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Wikiproject lucas-anngie-final


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Published in: Education
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Wikiproject lucas-anngie-final

  1. 1. Welcome to this webquest, we hope you will enjoy your learning process! Have you ever heard or read a myth? Around the world we have a lot of myths that, as we know, represent different cultures in each area of the planet. It is important that you know that mythology was born in the world as a way to reflect events that cannot be explained with a logic thought in the past. So, in this webquest you can enjoy writing a myth about something related to your environment. At the end of the task you will be able to develop your creative thought and to improve your writing skills.
  2. 2. Here you have the Greek myth of Narcissus. You can check it and use it as an example for your own creation: Narcissus an exceedingly handsome young boy was the son of a blue nymph and a river god. While hunting in the forest he heard footsteps; but, he did not see a nymph named Echo. When he asked who was there, Echo's reply was the same as what he asked. When she embraced Narcissus, he pulled away abruptly and walked away. She felt crushed and heartbroken. She prayed to Venus, the love goddess, to avenge Narcissus' rejection. As punishment, Venus made Narcissus fall in love only with himself. In this task, you have to discuss about why people create myths and if you think or know people that still create myths. Then, you need to speak with your classmates in the group, in order to form a brainstorm about the new myth that will be written by yourselves (please, take notes). The new myth can explain a natural disaster, a strange event that was happen or something about an experience that you have lived. This should have mythical characters (created by you, from your brainstorming). And finally, your myth needs to be written. Remember that each one of you have to collaborate during the task. So, one of you should play the role of a grammar chief to check the grammar. Good luck!
  3. 3. Step 1: Form a group of 3 or 4 people. Step 2: Discuss about why you think people create myths and if you think people still create myths. Step 3: Speak between your classmates in the group and form a brainstorm about new myth writing by yourselves. Step 4: This myth needs to explain a natural disaster, with a minimum of 2 mythical characters (created by you). Step 5: This myth needs to be writing between 100 and 150 words. myth.html
  4. 4. Category 1 2 3 4 Organization The idea of the myth looks like a brainstorm. The myth is difficult to understand or is not clear at all. The myth looks clear but there are some little troubles in the order or forbidden ideas for example. The myth is well organized, clear and you can follow easily the ideas about the story. Grammar The grammatical structure is full of errors and the final result is not coherent with the type of text required. The grammatical structure has a lot of mistakes and it is not pretty coherent with the type of text required. The structure of the myth has some mistakes, but it is coherent with the type of text required previously. The grammatical structure is well-made and coherent with the type of text required (descriptive and narrative) Cooperative work The group does not look focused on the activity and on working by their own. The participants of the group work a little in group, just when the teacher pushes them to do it. Students do a good job working together, but they do not help to other participant when have a problem for the task. The group works perfectly. Everybody works in class giving instructions and ideas about the task and help it each other. Format The assignment does not fulfill any of the requirements asked. The assignment exceeded or fails reaching widely the number of words required. The assignment exceeded or fails reaching shortly the requirements of the task. The assignment achieves completely the format requirements.