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  1. 1. FRANKS The carolingian empire and second invasions
  2. 2. TIMELINE 6th century Clovis, king Of the Franks Defeats the Visigoths and conquers France 7th century Merovingians “Lazy kings” The stewards Had the Real power. 732 Carlos Martel Defeats the Muslim at Poitiers 814 Charlemagne death 800 Charlemagne, declared Emperor at Rome. 843 Treaty Of Verdún 9th century Vikings, Magiars And Muslims Attack Europe
  3. 3. HISTORY OF FRANKS • The Franks were among the known Roman Germanic barbarians. Early V century began to expand southward from their home territories along the river Rhine to the Galia, dominated by the Romans. • They unlike other Germanic peoples left their place of origin.
  4. 4. CHARLEMAGNE EMPEROR •Carlos I, I called "the Great" and better known as Charlemagne was king of the Franks from 768 until his death, nominal king of the Lombards, and Emperor of the West. Son of King Pepin and Bertrada of Laon, ... •Birth: April 2 742 DC, Kingdom of the Franks in the Merovingian era •Death: January 28, 814, Aachen •Height: 1.84 m •Parents: Bertrada of Laon, Pepin the Short •Children: Alpaida, Adalhaid, Theodrada, Louis the Pious, Richbod Abbott of Saint- Riquier, Hiltrude, Pepin the Hunchback, Theodoric son of Charlemagne, Rotrude, Drogo of Metz, Hildegarde, Pepin of Italy, Ruodhaid, Adaltrude, Amaudru,
  5. 5. TREATY OF VERDUN • The Treaty of Verdun was an agreement reached on 10 August 843 between Lothair I, Louis the German and Charles the Bald -sons of Louis the Pious and grandsons of Charlemagne, in the homonymous French town. [1] This treaty was to imperil ordinatio origin, decreeing how to proceed if one of the subsidiary died childless monarchs. However, this resulted in a series of conflicts in the empire that, far from solving the divisions, deepened. • After being carried out the cast, three territories that were renamed West France, France Middle East and France they emerged.
  6. 6. MISSI DOMINICI• The Missi dominici was an institution of compensatory character between the central power and territorial. He had been employed by the Merovingian ever, but who gave him real use was Carlomagno, being expressly mentioned in 779. The counts, to enter the real vassalage, they were more closely linked to the sovereign. Therefore, they were subject to the supervision of the king's messengers, who also took part in his appointment. The missi dominici were a couple of inspectors, a secular and ecclesiastical, that crossed the counties remembering to their gentlemen their obligations.
  7. 7. Missi dominici, A member of the aristocracy and a member of the church (a bishop).
  8. 8. CULTURE OF THE FRANKS •This period is commonly known by the name of the CAROLINGIAN RENAISSANCE, by comparison with the cultural decline of the previous period. •Charlemagne (like most men of his time, including many nobles and clergy) could not read or write, not even arithmetic. However, he tried to raise the cultural level of the Empire. •They divided education in the Trivium (rhetoric, grammar and dialectic) and Quatrivium (geometry, astronomy, arithmetic and music).
  9. 9. Alcuin, Eginard, Beda are their most important members. They became relevant because they were the transmisors of the knowledge of antiquity in a period where culture was not regarded as important. SCRIPTORIUM The place where old Books from Antiquity Were copied in order To be preserved for The future.
  11. 11. CAROLINGIAN ART They have Roman and byzantine influence. They use the Roman arch (semicircular), columns and capitels, and domes too . This art is mainly religious, except in Aquisgran, Where the church became a palace too.
  12. 12. THE VIKINGS INVASIONS • The Vikings, a Nordic people from the Scandinavian Peninsula (Sweden and Norway) and Denmark, swept with violence never seen before the northern territories. • In 911, the Frankish king Charles the Fat left territory to the Vikings with the condition that they would convert to Christianity, and since then they started d to be called Normans and their land Normandy. In the eleventh century Viking invasions ceased and these are westernized, but because the kings could not protect his subjects from invaders, they decided to go to the nobles for protection, in exchange for working on their land, thus inventing the contract feudal and plunging the world into the dark ages of feudalism (SOURCE)