2 Aformulapractice


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Guide for lesson 2A practice on room refurb to introduce simple formulae

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2 Aformulapractice

  1. 1. ‘What If..?’<br />OK. So I’m going to redecorate my bedroom. I’ve seen all the ads on the TV about all the special offers, and I’m ready.<br />What information do I need?<br />Well. Let’s see…<br />Size of the room? Yeah, I guess, so I know whether all my new stuff will fit in!<br />Shape of the room? Hmmm. Yeah – because I might end up jamming the door shut with me in the room! <br />Stuff I want to keep in the room? Well, duh! Yeah.<br />New stuff I want to add – I need costs and I need suppliers.<br />So I think I shall set up my spreadsheet like this. It’s up to you whether you do it this way, or another. It just has to be clear!<br />ABCD1Item for my roomSupplierCostRunning total2New BED!3New desk4CD/MP3 player/Net radio5PS36TV/DVD unit7<br />Now here it gets tricky.We need to know how much in total we’re spending.So let’s look at this one more carefully – after we’ve filled in the rest!<br />In this column you need to put how much you found you would have to spend on each of the things you want to put in your room<br />SO here’s my last 2 columns, all nice and filled in. (Yeah, I cheated. So sue me!).<br />CDCostRunning total£459.85In here I’m keeping the totals of what I’ve spent so far. I’ve only spent money on one thing – the bed, so here I’m going to type in =C2 because C2 has the total I’ve planned to spend on the bed. OK?£180.00But now I’ve gone and spent more. I’ve spent the amount in C2 AND the amount in C3, on my new snazzy desk <yay!> So here I type =C2+C3 because I need to add them together.£229.00Hmmm. Couldn’t stop there, huh? Well, now I’ve gone and spent the amount in C4, but I’ve already added the last two together, in the cell above me, so I’m going to change my formula to save myself some time. I could type in =C2+C3+C4, which wouldn’t really be wrong, it would just be clunky. But I could type in =D3+C4 because in D3 (the cell above this one) I already HAVE the other total. Take your time – make sure this makes sense!£350.00OK. So again, I could type in =C2+C3+C4+C5 and that would be OK – can you see how I am going to type in =D4+C5?£180.00Guess! Argh! Too easy! =D5+C6! So now we know how much I’ve spent! (ohhh, loads!)<br />