Top 10 Facebook applications for iPhone


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iPhone is amazing device and with Facebook apps you can do whatever you like. Just have a look of top 10 Facebook apps and get them with you for a wonderful experience like never before.

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Top 10 Facebook applications for iPhone

  1. 1. Top 10 Facebook applications for iPhoneFacebook apps development has become a big business. Facebook has become the most popularsocial networking sites ever and this social networking platform is attracting many business towardsitself as through various apps development you can be able to cater huge target audience through.Facebook can be used a networking sites but there are other features with this majestic socialnetworking sites that can be used for entertainment, knowledge, music, video, tagging and businessbrand promotion and other as well. Here through this article just have a look on the top 10 free orpaid facebook applications that are creating buzz around the world and billions of people are indulginginto the incredible facebook applications.Top 10 Facebook applications are as:Facebook This is total free of cost application. This is official Facebook app and has been developed byFacebook. As to check your updates on Facebook it is very hard to reach your computer every singletime. Facebook app is a mini version of the original PC app and you can post your status, look up forphone contacts, send messages and like and even can check profiles and comments. But there is onedisadvantage is you cant play Facebook games through this app.MYPhone+This is paid application and you need to pay2.99$ to subscribe this app. This app act like a phonebook.Apart from storing numbers you can also combine iPhone contacts with your Facebook contacts andyou need to sync the two together for combining them.FlixterThis fere of cost application is for the movie freak or movie lover. You can find movies and can watchthem anytime as well as you can share movies with your friend on Facebook. It is easy to check newreleases with this amazing app.ScambleThis word game app is free of cost and you can enjoy it by free downloading to your iPhone device.This is based on Boggle and is free of charge and you can have addiction with this app while on the go.
  2. 2. TrapsterThis application is free and just turn on the speed trap locator on your iPhone and caution allFacebook friends about your whereabouts. You can spread the information by logging in FB and letyour entire friend know about where all traps are hiding.ScrabbleThis is paid game and no other game can replace this. You need to pay 2.994 for its subscription. Youwill feel amazing by watching your triple score on the screen and can show to your friend whatmilestone you have put for them.QuickPingThis game is paid and you need to spend just0.99$ for getting it. You can update your status throughthis incredible apps to 40 social networking sites. This app is very beneficial for the businesses andthey can spread their message at a time to 40 different sites. This can be very helpful to market yourbusiness.Zombie FarmHere come the Zombies! And zombie app lets you log in to the game center through your Facebookaccount and share our farm with FB contacts. You can plant Zombies, vegetables, flowers and can spotwith grave markers. Its all fun to fight with the farmers and you will be indulging into amazing game.Facebook A QuoteIf you are tired for finding a new status message everyday and you want to update some different andunique status everyday, this app will be costing you just 0.92$. Get it and update your status with adifference.Facebook MessengerThis messenger app will cost you 0.99$ and unable you to social network, message, chat with friendsand even can make a video call. Just download this app for 0.99$ and chat with your friend night away.For getting such incredible Facebook apps for iPhone device you can hire iPhone apps developers fromany good offshore development companies at affordable rates with flexible hiring options.Media Contact InformationiPhone Application Developers440 North Wolfe Road,Sunnyvale - CA 94085Phone: +1 (408) 940 5879Website: