Qayqayt Community Playground Design


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Qayqayt Community Playground Design

  1. 1. Qayqayt Community Playground Design concept and estimates
  2. 2. Playground Design Considerations  Our       design needs to reflect the following: we are building on a hillside we have a very short timeline funding is a definite issue we want to integrate elements to reflect the First Nations of the area it needs to be West Coast inspired with barrier free elements most of all, it needs to be FUN!
  3. 3. Long Term Thinking  Key    issues for the school: Safety Longevity and Ease of maintenance  Realization: Our dream of 100% natural materials was not realistic
  4. 4. Compromise:  Recognize the importance of sustainable design and practices  Use of materials, shapes and colour schemes to reflect a ‘West Coast feel’  Seek suppliers who use natural or recycled materials, or provide ecofunding.
  5. 5. Heritage  Desire: to recognize the aboriginal heritage of this area  Recommendation: Use traditional First Nations animal themes, for example:  Raven (current school mascot) or Eagle to represent sky (upper level)  Bear to represent the middle level and  Salmon to represent the lower level Recommend these icons be incorporated into the interior design scheme of the school itself
  6. 6. Building in Phases PHASE 1: Aviva Grant funding would create two primary playground areas  Phase 2: development of kindergarten area - we have been gathering design ideas for this and hope to build later  Phase 3: development of the city park which is adjacent to the main playground
  7. 7. Funding  We have received some interest from local businesses and developers in the community, however  We have not received any financial commitments  If successful, we will be relying on the Aviva grant to ‘get the ball rolling’ on this playground !
  8. 8. Funding breakdown :  Accessibility-$45,000.00 (City of New Westminster)  Natural  Play Elements- $15,000.00 (School District 40 + Aviva) Surfacing - $50,000.00 (Grants: Aviva + Tire)  Equipment - $70,000.00 (Aviva)  Installation - $25,000 (developer + volunteers)
  9. 9. Accessibility  Working with the City of New Westminster  $45,000.00 commitment from City  City to fund the perimeter path around the main play areas  This will link playground levels with a maximum 10% grade and  Will provide wheel chair access around the playground
  10. 10. Natural Elements  $10,000 committed by the school district to create a nature-themed space which we intend for the area adjacent to the playground  In keeping with this, the developer has agreed to save boulders and reclaim logs from the site which will be used in this area  We would also use some of the funding from Aviva (~$5000) to place some of our First Nations pieces in this area, possibly a wood drum or carving.
  11. 11. Play Surfacing Proposed play areas are contained within walkways/curbing (provided by the developer)  Upper play area is approximately 1500 sq ft,  Lower areas are approximately 6000 sq ft.  Rubberized surfacing costs approximately $20.00/sq ft (installed): this would not be affordable for the entire area  We may qualify for a BC Tire Stewardship Grant which would match Aviva funds to install rubberized surface in key fall areas or where wood fibre will not stay in place  Remaining area to be covered with the recommended 12” compacted Sof’Fall Engineered wood fibre surfacing for about $2.00 per sq. ft.  With $25,000 of Aviva funding supplemented by a grant from BC Tire Stewardship, we could obtain approximately 1350 sq ft in rubberized material  Remaining 6150 sq ft surface in wood fibre, keeping within our budget  If the tire stewardship grant is not successful, we could use 100% wood fibre
  12. 12. Equipment Currently budgeting $70,000.00 Aviva grant money for equipment  If we are able to raise additional funds, we could supplement the equipment budget  We have contacted three different playground design and build companies  Proposals are either within our current budget or could be easily modified to get there  The winning design will be the one which offers the best overall solution; accessibility, durability, economy, integration with our themes and cohesiveness between all the areas
  13. 13. Installation  Budget estimate for installation would be approximately $25,000.00 however, we have…  commitment from the developer to prepare the site as per our final design at no charge  Volunteers to do the installation at no charge
  14. 14. Concept Drawings Proposal S-  estimated cost of approximately $77,000.00  would provide structures for both the upper and lower level playgrounds which are within our design budget  In addition they provided us with a concept drawing (no equipment included) for the kindergarten area which will be built at a later date.
  15. 15. Concept Drawings Proposal H-     Cost is approximately $120,000.00 with equipment for the main playground (bear level) and the upper (eagle or raven area). Although it is currently over our budget, we could commit to this project in 2 phases. If we prepped the site for all equipment and proceeded with the installation of the main element of the lower (bear) area, we would be under budget. If additional funding was raised, we could then install the swing, spinner and play structure when funds became available.
  16. 16. Concept Drawings Proposal G-   Approximate estimate $126,000.00 as submitted with several peripheral items. Although the design is out of our budget at this time, once again we could eliminate some elements and postpone the installation of others until additional funding obtained
  17. 17. The Budget Overview Funding Sources Revenue for Other Sources Revenue from Aviva $45,000.00 City of New Westminster $45,000.00 $0.00 Play structures, delivery & taxes $70,000.00 Aviva Grant $0.00 $70,000.00 Installation Install and setup of equipment $25,000.00 Rotary and Volunteer $25,000.00 $0.00 Playground Surfacing Rubberized material and Wood Fiber where applicable $38,500.00 Aviva Grant & BC Tires Stewardship Grant $13,500.00 $25,000.00 Natural Themed Elements Boulders, logs, trees and other element used to create a more natural landscape $10,000.00 SD40 $10,000.00 $0.00 First Nation Element Wood drums for play and animal carvings of Raven, Bear and Salmon $10,000.00 Aviva, Other sources TBD $5,000.00 $5,000.00 Signage Signage with acknowledgement of supports and donations $1,000.00 Funds to be raised $1,000.00 $0.00 $99,500.00 $100,000.00 Item Details Estimated Cost Accessibility Perimeter path around lower playground and connecting to upper area Equipment Total Total Budget $199,500.00
  18. 18. Thank you! Thank you for your consideration!