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Ultrasonic level


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Ultrasonic level

  1. 1. The microflex LR MI transmitter with display is available with four different acoustic frequencies capable of reliably tracking the level of solid and liquid product under extreme condition.Hazardous areas for dust and gases pose no threat to this new series of transmitters with ATEX option of Eexia IIAT4 and ExII 1 DT85
  2. 2. 120 Range C B A Thread Range Meters Optional Optional Optional 10 140 - - 2” -Cd 20 185 258 98 3” 4” 40 36- 413 263 3.5” 10” 60 672 413 263 - 10”
  3. 3. The Microflex LR MS smart instrument without display is programmabke either by MODBUS or Vision System II Software. The smart devices have the capability to run on a 9- 24vdc power supply, have one relay output option, plus a special option to run on low power if required
  4. 4. Range C B A Thread FlangeMeters Optional Optional Size Optional 10 185 - - 2” - 20 208 258 98 3” 4” 40 537 413 263 3.5” 10”
  5. 5. Instrument Type Microflex LR (MI) Microflex LR (MS) 2 wire powered or 2,3,4 wired 2wire loop powered or 3 wire ac/dc dc Accuracy +/-0.25% of maximum range +/-0.25% of maximum range Range Up to 60 metres Up to 60 metres Resolution 1mm up to 20 metre range 1mm up to 20 metre range 4mm up to 20-60 metre range 4mm up to 20-60 metre range Display 2 line 8digit LCD Not applicable Relays 2 Form C SPDT rated 5 amp at 1 Form C SPDT on 3 wire 240 ac version onlyOperating Temperature -40˚C to + 80˚C -40˚C to + 80˚C
  6. 6. Blanking Variable from 0.3 metres Variable from 0.3 metres Ambient Temperature Electroncs -40˚C to + 80˚C Electroncs -40˚C to + 80˚C Analogue Output 4-20mA 4-20mA Load impedance 750 ohms 750 ohms Weight 2kg-15kg 2kg-15kg Cable Specification 3 x M16 Cable GlandsCommunication Protocol Modbus/HART Modbus GSM/CDMA connectable GSM/CDMA connectable Vision System II (up to 32 Vision System II (up to 32 units) units) Blanking Varible from 0.3metres Varible from 0.3metres Measurement Liquids or Solids Liquids or Solids
  7. 7. The high quality and compact construction of the ranger 1000 and 3000 ultrasonic level transmitter makes it an excellent choice for industrial application. The transmitter come complete with an integral display featuring three push buttons for programming and diagnostics. The display is situated under the lid for security and features just eight parameters to set making is a very simple devices to set up and use
  8. 8. • Two-wire loop powered• 12-30v dc• IP67 housing• Compact size• PVDF wetted parts• False echo rejection• 2” NPT process connection• Low cost• Simple to Program
  9. 9. Instrument type Ranger 1000 LTR1 Ranger 3000 LTR3 Functionality Level or Distance Level, Distance, Flow and Volume Range 1ft to 26ft 1.5ft to 36ft Resolution + 1/16” /1mm + 1/16” /1mm Display Integral four digit LCD Integral four digit LCD Accuracy <1.0m ± 5mm <1.0m ± 5mm >1.0m ±1% >1.0m ±1%Operating Temperature F: -40˚C to 158˚C F: -40˚C to 145˚C C:-20˚C to 70˚C C:-20˚C to 70˚CMax. System Pressure 3bar
  10. 10. Damping 1-99 second 1-99 second Enclosure IP67 - NEMA 4 HART Analogue Output 4 – 20 mA 4 – 20 mA Load impedance 750 ohms 750 ohms Weight 850g 850g Cable Specification Single twisted sheilded pair Single twisted sheilded pair instrument cable instrument cableCommunication Protocol IP67 - NEMA 4 HART Measurement liquids Liquids Measuring range 1ft to 26ft / 0.3m to 8m 1.5ft to 36ft / 0.45m to 11m
  11. 11. el/level_transmitters/ltr3/LTR3_DS.pdf el/level_transmitters/ltr1/LTR1_DS.pdf downloads/datasheets/MicroflexLRDataSheet. pdf