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Emotional abuse 2


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Emotional abuse 2

  1. 1. Nugget of Wisdom“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” - Scott Hamilton-
  2. 2. Emotional Abuse• Emotional Abuse Effects• Emotional Abuse Signs
  3. 3. Emotional child abuse• is by definition "constant negative messages", but even a single message of rejection can have long-lasting negative effects on the child or youth.
  4. 4. Emotional abuse effects•Emotional abuse effects are directly connected to the relationship between the victim and abuser.
  5. 5. Physical Effects» speech problems» lags in physical development» failure to thrive» facial tics» eating disorders» substance abuse» self-harm» attempts at or completed suicide
  6. 6. Behavioral Effects» low self-worth» irritability» overly reactive» sleep disorders» inability to trust others» depression» inappropriate behavior for age
  7. 7. » withdrawal» profound sadness» habit disorders - sucking, biting, rocking» aggression» stealing» lying» self-harm» prostitution» engaging in risky behaviors» attempts at or completed suicide
  8. 8. Emotional Effects» inability to control emotions» questioning of religious beliefs
  9. 9. Emotional Abuse Signs Differing social expectations contribute to theway boys and girls display signs of emotional abuse. Boys» aggression » temper tantrums» bullying tactics » frustrates easily» disobedience » lying and cheating» destructive behaviors » argumentative» impulsive behaviors » loud» tease excessively » withdrawn» worry excessively
  10. 10. Girls» withdrawn » passive» approval-seeking » compliant» frustrates easily » infinite patience» clinging to adults » overly dependent» stubborn » tease excessively» worry excessively » somatic complaint