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Life in Korea

Sharing about my life in Korea.

- Prof. Martin Hemmert, "Tiger Management" (2012)
- The Economist, "Putting in the hours" (2008)
- OECD Factbook (2009)

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Life in Korea

  1. 1. LIFE in KOREA @anggriawan
  2. 2. 안녕하세요~
  3. 3. What People Imagine..
  4. 4. Reality...
  5. 5. Work Hard Source: The Economist, "Putting in the hours" (2008)
  6. 6. Study Hard
  7. 7. Drink Hard
  8. 8. Lesson Learned..
  9. 9. Economic Growth Source: Maddison Project (2010)
  10. 10. Korean Management Style Confucianism Japanese influence American influence Military-led industrialization Hierarchical social relationship based on age & status Centrally controlled diversified business structure Competition orientation Military command culture Emphasis on family relationship Accumulating capital based on dilegence Professional pragmatism Working on clear-cut target Strong emphasis on educational merits Sustaining under difficult conditions Seizing opportunities Quick execution of plans Strong national loyalty Geographic mobility Global mindset No tolerance of failure Source: Prof. Martin Hemmert, "Tiger Management" (2012)
  11. 11. Tiger Management Aggresiveness Ambitious goal setting; growth oriented Speed Immediate implementation of strategic direction (“ppali ppali’) Flexibility Seizing the opportunities Preseverance Work (very) hard Leadership Boldness & determination Teamwork Harmony (“Inhwa”) R&D High investment into human skills; eagerness to learn Source: Prof. Martin Hemmert, "Tiger Management" (2012)
  12. 12. 감사합니다 감사합니다