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CrossFit 480- A world-class fitness training center


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CrossFit 480 situated at Scottsdale is a world-class fitness training center. Its campus and fitness equipments are unique to its location. And also its campus is very spacious where the workouts are done easily and regularly. The trainers here help their students reach beyond their goals.

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CrossFit 480- A world-class fitness training center

  1. 1. CrossFit 480 World-class fitness training center
  2. 2. What we do • We are one of the best fitness centers at Scottsdale • We have qualified fitness trainers to train our participants • We provide world-class fitness training in crossfit which make people to gain perfect fitness ever
  3. 3. Services • We provide many services in terms of fitness training • We provide a free introduction class every month to create awareness among people about crossfit
  4. 4. Specialty at Crossfit 480 • Here you can hire personal trainer to gain perfect fitness • We provide personal trainers throughout your training period so that your improvement in training will be watched closely
  5. 5. Reach your goal • This crossfit training provided here is unique and well professional • It make you reach beyond your goal • The fitness center is spacious and very easy for doing WODs regularly
  6. 6. • It has high ceilings where workouts like rope climbing etc can be done easily without any risks • The campus and equipments are very unique to its location • And also our trainers are well experienced in training the athletes and other sports person • This training can be done easily by any age group without any suffer
  7. 7. Visit Crossfit 480 • Make a visit to Crossfit 480 one of the bet fitness centers at Scottsdale • Here you can gain long term results in an efficient way • You can contact and hire the personal trainers here to gain perfect fitness
  8. 8. For more details • For further details and clarification kindly visit our website • Make a visit to our website at