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Chat bots, a messaging opportunity


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Our chatbots allow to promote your products, your contents and talk with your customers about that. No more boring forms to compile, no more emails. Engage your customers through messaging apps they love. We grow your bots, we grow your business.

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Chat bots, a messaging opportunity

  1. 1. Botfarmy ChatBots, a messaging opportunity How Bots will change your business (and probably everybody’s business) October 2016
  2. 2. Why chats matter (more than social networks) WeChat offered the first integrated model of mobile social platform for chat, commerce and entertainment. Botfarmy Social Chats took the lead over SN in finding innovative ways to keep users engaged. Snapchat and FB Messenger are committed to apply it and to grow even faster Source © 2016
  3. 3. Why ChatBots matter (even more than apps) A Bot is conversational tools to talk with user directly in messaging applications like Messenger or Telegram, and to serve him as a digital persona. Actually ChatBot run faster than Apps thanks to minor development costs and better time to market. Botfarmy Differently from Apps, Bots don’t require to be downloaded and installed Source © Techcrunch 2016
  4. 4. The Intelligent Assistant Ecosystem Botfarmy Source ©Venture Beat 2016 We are here
  5. 5. When ChatBot rocks Botfarmy PROS EXAMPLES Simple, intuitive UX Mass market focus Good for FAQ (frequenly answered questions) Support, 1st level customer care Curriculum vitae (MeBot) Multi-platform push distribution Editorial, subscription services Branded content User notification One-to-One communication Recommendation Commerce, Sale automation Customer Interviews Popular messaging channels Y Gen focus User profiling Loyalty program, remarketing
  6. 6. Why Botfarmy Botfarmy Botfarmy is up to date with Facebook Messenger API and top ranking Social Chats Our platform delivers best UX to your Bot with several awesome features. Cross Platform Delivery Multi-Language Support Best-in-Class Analytics Boolean Semantic Conversation Engine Full Multimedia
  7. 7. How Botfarmy works Botfarmy Javascript VM BOT Program Javascript VM BOT Program Javascript VM BOT Program Javascript VM BOT Program DB Java VM Conversation Engine DB Knowledge Base RESTful XML JSON
  8. 8. Contact Us Botfarmy Fabio Malagnini CMO & Co-founder Gian Angelo Geminiani CTO & Co-Founder Guido Ricci Product Director & Co-founder