Stir up joy with coffee and tea wedding favors


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Stir up joy with coffee and tea wedding favors

  1. 1. Stir Up Joy With Coffee andTea Wedding Favors
  2. 2. Planning a tea party for your female friends?Whether its to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, orwedding announcement, tea party favors will helpcreate the perfect event.
  3. 3. Sweet memories, shared moments and lovingthoughts flow so easily with chocolate weddingfavors and coffee and tea wedding favors. You areunlikely to find anyone on your guest list who willnot appreciate these items. Poets and the romanticshave always given an exalted status to coffee andtea. Chocolates are the forever symbols ofromance. Nowadays, health teas have becomepopular too. So, why not choose these tea favors toshow gratitude to your guests?
  4. 4. If we were to sit down and list possible chocolatefavors, surely we would end up compiling anencyclopedia. Such is the fascinating range ofchocolates available in the market. If you wish toemphasize elegance, choose the Black & Whitecandy bars. The wrappers have a Victorian moodand can display the couples name and date of theevent. Other ranges of chocolates can be indifferent flavors like fruit and almonds or differentshapes and sizes.
  5. 5. But if the range of chocolates is so wide, can youreally give them as unique favors. Of course!Chocolate wedding favors can be made to lookdifferent with silver boxes, designer wrappers oreven environment-friendly recycled paper. Thecharm of chocolates is in their wrapping. You canuse silk, ribbons, cartons, silver boxes orenvironment-friendly paper. You must keep in mindthat chocolates melt easily so, it wouldnt be veryproper to pick chocolate wedding favors at asummer wedding.
  6. 6. Winter wedding settings can be great to give outhot cappuccino mixes as wedding favors too. Thesemixes come in special pouches that can be designedand personalized according to your tastes andneeds. You can add whisks particularly, the heart-shaped ones. An entire pouch and whisk set maycost only $1.59. Espressing your love was nevereasier than with coffee-scented candles, ceramicmugs and lots of smiles.
  7. 7. With a great emphasis on meditative and Easternconcepts, tea has found favor in the Americansociety like never before. Giving out tea weddingfavors has become very chic. And, teacups andtealights apart from tea satchels make for verysweet favors. You can even give the bridal tea bagset as elegant wedding favors.
  8. 8. For a change, if you are holding a wedding in aninformal setting and you dont really want your guestsfinishing off your favors, how about a cup and saucerset? The saucers a little long and has a contemporarydesign. Your guests can move around carryinghomemade sweets and their coffee cup while chattingleisurely. They can later, take memories home withthese favors.The only caution you must exercise when ordering teaand coffee favors or chocolate favors is the qualitycheck. Have plenty of time at hand to ensure that thefavors reach you in the right time and can be given out.There is no mood spoiler like a bad consignment ofcoffee or tea satchels or worn out chocolate packaging.Your guests will love whatever you give them, but then,you must love giving your favors too. Thats whatbonding is all about.