Textbook lesson 1 march 3 , 13


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Textbook lesson 1 march 3 , 13

  1. 1. 03/03/2013 HEALTH AND ILLNESS Asking about health: SALUD Y ENFERMEDAD Health is the state of the body. When Doctors want to know about a DR. JCDT DR. JCDT Dr. Juan Carlos Díaz Torre patient´s usual health they ask questions Pediatra Neonatólogo such as: dr_diaz_torre@hotmail.com - What is your general health like? (779) 100 - 40 - 26 - How is your health generally? 1 2If you are in good health, you are well If you are not ill, you are:and have no illness or disease. - HealthyIf you are healthy, you are normally well healthy, - Fitand can resist illness. DR. JCDT DR. JCDT - In good health - WellIf you are fit you are well and strong. fit, - Very well - Fit and well 3 4 Sickness When you are ill, you are: Sickness has a similar meaning to illness. - Unhealthy It is also used in the names of a few - Unfit specific diseases, for example “sleeping - Unwell sicknes” and “travel sickness”. DR. JCDT DR. JCDT - In poor health - Not well Patients also talk about sickness when - Not very well they mean nausea and vomiting. 5 6 1
  2. 2. 03/03/2013When a patient says: When a patient says: - I was sick this morning - I fell sickThe possible meanings are: The possible meanings are: - I was ill this morning - I feel ill DR. JCDT DR. JCDT - I felt unwell this morning - I feel unwell - I vomited this morning - I am nauseous - I feel the need to vomit The combination sicknesss and 7 diarrhoea means vomiting and 8 diarrhoea.Recovery If a patient’s health is in the processs of returning to normal, the patient isWhen patients return to normal health improving. improvingafter an illness, they have recovered. recovered.We can also say: The opposite is deteriorating deteriorating. DR. JCDT DR. JCDT - The patient made a We can also say that the patient´s good, condition improved or deteriorated deteriorated. full, or complete recovery 9 10In speech we often use the verb get to talk Examples:about change:- Get over an illness = to recover - He got over the illness very quickly- Get better = to improve- Get worse = to deteriorate - Two years later she remains in complete DR. JCDT DR. JCDT remissionIf a patient is better, but then gets worseagain, the patient has relapsed relapsed.Another word for improvement, especiallyin recurring conditions such as cancer, is 11 12remission.remission 2
  3. 3. 03/03/2013Complete the table with the right words: Make word combinations using a word from each column:NOUN ADJECTIVEFitness ………………. a) complete sicknessHealth ………………. b) feel health DR. JCDT DR. JCDTIllness ………………. c) get remissionSickness ………………. d) poor sick e) travel over 13 14Complete the conversation: Complete the conversation:D: How are you feeling today? D: Do you feel ____?P: Not very ___ P: YesD: How long have you been feeling____ D: Have you actually been____?P: About a week DR. JCDT DR. JCDT P: NoD: What is your____like normally? D: Have you had any serious____ in theP: Very good. I am usually quite ___ and___ past?D: What is the problem now? P: No, none at allP: It’s my stomach 15 16 4.- The patient made a full____Choose the correct word to complete (remission/recovery).each sentence: 5.- I have been in ____ (poor/good) health for months and feel very fit.1.- Her condition____ 6.- It was a month before I____ (got(deteriorated/improved) and she died. over/got better) the illness. DR. JCDT DR. JCDT2.- He____(relapsed/recovered) and was 7.- He seems to be rather____allowed to go home from hospital. (unhealthy/unwell) –his diet is bad and he3.- The cause of sleeping____ never exercises.(illness/sickness) was discovered in 1901.  What advise do you give people 17 for keeping fit and well? 18 3
  4. 4. 03/03/2013Gracias por su atención DR. JCDT Dr. Juan Carlos Díaz Torre Pediatra Neonatólogo dr_diaz_torre@hotmail.com (779) 100 - 40 - 26 19 4