Third Conditional grammar explanation


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Third Conditional grammar explanation

  1. 1. Third ConditionalGoing BACK in TIME to the PAST What would you have done differently?
  2. 2. When do we use the 3rd conditional? Yesterday When we want to imagine doing or changing something in the past ·yesterday3rd Conditional ·last week ·last year ·when I was a child
  3. 3. How do we make the 3rd conditional? If... + HAD + PARTICIPLE, + WOULD have + PARTICIPLE COULD MIGHT I I you been , You been he would have come If He She had come found she could found hadnt it might done It done We we seen seen They they
  4. 4. Fill in the gaps to make the 3rd conditional If I ___ ____ alive 2000 years ago, I _____ ____ ____ a RomanIf + PAST PERFECT , + WOULD HAVE + PARTICIPLE
  5. 5. If I had been alive 2000 years ago,I would have been a Roman
  6. 6. If / thief / run faster / police / not catch / himIf the thief had run faster, the policewouldnt have caught him.
  7. 7. If / Titanic / miss/ Iceberg / It / not sinkIf the Titanic had missed theiceberg, it wouldnt have sunk.
  8. 8. Going BACK in TIME to the PASTThe 3 Conditional rd PractiseSentence transformation Make sentences for the pictures in the 3 rd conditional
  9. 9. The Titanic hit an iceberg and sank
  10. 10. If the Titanic hadn’t hit aniceberg, it wouldn’t have sunk
  11. 11. He stayed in the sun too long yesterday and got sunburnt
  12. 12. If he hadn’t stayed in the sun too long yesterday, he wouldn’t have got sunburnt
  13. 13. He arrived late and missed the train
  14. 14. If he hadn’t arrived late, he wouldn’t have missed the train
  15. 15. She forgot her umbrella and got wet
  16. 16. If she hadn’t forgotten herumbrella, she wouldn’t have got wet
  17. 17. He was angry so he punched his laptop EFL SMARTblog
  18. 18. If he hadn’t been angry, hewouldn’t have punched his laptop
  19. 19. She drank so much coffeeyesterday, she couldn’t sleep last night
  20. 20. If she hadn’t drunk so much coffee yesterday, she would have been able to sleep last night
  21. 21. She got a virus on her laptopbecause she didn’t install an antivirus
  22. 22. If she had installed anantivirus on her laptop, she wouldn’t have got a virus
  23. 23. He drank so much last night, he had a hangover when he woke up
  24. 24. If he hadn’t drunk so much last night, he wouldn’t havehad a hangover when he woke up
  25. 25. Bart didn’t do his homework so he had to stay late in school yesterday
  26. 26. If Bart had done the homework, he wouldn’t have had to stay late in school yesterday
  27. 27. They worked so hard they passed their exams
  28. 28. If they hadn’t worked so hard, they wouldn’t have passed their exams
  29. 29. He bought a lottery ticket and won
  30. 30. If he hadn’t bought a lotteryticket, he wouldn’t have won
  31. 31. He was texting on the phone and had an accident
  32. 32. If he hadn’t been texting onthe phone, he wouldn’t have had an accident
  33. 33. She was working so hard that she fell asleep
  34. 34. If she hadn’t been working sohard, she wouldn’t have fallen asleep
  35. 35. He was lifting the box when he hurt his back
  36. 36. If he hadn’t been lifting thebox, he wouldn’t have hurt his back
  37. 37. He wasn’t looking where hewas going and he hit the tree
  38. 38. If he had been looking where he was going, he wouldn’t have hit the tree
  39. 39. This presentation was taken and adapted fromEFL SMARTblog