is moving across the sky beginning with a sunrise in the morning and ending with a sunset in the afternoon. In fact the Sun is standing still and we are moving around it and so it only looks like the Sun is moving. It is the same for the moon at night.
  5. 5. Daytime starts with the sunrise and ends with the sunset and the number of hours between them changes the more you move away from the Equator. By the time you get to the top of the Earth at the North Pole it is possible to have 24 hours of daytime for more than one month – imagine that!
  6. 6. The Moon The Moons size is roughly 1/4th the size of the Earth. The Moon orbits the Earth in a orbital path. The Moon has giant craters and is made of magma rocks and dust.
  7. 7. Phases of the Moon
  8. 8. The Earth The Earth is about 3 times bigger than the Moon. The Earth is 70 percent water and 30 percent land. The Earth is changing rapidly with houses and transport even people. The Earth is the only planet with oxygen and is the third away from the Sun.
  9. 9. The End Thank you for watching my presentation.