Unemployment Blues


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Feeling the blues of not having a job? Here are some useful tips that can help beat your unemployment funk.

Disclaimer: Sadly, this is not a definitive guide on how to find employment.

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Unemployment Blues

  1. 1. Unemployment Blues: What to do?
  2. 2. Gallup (2013) Those unemployed for 52+ weeks have the most cases of depression (19%). Number of depressed, out-of-work individuals (12%) are twice as many as employed ones (5.6%).
  3. 3. Sadly, the average duration of unemployment in the US is 35 weeks. *
  4. 4. But you can make the most out of your situation!
  5. 5. Exercise Engage in a physical activity that can help boost both your body and mind. You may be unemployed, but you still want to look good! Some sites to visit: Runner’s World Men’s Fitness Women’s Fitness Youtube Fitness World Active.com
  6. 6. Learn Learn new skills, software, and knowledge online or offline instead of moping around the house! Maximize the Internet for learning! Some sites to visit: Coursera Udemy EdX YouTube TED Talks Google for Education Code Academy
  7. 7. Volunteer Share your skills, knowledge, and time with non-profit orgs and help a worthy cause at the same time! Some sites to visit: Volunteer Match Local government website
  8. 8. Business Start your own small business. You can start selling on eBay, Etsy, and others. Or rent your spare room (if you have one). Some sites to visit: eBay Etsy Craigslist Amazon Entrepreneur
  9. 9. Blog Great way to showcase your research, writing, and web design skills! Some sites to visit: WordPress Blogger Tumblr Code Academy (for coding) W3 schools (for coding)
  10. 10. Read Visit your local library and read those books you’ve always wanted to read!
  11. 11. Socialize Reconnect with relatives, friends, or groups. You’ll never know - the next person you meet might lead you to your new job!
  12. 12. Engage This is good time to connect and know your family more. Make the most out of your time with them!
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