Ange and Rae Presentation 2012


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Ange and Rae Presentation 2012

  1. 1. Sustainability Means• Creating an economic system that provides for quality of life while renewing the environment and its resources.• Taking the long term view of how our actions affect future generations and making sure we don’t deplete resources or cause pollution at rates faster than the earth is able to renew them.
  2. 2. Sustainability Means...• Renewing resources at a rate equal to or greater than the rate at which they are consumed.• Living within the resources of the planet without damaging the environment now or in the future.
  3. 3. It applies to business activity because...• Sustainability is the capacity to endure and encompasses the concept of stewardship for the responsible management of resources• We chose a company that demonstrates sustainable practices• Our company strives to be more sustainable in their everyday operations.
  4. 4. Pinnacle Underlay• Manufacture rubber carpet underlay for residential and commercial use.• Product is made from a large environmental problem we have in our landfills...tyres.• Factory in Te Rapa which produces and distributes product.
  5. 5. Pinnacle’s underlay product is...• Environmentally friendly and very durable, and provides.... – Comfort – Heat insulation – Sound insulation – Appearance – Dust insulation
  6. 6. Innovation of Use• Waterproof• Under floor Insulation• Car mats• Playground matting• Weed matting
  7. 7. What is the product made from?• Used truck tyres and milk bottles• Underlay is made from used tyres• Material backing is made from recycled milk bottles
  8. 8. Where do they get the products from?• Raw material used to produce underlay is sourced from Wellington based company, Rubber Solutions.• Supply Raw Material in the form of Rubber crumb
  9. 9. Pinnacle made this product because...• There was a market for rubber underlay in Europe• Saw the potential for a similar market in New Zealand
  10. 10. Process of Product• Process has been refined over time and now the product is consistent.• Spent two years developing• Product is now manufactured by – Two different grades of rubber crumb – Air – Latex Based Glue – Material backing (Weed mat)
  11. 11. Start of processMixing of the raw materials
  12. 12. Step 2 Of ProcessMix extruded onto Conveyer Belt
  13. 13. Step 3 of ProcessProduct is pulled through the oven
  14. 14. Step 4 of ProcessCooling and Adhesion Process
  15. 15. Step 5 of ProcessPackaged ready for dispatch to customers
  16. 16. Pinnacle and Sustainability• Pinnacle demonstrates sustainability by – Making use of a recycled product in its raw form – Dispose of wastewater correctly by sending it to Auckland based company to dispose of it – Creating a less toxic, stable and longer lasting product – Reducing an environmental problem by using a resource and producing another product
  17. 17. Future Plans• Pinnacles future plans are to – Expand their business – Export – Purchase a piece of technology that would not create any waste, and wastewater would be disposed of at their premise?
  18. 18. Sustainable Business award• Won Waikato regional award• Won a National award• Awards for NZ National Sustainable business network 2010 awards ceremony• Award category for emerging Small and Medium Business
  19. 19. Product in the market place• Visited a reputable carpet retailer• Not being actively marketed as environmental product• New in market place – no adverse feedback• Consumer’s choice to reduce noise• Expensive compared to synthetic alternatives