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Romanesque style


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Romanesque art

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Romanesque style

  1. 1. Romanesque style  From 11th to beg. 13th cent.  All Western Europe. Mainly religious (churches, Cathedrals and monasteries) Saint Mary Laach, Germany
  2. 2. Church Cloister Cultivated lands Refectorium THE MONASTERIES CLUNY CISTER Scriptorium
  3. 3. The main labour for monasteries in the early Middle Age was the copy of classical works. Books made by hand, with miniatures. SCRIPTORIUM
  4. 4. ARCHITECTONIC FEATURES • Roman arch (ARCO DE MEDIO PUNTO) • Barrel vault (BÓVEDA DE CAÑÓN) • Buttressses (CONTRAFUERTES) • Columns (COLUMNAS) • Capitals (CAPITELES) • Triforium (TRIFORIO O BALCÓN) • Decoration: canecillos, taqueado jaqués.
  5. 5. Santiago de Compostela triforium Barrel vault (bóveda de cañón) Roman archs Geometrical decoration (rolls) Capitels NAVE
  6. 6. Santo Domingo de Silos capital cloister Double columns Roman archs Taqueado jaqués
  7. 7. Canecillos Roman arch Buttresses
  8. 8. PARTS OF CHURCH • Cross shape (CRUZ LATINA) • Bell tower (CAMPANARIO) • Portal (PÓRTICO) • Nave (NAVE CENTRAL) • Aisles (NAVE LATERAL) • Transept (CRUCERO) • Apse (ÁBSIDE) Cross shape
  9. 9. San Martín de Frómista
  10. 10. Buttresses transept
  11. 11. Small windows Bell tower Roman arc Thick walls Barrel vault Aisles
  12. 12. Notre Dame, Poitiers FranceCanecillos PORTAL TRANSEPT
  13. 13. Durham cathedral England NAVE Central aisle “Norman Style” (geometrical decoration, Thick pillars, triforium)
  14. 14. Sculpture 1. Related to architecture, using Tympanum, capitels… TYMPANUM Canecillos CAPITALS
  15. 15. 2. Mainly religious. People in the Middle Age Couldn’t read, so Romanesque sculpture Was like a visual book Judas’ kiss The prophets. (Santiago de Compostela)
  16. 16. 3. Not realistic (they don’t show reality, sculptures are hyeratical) 4. Symbolism. Jesus is higher than the others because he is more important (hierarchy) La duda de Tomás Sto. Domingo De Silos, Burgos Open eyes. They don’t show Feelings, not Natural.
  17. 17. Painting 1. No perspective. 2. Bright colours. 3. Not realistic. 4. Hierarchical 5. Symbolism. 6. Mural paintings Santa María de Tahull, Cataluña. Pantocrátor (Cristo triunfante y resucitado) Bigger and higher than the others. Evangelists Disciples
  18. 18. San Marcos, Sta. María de Tahull Symbolism Bright colours
  19. 19. Escorzo siglo XVII Pintura plana San Clemente de Tahull.