Emergency care


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Emergency care

  1. 1. When to call an ambulance for a child0If the child is not breathing or lifeless.0Difficulty in breathing0Unconscious child0Change in mental status -Unusual behavior -Difficulty waking up
  2. 2. 0Major injuries0Suspected spinal or neck injury0Severe burns0Uncontrolled bleeding0Poisonings
  3. 3. What to know when calling for help0When you call, speak clearly, slowly, and calmly.Information that you need to provide: -Your name -Address -Phone number -Location of ill/injured child(ren) -Number of ill/injured child(ren) -Problem
  4. 4. What to do until help arrives0Do not leave an ill/injured child alone once the call has been made.0Do not move an injured child unless he or she is in danger.0Do not remove any embedded objects from a wound.0Keep the child as warm and comfortable as possible.
  5. 5. 0If not breathing or stops breathing, administer CPR.0If bleeding — apply direct pressure with a clean cloth.0If burned — cover with clean cloth. Do not put ice, butter, cream or ointment on the burn. Do not break blisters.0If seizures — clear the area and allow the seizure to occur. Do not put anything in the childs mouth.