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Cyber crime


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The internet cyber crime awarness

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Cyber crime

  1. 1. Tips Internet Sehat & Aman
  2. 2. Top 10 Country of Internet User 538 245 137 101,2 88,4 67,9 55 52,7 67,4 52,2 International Telecommunication Union & Nielsen Online
  3. 3. Cyber Crime Hidden Risk Phising Personal identity, Pin Stolen, CC Number Lock the account, Regularly password Change Keep save the, Video & Picture Password Multimedia Cyber Stakling Restricted Information, Phone #, Address Cyber Gambling Illegal ContentPornofraphy Prostitution Online gambling Cyber Fraud Fake transaction, Online shopping Harassment: Provocation, Domination Phsycopat Cyber Bullying
  4. 4. More understanding Health & Safe Internet Utilization Became a Smart User Awareness Socialization of Internet Using
  5. 5. Positive Impact Negative Impact Productivity & Intellegent Awareness Socialization of Internet Using