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Alison kelly yesterday-s-bride

  1. 1. YESTERDAYS BRIDE Alison Kelly
  2. 2. Wanted: husband and father!It had broken Taylors heart to leave her husband--but how could shestay with Craig when he seemed to have stopped loving her...andtheir baby?Now baby Melanie is a lively five-year-old, and she wants her daddy!Taylor is determined to see if Craig really has given up on being ahusband and father. Her strategy is simple: stroll into Craigs officeand confront him! Its the answer to his prayers--but, after all theseyears, can he convince Taylor he wants them to be a real familyagain?
  3. 3. Dear Reader,Ive always had a deep loathing for heroines who blessed with a charmed life, experience no realtrauma until they encounter the hero; where upon they immediately begin to insult, scream, argueor throw things at him for the flimsiest of reasons, e.g. You arrogant, unprincipled cad, how dareyou ask me to buy a raffle ticket!No, Im afraid I like my heroines a little more rational; not perfect, but flawed enough to beinteresting and realistic. To me it matters little whether a heroine is rich or poor, straight laced orso laid back her romantic past has been spent entirely horizontal, as long as she typifies a"normal" person! Everyone has momentary flashes of selfishness, ego or bitchiness so onprinciple I avoid saintly heroines who not only make me feel bad, but are so self sacrificing theymake even Mother Teresa seem self serving! Similarly, I like to create plot situations which canrelate. While its fun to occasionally try and conceive larger-than-life plot twists to challenge andtest my heroines fortitude, Im so often awed by how extraordinarily strong and resourceful myfemale compatriots are required to be on a day to day basis, that many of the scenarios in mynovels are embroideries of something Ive encountered, or heard of, in real life. YESTERDAYSBRIDE in the result of one such experience.While the characters and story line of YESTERDAYS BRIDE are purely fictitious they weremotivated by my admiration of two ordinary Australians who fought impossible odds and won.The medical circumstances of Melanies birth in this book are based on those of a little girl whowas born on the same day as my son, but shouldve been born over three months later! Thirteenyears later that little girl is a normal, healthy teenager and hopefully neither she nor her motherwill ever again be required to produce the strength required to endure her first year. Yet Ive nodoubt if they had to theyd come up trumphs again.For me ordinary women with everyday problems and everyday flaws, who when the chips aredown display extraordinary strength, are my favourite heroines. I like to give them a happyending and I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoy writing about them.This book is dedicated to Tracy and Brooke Russo, two everyday Australian heroines whoprovided the inspiration behind Taylor and Melanie and who coined the term "bravery badges".Warmest Regards,
  4. 4. PROLOGUEAFTER returning her gaze from across the crowded yard for whatseemed like an eternity, he straightened and pushed off the picketfence hed been nonchalantly propped against and started towardsher.The current of electric excitement that rushed through her bodycaused her heart to lurch and the drink she held to slop over her hand.She swallowed hard, unfamiliar with the confused messages her brainand body were radiating through her. She recognized one as fear, butwasnt sure if it stemmed from the possibility he might veer off thedirect course he was taking to her or that he wouldnt.With each swaggering step the denim-and-leather-clad male took, herteenage heart beat faster, until it was drumming so fiercely it crashedinto her lungs and took her breath away.Gday, Im Craig Adams and Id like to sleep with you.She forced the type of cool smile shed practised at least a hundredtimes in the mirror and willed her voice to calmness. Really? Well,Im Taylor Radcliffe and youre out of luck—I dont sleep around.Im not asking you to sleep with anyone but me, Taylor Radcliffe.Youre still out of luck, she replied, taking a sip of her drink forcourage. Im a virgin.Then youll be starting at the top.But if I start at the top the only place I can go is down.His grin was sinful. See youve got the hang of it already! I like a fastlearner.
  5. 5. The innuendo was hardly veiled. But even as Taylor backed upagainst the paling, she was excited rather than afraid of the strangersarrogant and direct pick-up technique.Ive been warned off you by my friend, she informed him. Yourenot considered financially desirable.You, on the other hand, Taylor Radcliffe, are considered veryfinancially desirable, he returned, planting his hands on the fence justabove her shoulder. Ah! So you want me for my money.No. I just want you, he whispered against her already openingmouth. For the rest of my life. Four months later they married. Shewas eighteen; he was twenty-one...
  6. 6. CHAPTER ONE WHAT the hell have you done to your hair?For five years Taylor had wondered what her estranged husbandsfirst words would be when they met again. Yet in all her mentalscenarios not once had she imagined his reaction to be outragebecause shed changed her hairstyle.Then again, considering his opening line when theyd first met,nothing Craig Adams said should have surprised her. Despite the facthe was now a conservatively dressed thirty-two-year-old executive,his slow, provocative brown-eyed appraisal of her body was as brashas it had been twelve years earlier when hed worn leather and bluejeans. And it stirred the same surge of feral excitement Taylor hadhoped shed outgrown…Answer me, Taylor!The impatient command startled her from her introspection. Ive hadit cut and permed. At his blank look she added, My hair. Ive hadit—-Im not the slightest bit interested in your hair! he snapped,contradicting his earlier words. I want to know what youre doingbarging in here without an appointment!Appointment? In case youve forgotten, I own half this business!Hardly! I sign the bloody dividend cheques youve been receiving thepast five years!Keep your voice down, she hissed. Theres no need to shout.Melanies in the outer office and I dont want her to hear us arguing.His expression was one of utter astonishment. Melanie?
  7. 7. Yes. Thats why Im here. She wants you to have lunch with us.What?I asked you to stop shouting. She wants—I heard what you said, Taylor. What I want to know is why.Because youre her father. She saw him physically wince at thewords and hated him for it.She doesnt even know me!Thats why she wants you to have lunch with us. She wants to meetyou.Craig moved from behind his desk to gaze dazedly at the panoramicview of Sydney Harbour, trying to marshal his confused thoughts andshell-shocked emotions into some kind of order.Each month as he automatically wrote out the child- support cheque,he dimly acknowledged the fact that some day his daughter wouldprobably insist on seeking him out. Hed resigned himself to the fact.But hed also figured he wouldnt have to deal with her until at leastanother ten years down the track, when the kid might have had somechance of understanding how he felt. Suddenly someday was today.And it was too soon—for him and for Melanie.How did you tell a five-year-old that you resented her like hell fordepriving you of the only woman youd ever loved? For stuffing upwhat had been a wonderful marriage? Struth, even his parents hadntdumped that on him until he was nearly eleven! Damn Taylor! Shehad no right barging in here unannounced and dumping this on him!No right walking back into his life and turning it on its ear! Yet again.
  8. 8. He wheeled around and nailed her with a cold stare. You should havewarned me about this! This isnt the sort of thing you spring on aperson, Taylor!She knew he was right, but shed hoped that turning up unexpectedlywould make the possibility of Craig refusing to see her that much lesslikely. I guess I should have called, she conceded. But Melaniewanted it to be a surprise.Melanie wanted? Ive never heard anything so ludicrous! Do youmean to tell me you flew here to pander to the whim of a kid?No, she said. We drove. You drove from Adelaide to Sydney so she could have lunch withme?We dont live in Adelaide any more. She took a steadying breath,almost frightened of what his reaction to her next words would be.We moved back to Sydney a month ago.You... youre here? Living here? In Sydney?If Craigs tone reflected anything other than disbelief, she could onlyhave said it was horror. Disappointment nearly crushed her. Did hehate her that much?So, he continued, again turning to the window, where are youliving?It amazed Craig he could even speak much less ask appropriatequestions. It seemed ridiculous that a day that had started out asroutinely as this one had could take such a drastic turn for theunbelievable.Taylor was back. Back in Sydney. Back in his life.
  9. 9. Closing his eyes to the scenic view and his ears to Taylorsexplanation for her move east, Craig tried to get a handle on what hewas feeling. But his emotions seemed like a five-thousand-piecejigsaw that had just been tipped out of its box—a jumbled,fragmented mess, bearing little resemblance to the orderly picture thepieces , were supposed to form.For two years after shed left him, hed started each day halfexpecting, half hoping she would walk into his office and say shedmade a mistake. Tell him he was the most important thing in herworld and that without him shed shrivel up and die. It wasnt animage prompted by ego or vanity; once it had been their daily litany.Then the baby had arrived and seemingly overnight everythingchanged…Taylor had erased to display even a token amount of affectiontowards him and she adopted a new litany— she was too tired...toobusy...Melanie needed her more than him...he had to keep thebusiness going! Her excuses had been boundless, patheticallytransparent and signified the beginning of the end where theirmarriage was concerned.At first hed tried to fight the inevitable, and when that failed hedtried to ignore it, but to no avail. Without warning or even anacknowledgement that their marriage was in trouble, Taylor had lefthim.Craig, are you listening? I asked—I heard you, he said wearily. You asked me whether I would meetwith Melanie.He turned back to the woman to whom hed once given his heart. Herbeauty, as exquisite as ever, made him angry; her body, as
  10. 10. streamlined as it had been at eighteen, made him hard. He swore,sitting down so the desk could at least let him keep his dignity.Craig, Mel doesnt know the details of...what happened.Her attempt at diplomacy drew a harsh laugh from his lips. Jeez,Taylor, Im sure you could be more specific if you tried! Exactly whatdetails are you referring to?His bitterness stabbed at Taylors heart, her own urge to respondtwisting the knife. She clamped her teeth shut against the pain and thecruel retort that came too easily to her tongue. Shed known thiswouldnt be easy, but for Melanies sake she wouldnt let pastbitterness contaminate the present.I mean, Craig, she said, forcing her voice to evenness, that shedoesnt know you hold her responsible for what happened betweenus.Dont you hold her responsible?No, she said with assurance. It was lack of trust that killed what wehad, not Melanie.Lack of trust, or misplaced trust?She sighed. Youll never believe I didnt intentionally conceiveMelanie, will you? His gaze was rigidly accusing and Taylor had toforce herself not to flinch.No, he responded, I wont.No one but you, Craig, has ever called me a liar.Ive never used that word.
  11. 11. True, but hed made manipulative, calculating and scheming soundjust as derogatory. Just as painful. Just as chilling. You implied it,she said. Its the same thing.Listen, Taylor, he said through gritted teeth. We agreed before wegot married that given our own childhood experiences, we wouldnever have children. It was a joint decision and any change to thatagreement should have also been a joint one!But my getting pregnant was an accident!You know you sound even more insistent now than you did whenyou first made that claim! Id almost believe you if I didnt rememberyou casually tossing up the idea of having a family.I didnt casually toss up anything! she flared. I told you I thoughtthat after six years of marriage, we could handle the pressures ofbeing parents and—The thump of his fist on the glass-topped desk as he sprang to his feetquelled Taylors speech.And when I disagreed, you said I was right! You admitted lettingyourself be swayed by the fact so many of our friends were startingfamilies! And then— he snapped his fingers —bingo, youreaccidentally pregnant!Craig felt an old anger rising as he recalled how Taylor hadvenomously and repeatedly denied his accusations that sheddeliberately planned the situation; how shed tearfully claimed shedbeen taking the Pill religiously. He didnt believe her, of course, andthe ensuing rows had been loud ^nd plentiful, but since neither ofthem advocated abortion, Craig had resigned himself to the fact that ababy was going to encroach upon their happiness.
  12. 12. Taylor had sworn a child would never come between them, that itwould actually bring them closer, and for a while there hed believedher. If he were honest with himself, and surely after five years hecould be that at least, there had been a time when hed begun to lookforward to the childs birth. Then things had started to go wrong. Nowhe wanted only to forget it. Only he wasnt going to be granted thatwish. He turned back to the woman assigned by the devil to disrupthis ordered life.She was beautiful. So extraordinarily, hauntingly beautiful that evenafter all this time hed often wake hard with wanting her, hungry forthe feel of her exquisitely sculptured body writhing in sweat beneathhis. The shorter cut of her tawny hair in no way detracted from herbeauty, only enhanced the long, graceful curve of her neck, makingthe visual progression down to her high, firm breasts all the moreexciting. The short skirt she wore hugged her hips and displayed legsmost men only dreamed of having wrapped around them. He wasntimmune to that dream, but the knowledge that for him it had oncebeen reality empowered it with nightmare-like side-effects.Though her heart pounded and her hormones were running amok in arush of sensuality, Taylor forced herself not to squirm under Craigsslow scrutiny of her body. It wasnt easy, for even without touchingher he had the power to make her ache with want. No one but him hadever possessed her body, yet she knew with certainty no one but himwould ever be able to satisfy it. His hands and mouth had introducedher to pleasures shed never imagined possible and it was difficult forher to remain focused on the purpose of her visit when shed beendeprived of such pleasures for half a decade. Heat pooled in the pit ofher stomach; raw desire began building within her.When he finally brought his eyes level with her face, the urge to go tohim almost overpowered her. Only one thing held her immobile. Theknowledge that passion didnt equate with trust. It was trust she
  13. 13. wanted to see illuminate the bottomless depths of Craigs dark browneyes.She managed to hold his gaze for nearly a minute before eventuallylowering her lashes. It was a minuscule victory, but a victory none theless. Once shed have succumbed to his visual seduction withinseconds. This time shed met it with impunity—well, outwardimpunity at least.Perhaps seeing those identical eyes in her daughter had increased herresistance, for there was no doubt Melanie was a carbon copy of herfather. They shared the same almost-black hair, the same deep-seteyes and wide brow, and the same neat, flat ears. Fortunately forMelanie, though, her beautifully delicate nose had been spared beingpushed slightly off-centre in a rugby brawl and a cricket bat hadntleft a scar two inches below her left eye!Fury welled in Craig at the sight of her half smirk. Whats so funny,Taylor? he demanded, angry at being her source of amusement.I was thinking how lucky Melanie is that your nose is the result of arugby game and not hereditary. Shes the image of you, Craig, shesaid softly. I didnt even get a look in.Shocked as he was by her admission, he wondered if he hadntimagined the sadness tinging the words. So, his daughter looked likehim. Funny hed never given any thought at all to what the child mightlook like. Now it seemed he would be finding out firsthand.Whats she tike? he asked.Thats something youll have to find out yourself. Im biased. I thinkshes wonderful.
  14. 14. This time her smile was full-strength pride and happiness, and havingbeen starved of it for five years, Craig was unprepared for its potency.It put his pulse speed up and all but knocked the breath from hislungs. Strange how something as simple as a smile could practicallybring a grown man to his knees, but then Taylors had always had thateffect on him. From the first time hed seen her, he realized herhappiness ensured his happiness…Why then was he standing here contemplating meeting the personwho had stolen that happiness?About to refuse the lunch invitation, he glimpsed a flash of fear in theclear emerald eyes that studied him. What was it she feared? The pastor the future? .Herself or him?What do you want me to do, Taylor? he asked.Me? I...Caught off guard by his question, she paused and took a slow breath,the rise and fall of her breasts taunting him. Gripping the sides of hischair, Craig forced his face to remain impassive.I want the decision to be entirely yours, just as lunch was Melanies.What I dont want, Craig, is for her to be hurt. There was a wealth ofwarning in her voice.J And what, he asked coolly, do you think would hurt her the most?My refusal or my acceptance?Your bitterness. Thered been no hesitation in her answer.Amazement froze every muscle in Craig the instant he saw the child.Looking into the tiny face was like looking at a childhood photographof himself—identical colouring and identical brown eyes.
  15. 15. The notion that this child was his own flesh and blood createdalternate waves of terror and masculine pride within him. He had theurge to embrace her, but feared the consequences of doing so. Suchan action was bound to be fraught with emotional danger althoughwhether for him or the kid, he wasnt sure.Though physically Melanie looked nothing like Taylor, Craigexperienced the same sensation of uncertainty under her thoroughvisual inspection as he had when Taylor had looked him over fromthe other side of the yard twelve years ago. There was interest but noindication of whether the observer was pleased or disappointed bywhat they found. She had Taylors style and panache, too, he decided,taking in the miniature hiking boots, khaki shirt and shorts, and thebaseball cap worn backwards atop her long, straight hair.The child darted a quick, uncertain look at her mother, beforebringing her brown eyes back to him. Uncomfortable with theongoing silence, Craig cleared his throat. Hello, Melanie. He wasntsurprised to hear his voice lacked some of its usual confidence.Hello.The response was soft but not hesitant as she boldly stepped to withintwo feet of him and tilted her head back. She was small—barelyreaching his mid-thigh. How tall are you? she inquired. Stunned todiscover the kid had obviously been sizing him up, too, he was slowto reply. The delay earned him an impatient look. Dont you know?Sure I do! Im...six foot four.The child nodded and continued to silently appraise him. Craiglooked to Taylor for some indication as to what was expected of himnow and was nonplussed to see the shimmer of tears in her eyes. Ithad a heart-wrenching and sobering effect. He glanced back at thelittle girl.
  16. 16. So, he said, you want me to have lunch with you, huh? She noddedsolemnly in response, but her steady gaze hinted she was expectingmore input from him. Right then... well, er, do you like Italian food?Do you? she countered.Well...yes. Yes, I do.I dont. She gave a theatrical shudder. I hate Italian food.I thought all kids liked pizza. Craig was basing his assumption on thefact there were always kids in pizza commercials. Pizza isnt Italian.Pizza is normal food.Normal food... he echoed. I see... He didnt and looked towardsTaylor for verbal backup, but her eyes remained focused only on herdaughter. He was obviously on his own. Well, I guess we could havepizza for lunch if—No, the pint-size female vetoed the idea. I dont feel like pizza.Know what kids really like?He shook his head. Believe me, I wouldnt have a clue about—A childish giggle cut him off. Whats your favourite food in thewhole world?Again she caught him mentally off stride. My favourite food in thewhole world? He paused, trying to recall if he had one. I guess itdhave to be grilled barramundi.Oh. If the childs tone hadnt told him hed again come up with thewrong answer, her stance would have. Her arms were folded and shewas frowning at him as if she were a teacher and he a troublesomepupil. You do like McDonalds, though, dont you? she prompted.Everybody likes McDonalds.
  17. 17. Craig wasnt crazy about the direction this conversation was taking,but he had no chance to voice his objections.Cheeseburgers are my favourite, Melanie told him. "CeptMummy— her tone was scathing —hardly ever lets me go there lessits for a real special reason.Peripherally aware of Taylors tense stance, Craig struggled for bothpatience and a tactful response. Yes, well... I guess mothers are likethat, he said.Fathers arent, though, the child stated. My friend Renees fathertakes her there every Friday.Lucky Renee! he muttered, earning a withering look from Taylor.Struth! What was he supposed to say, for Gods sake? He knew zilchabout kids and even less about what fathers were and werentsupposed to do. Well, I guess, he said cautiously, its all right onFridays—Its Friday today!His stomach pleaded a silent protest at the childs reaction and againhe looked at Taylor. She knew hed never been partial to hamburgers,not even designer ones.You can always have chicken nuggets, she suggested neutrally.Thanks, youre a big help! he muttered before addressing the childagain. Youre sure you wouldnt rather have somethingelse—Chinese, French, fried chicken...He wondered how much vigorous shaking a kids head could takebefore it actually fell off. Ah heck! How bad could it be?
  18. 18. OK, he said wearily, slinging his jacket over his shoulder.McDonalds it is, then.Across Melanies head, Taylor mouthed the words thank you andgave him a smile so warm he was tempted to tell her hed buy the kidher own franchise if Taylor would only keep looking at him like that!Reacting to long-past memories and old habits, his hand movedinviting Taylors into it, but she averted her gaze, and it was herdaughters hand she reached for.. .not his.
  19. 19. CHAPTER TWOAs THEY sat amid the bustle and laughter of the family- orientatedrestaurant, the heavy silence hanging over their table wasntconducive to making Taylor feel comfortable. The air seemed like avolatile mix of suppressed anger, bottled-up resentment and rawsexuality, which threatened to explode at any moment. She knew if itdid, her child would be the most critically injured.It was obvious Craig was anxious to be anywhere but where he was,and Taylor resented the way her body was reacting to his reluctantpresence. Why were the random memories running through her headonly the kind that caused a surge of sensual adrenalin to coursethrough her? Lord knew more than enough unpleasant scenarios hadbeen played out between her and Craig in the later stages of theirmarriage. Why was it they seemed incidental now?With the benefit of twenty-twenty hindsight, she realized it wouldhave been better had she arranged for Melanie to meet her fatheralone. Her daughter was all too aware of the undertow of tensionrippling beneath the stop-start conversation of the last fifteen or sominutes; it showed in her uncharacteristic quietness.Reaching for her fries, Taylor realized they, like everything else,were now cold. But it didnt matter. Emotionally shed been toowound up to eat; only for Mels sake had she made an effort. Yetconsidering how every time she lifted her eyes from her food, shedencountered rich brown masculine ones that negated her ability tochew, swallow or execute any of the automatic steps of eating, shedidnt think shed convinced anyone she was enjoying the meal.Not hungry? Craig asked. She gave a tight smile and shook her head.His eyes skimmed over her face as if taking an inventory of herfeatures, then with a seductive smile h* helped himself to herhalf-eaten burger. I am.
  20. 20. Without taking his eyes from hers, he bit slowly into the same spotshe had. Remembering how those even white teeth had felt nibblingon her flesh, she felt her stomach somersault as a wave of heat rosefrom her toes into her cheeks. Oh, hell! This was insane!What about you, Mel? Craig was asking. Would you like somethingelse?No, thank you.He frowned, then reached for his wallet. Sure you wouldnt like to gobuy yourself an ice cream or something? he urged.Melanie cast a concerned look at him, then quickly lowered her eyesand shook her head. No, thank you, she said again.Her daughters lifeless response prompted Craig to send Taylor awhats wrong with her? look.Annoyed at his pseudo-innocence, she sent him a furious well, whatdo you expect? glare in return. Why wouldnt the poor kid haveclammed up? Taylor fumed silently. Hed practically ignored hersince theyd left the office! Hed been so busy studying her, Melaniecould have sprouted wings and flown away and he wouldnt havenoticed! It didnt matter that she had been more than a littlepreoccupied with less than motherly thoughts. After all, Melaniecould have lunch with her any time. Craig was here at Mels request;the least he could do was be attentive to her.Not that she owed him any favours, Taylor told herself, but forMelanies sake shed better give him some direction if this lunchwasnt going to turn into an even bigger disaster than it already was!Ensuring her daughter wasnt watching, she pointed first at Craig,then at her own mouth and finally at Melanie. Then she opened her
  21. 21. hand in imitation of a duck quacking to indicate Craig should saysomething to the child.It took a couple of seconds before comprehension dawned on Craigshandsome features.What? he mouthed back.Anything! she returned.I dont know what to say to her Craig enunciated each word silently.Damn, he thought, it was all very well for Taylor to look at him as ifhe was a complete moron when it came to children, but hed never hadto deal with than. Shed never given him the chance! He glanced at thesmall dark head beside him, seeking inspiration, but none came. Howcould a businessman of his calibre be so devoid of somethingappropriate to say? Why, when hed rescued deals with some of themost high-powered men in the world, was he being awestruck by apint-size kid?His attention again became focused on Taylor. Mouth pursed, shelooked daggers at him, then again started to speak voicelessly. Thesilent movement of her lips and the hint of tongue and teeth revealedby her actions stirred heat in his loins. Cursing mentally, he shifted inhis seat, trying to concentrate on what she was mouthing to him,rather than on her delicious mouth.Dammit! He couldnt make out what the last word was. He sent her ablank look and watched intently as she mouthed her message again.Ask her about... Hell! He still couldnt make it out.She said, "Ask her about school".
  22. 22. Guiltily, both adults looked at the owner of the tiny voice. Obviouslythe child had intercepted her mothers message to him and interpretedit better than him.Er.. .yes. How is school? Do you like it? he asked woodenly.1 dont know, the little girl responded. I havent started yet.Taylor blushed under Craigs stinging glare. I.. .1 only enrolled hertoday. She starts next week. At St Catherines. My old school. It has ajunior school as well as high school. Mels going to the junior school.Im sure Id have assumed the high school if you hadnt pointed thatout, he said drily.Im not old enough for high school— Melanie again stopped shortand pondered the man beside her. What should I say? she asked bothadults.Taylor frowned. About what, darling?To finish talking to him.Unsure exactly what her daughter was on about, Taylor hedged.Urn... what do you think you should say... to finish talking to him?The little girl wore a considering expression for a few moments thendelivered a direct gaze to the man beside her. Is Daddy okay?Taylors gasp was nothing compared to the half-strangled gurgleCraig emitted and one look was enough to tell her Daddy wasnt okay.His face was drained of all colour and he looked as if hed beenpoleaxed!I...Im fine. I think, he muttered, reefing at his already-loose tie.
  23. 23. No, I mean do you want me to call you Daddy or Craig or mister orsir or...?The kid was counting off the various titles on her fingers, but Craighad no idea how to answer her. Er.. .well— he paused and tried togather his thoughts —maybe you should ask Taylor...I mean yourmother... Mummy..This is something you two should decide between yourselves,Taylor responded quickly.In that instant, Craig was swamped by a dozen emotions, allgenerated by the woman sitting opposite him. Passion was easily themost dominant one, but he wasnt sure whether it would be bestpurged by reaching across and kissing her or reaching across andchoking her. In view of her amused grin, he fancied the latter.Well? Melanie pressed. What do you want me to call you?Slowly he turned to the child. For a little girl, she certainly had a bigattitude, he decided, amused by her arched eyebrow. He stiffened,knowing the same had been said of him as a kid. He felt his heartswell—his daughter. His own flesh and blood. He was both humbledand proud to think she resembled him so closely.Daddy sounds pretty good to me, he said, clearing his throat whenhis words sounded a bit scratchy. Itll probably take us both a bit oftime to get used to it, though, he told her.Itll be easy for me! Melanie proclaimed, her wide smile reflecting inher eyes. Im used to talking to your picture and calling you Daddy.My picture?
  24. 24. Yeah, the one Mummy keeps on her dressing table. Craig raised aneyebrow and studied his estranged wife. Now, thats interestingTaylor could have cheerfully throttled her beloved daughter on thespot but she managed a careless shrug. Its important for children toidentify with a father figure, she said. I dont believe in telling horrorstories about absent parents. So I just omit the gory bits!So why not keep it on Melanies dressing-table?Because theres no room on it! Its already chock-a- block with herfavourite stuffed animals. Melanie stood up. Im going to the toilet.Again? You went at the office. Taylor almost groaned on hearing herinane response. Melanie was old enough to decide when she neededto relieve herself! The truth was she was uncomfortable with thethought of being left alone with Craig. Do you want me to come withyou? she asked hopefully.The five-year-old rolled her eyes. Mummy, Im not a baby!Frightened to be alone with me, Taylor? Craigs sexy drawl, coatedfn amusement, came on the heels of Melanies departure.Taylor ignored the remark. At twenty-nine, she hoped she wassophisticated enough to deal with her feelings for Craig Adams. Nowshe wondered if she wasnt every bit as naive as shed been when sheleft him five years earlier. Around this man her emotions alwaysseemed to bamboozle her common sense. Nothing, it seemed, hadchanged. But there was no reason he had to know that. From here onshed treat him like any other male acquaintance—with politepleasantness, nothing more.So... She hoped he didnt notice the breathy sound of her voice.Hows the business doing?
  25. 25. You cant tell from the size of the dividend cheques?I didnt mean financially. I was curious about what sort of expansionsweve made.Weve made? He scowled. Listen, Taylor, youve been a silentpartner in this firm for the best part of six years. Dont think you canwaltz back here and start quizzing me on how I run the company!I... I never meant to imply... She paused and tried again. I was onlymaking conversation—Ah! Sorry I didnt realize your interest was only superficial!Its not! she protested, angry at his accusation. Once Adams Reliefhad been as much the focus of her life as his. When theyd started thetemporary-staffing business, a year after their marriage, theyd onlylisted replacement office staff on their books, but within eight monthsthey had several highly qualified people capable of stepping intomanagerial positions. Three years from the inception of the business,Craig had seen an opportunity for expansion. Himself a qualifiedmechanic whod completed his business-management degree at night,he saw the need for qualified tradesmen to be provided on a reliefbasis and so Adams Relief stretched its services to cater for thisdemand, also.Taylor had to admit that for a long time, like Craig, she had regardedAdams Relief as their child and had delighted in watching it growand develop under their guidance. But unexpectedly her maternalinstincts started to surface and she became less and less satisfied withthe idea of being solely career orientated. Craig, however, had beenso completely opposed to amending their original decision to neverhave children, Taylor hadnt raised the issue a second time andpushed the idea from her mind. At least she tried.
  26. 26. Perhaps it was some sort of trick of her subconscious that allowed herto fall pregnant. Perhaps it was a case of wishing too hard and toooften, but regardless of what quirk of nature saw her get pregnantwhile using contraceptives, the fact was she did.Thinking of her precious daughter, she was eternally grateful thedecision had been taken from her hands.Rest assured, Craig, she said, I have no desire to try to interfere withthe way youve been running the firm.Too busy overseeing the Radcliffe family fortunes, are we?I wont even dignify that remark with an answer!Youre right. That was uncalled for. He presented her with anapologetic look. I really was sorry to hear about your parents. A hotelfire is a tragic way to die. It cant have been easy for you to deal with.I coped. And at least they went together. She gave a small ironicsmile. I doubt either of them could have survived without the other.Or wanted to.Craig recognized the flash of pain in her face. He knew that as a child,Taylor had spent her life on the outside, looking in at parents toowrapped up in themselves to notice their little girl. Shed alwaysclaimed if she ever loved anyone as completely as her parents lovedeach other, shed never have children. Six years into their marriage,shed changed her mind.They were quite different once my father retired and Mel and Imoved to Adelaide, she said softly as if reading his thoughts. Fatherespecially was quite taken with Melanie, and Mother showed medozens of albums full of photographs of me as a baby. She gave a
  27. 27. brittle laugh. Of course, there arent many of me from the age of fiveonwards. Boarding-schools arent big on taking snaps of pupils.So how come youre so keen to send Melanie to St Catherines?Because its an excellent school.Well, I think shes far too young for boarding- school—You think! Taylor practically spat the words. For your information,shell be a day pupil not a boarder! And besides, she said tersely,youve been a silent partner where Mels concerned for the past fiveyears! Ive managed to make all the right decisions thus far-Have you? His interjection was ignored.And I dont need your two cents worth now!Im back! The reappearance of Melanie interrupted them.Good girl, Taylor said, rising to her feet and gathering up herhandbag, because we have to leave now.Ohhh. The protest was the universal whine of a five- year-old.Taylor ignored it not because of anything shed read in agood-parenting manual, but because self- preservation demanded sheend this fiasco as quickly as possible.Craig caught her by the elbow. Have dinner with me tonight. Itwasnt a question but his tone stopped it short of being a command.Can we, Mummy? Melanie pleaded, tugging Taylors hand.Im sorry, but I play basketball on Friday nights, Taylor said, gratefulfor the excuse.
  28. 28. You still play basketball?I happen to believe in staying in shape and keeping fit.Well, he whispered, theres no denying youre in great shape, but Idlike to test out your fitness for myself. How about tomorrow night,say eight oclock? He smiled at her blushing confusion.Nnnoo... I dont like to have Melanie out late two nights in a row, shesaid, dislodging his grip and hurrying to the street. He kept pace withher.I wasnt suggesting you bring Melanie, he muttered.If shed hoped the fresh air would help clear her mind and soothe herjumbled nerves, she was wrong. The warm, early-February breezeseemed determined to sweep the musky scent of his favouriteaftershave into her nostrils and into every cell of her memory.Sensual panic rushed through her, partly created by his scent and thetone of his voice, and partly by the feel of his breath on her neck. Herstride faltered and he grasped her elbow with lightning reflexes toprevent her stumbling. She jerked free as if scalded.I... I cant get a sitter. Ive lost touch with most of my old friends, shesaid.Even your old school pal, Dr Liz OShea?Liz plays on the team with me when shes not on duty.Well, then, hire a professional. Her look of outraged horror toldCraig hed made a tactical mistake.I will not leave Melanie with strangers! The answer is no!He shovedhis hands into his pockets, pondering the idea of hauling her into hisarms and kissing her into agreement, but one look at her determined
  29. 29. features crushed the egotistical belief he could do it. But he wasntprepared to let her walk away without knowing for sure he was goingto see her again. Soon.He was struggling with a solution when he caught sight of thechildish smile being beamed up at him. Well, he thought, returningthe little girls grin, Alls fair in love and war.Hey, Melanie, he said, how would you feel if I called over one nightnext week to check how you were doing at school?Craig! Taylors blurted anger was drowned out by her daughter.Wow, thatd be great! You could have dinner with us!Now theres a great idea! He patted the childs head, his eyes onTaylor. Im free Monday, he said, finding the fury in her green eyesnostalgic.Mondays no good! Mel will be too tired after her first day at school.Thats okay, he said. Tuesdays equally good for me.Tuesday she has ballet!Theres always Wednesday—No, there isnt! she said triumphantly. I have basketball practiceuntil seven.Well make it after seven, then, Craig countered, his hands ballinginto frustrated fists in his, I...Say seven forty-five?
  30. 30. I...I.. .um... I—Oh, please, Mummy? Pretty please?Melanies beseeching look and misty eyes tugged at Taylors maternalinstincts while Craigs arrogant smirk pushed at her violent streak.Great! She had a choice between a confrontation with the devil inCraig and a crying jag to rival the deep blue sea from Melanie. Shecould either score points for herself or break her daughters heart.Her resigned sigh and half-hearted nod sent such a tide of reliefrushing through Craig that he knew he was smiling like an idiot.Thanks, Taylor, Id love to come.Her response was a murderous look and he was relieved to have thekid nudge his leg to gain his attention.Arent you gonna thank me, too? she asked him.Eh, well sure, he said, crouching to put himself on the same level asthe girl. The small arm that snaked out and hooked around his neck inan instinctively trusting action caught him off guard. He quicklylifted his eyes to the woman who had conceived this child against hiswishes, seeking her guidance as to what was expected of him. Butshed turned away.Well, Melanie... He paused, still at a loss as to what to say to theowner of the huge smile and innocent brown eyes fixed on for lunch. And...and I guess Ill see you Wednesday.Quickly he set her away from him and stood up.Blinking the blur from her eyes, Taylor made a production of lookingfor her car keys, hoping hed say a quick goodbye and leave.Taylor?
  31. 31. She lifted her head impatiently. Yes?She seems a nice kid.He was so close she could count the rate of the pulse in his neck.Traitorously her mind recalled how quickly passion accelerated thatpulse, how it had felt to have it throbbing beneath her tongue as shelicked the sweat of lovemaking from the skin covering it.Whats your address?From her bodys reaction to his voice, he could have been asking herto strip. Goose bumps carpeted her skin, her own pulse went into atailspin and her vocal cords seemed paralysed—along with everyother part of her his eyes touched. It became a mental struggle torecall where she lived and her voice trembled slightly when shefinally told him.Taking hold of her wrist and softly brushing his thumb over it, hemurmured, Sure youre not free beforehand?For Taylor the temptation to say to hell with basketball was almostoverwhelming. She swallowed hard before answering in case thewild idea verbalized itself. Seven forty-five Wednesday, she saidfirmly, removing her hand from his grasp.Ill be there.Melanie will be looking forward to it.She wont be the only one, will she, Tay?Tay! No one but him had ever called her that. His use of it now wasintended as a deliberate reminder of shared intimacies. Ha! As if shedneeded reminding.
  32. 32. He uttered no other farewell, and, determined she wouldnt, either,Taylor took Melanies hand and walked away. The child twisted,waving cheerfully to the tall, darkly handsome stranger who was herfather.I think he likes me, Mummy, she said proudly, buckling herseat-belt. Why else would he ask if he could come and visit me nextweek? she mused aloud.Why? thought Taylor, revving the car with more vigour than wasnecessary. Because, dammit, he used you as a means to see me! Andheaven help me, I let him do it!
  33. 33. CHAPTER THREEAFTER an hour of torture at the hands of old memories, Taylor sprangfrom her bed and slipped into her robe. The silk was cool against herheated skin and she descended the stairs wishing she could at leastpretend the summer heat was the cause of her restlessness andinability to sleep. But knowing shed find no reprieve in wishfulthinking, she crossed the moonlit family room to the bar.She reached for the bottle of tequila knowing alcohol cured nothingand that two previous encounters with the potent Mexican liquor hadproven she and it incompatible. But desperate times called fordesperate measures, and since shed never taken sleeping pills in herlife, booze was her last resort. Unscrewing the lid on the bottle, shepoured what amounted to roughly a triple shot of the alcohol, then,deciding that was too desperate a measure, trickled half back into thebottle. For a moment she pondered the idea of adding ice.Oh, great, Taylor! she muttered, recalling how Craig in their firstyear of marriage had set a precedent, which had made ice a specialtreat for hot summer nights like this one. Ice cubes are the last thingyou should be thinking about!Determinedly she downed the straight tequila, shuddering when shelowered the glass and dreading the thought of how her head wouldache in the morning. Yet the prospect of the blissful oblivion thealcohol would induce overrode all the other negative factors. Even analmost paralysing hangover was preferable to the achingly arousingthoughts that had been dominating her mind since lunch.Back upstairs, she crawled between her lilac sheets praying theeffects of the alcohol would rapidly overpower both her sleeplessnessand the sensual memories invading her head.
  34. 34. The heat gave the air the consistency of marsh- mallows, sapping aperson of all energy, and she half wished she was back in theair-conditioned luxury of her parents bayside home. So much hadchanged in the past six months, she more than anyone or anything andfar more than she would ever have imagined. In the midst of tossingto free herself of the sheet twisting around her lower body, she startedas something cool and moist brushed her cheekbone.Drowsy confusion continued to fog her mind as the slippery coldnessedged down along her jaw and across her bottom lip. Instinctively hertongue sought to identify the cause. It tasted cold, hard wetness andwarm male flesh. She quivered, a ribbon of pleasure flutteringthrough her.Craig..Her voice emerged as a breathy query, yet her bodys sensualreaction confirmed his identity even before he spoke.You expecting someone else to slip into your bed tonight?She shook her head at the amused, raspy-voiced question, openingher eyes to the utterly male smile she adored. Yet not even the smilewas enough to stop her gaze from straying down over his muscledchest, firm abdomen and slim hips. Her throat, constricting at thesight of his nude, muscular perfection, emitted a sound of feraladmiration that made him grin.Missed me, huh? he asked smugly.His lips sought her mouth, giving her no chance of verbal response,but hell yes, shed missed him! Her arms clamped tightly around hisneck; theyd been parted mere hours, yet shed missed him with anintensity shed thought would kill her.
  35. 35. I didnt expect to see you until the end of the week, she said whenthey broke apart, dazed as much by his unexpected presence as theeffects of his kiss.I know, but I was worried about you. Worried? You dont think I can last three days without you?Chucking her indignantly jutted chin, he grinned. It wasnt the daysthat concerned me. I know how much trouble you have sleeping insummer, so I decided Id better be here to keep you cool.Stifling a smile, she raised an eyebrow. Of course it was solely mybest interests you had at heart.Yeah. He all but purred the word, and, taking what she nowrecognized to be an ice cube, he drew it around her hairline to thepulse behind her ear.Feel good? he asked, his gaze intense.It feels great, but its not going to work, she told him. Youre onlymaking me hotter... Her words died to a sigh as the frozen cube wastrailed down her throat and across her chest.Hot, babe? he whispered, manoeuvring the cool wetness into thevalley of her breasts, then mopping it up with his tongue. How hot?Arousal flamed in her and Taylor gripped the sheets in an effort tostay centred.Tell me how hot I make you, he urged. Better yet— he paused onlyuntil her eyes lifted to his, then straddled her with slow, easy grace—show me.
  36. 36. As he said the words, the cube made contact with her nipple, sendingher bucking from the mattress. Desire seared her bones as furiously ashis hardness branded her belly. She made a futile grab for him but inone smooth motion he snared her wrists and stretched her arms aboveher head.Easy, honey, Im not through cooling you.The taste and temperature of his kiss had Taylor equating hell withthe North Pole, and as passion engulfed her, she wondered if a personcould drown in fire, or combust from love. Dimly she became awareof his reaching for another ice cube from the tray by the bed, butnothing in her wildest dreams had prepared her for what he did withit.Placing it between his teeth, he began guiding it from the base of herthroat along the length of her, the combination of her overheated skinand his breath creating melting rivulets that trickled along the ridgesof her ribcage as slowly as he flowed down her body. With both herblood and flesh growing more heated by the moment, each time Craigreplaced one spent ice cube with a cooler, fresher one, Taylorexpected to hear it sizzle as it met her skin and evaporated on contact.By the time his trail of torture reached her navel, her breathing was asragged and erratic as the reactionary tremors that surfaced across herbelly, but erupted from a far deeper core.Millimetre by erotically slow millimetre, he orally steered the icelower and lower until her nerve endings were ablaze to the pointwhere she thought she would explode into a zillion pieces withoutever finding the completion she craved. Her experience with thismans torrid sensuality meant there was no question as to why the icedidnt feel cold against the most sensitive part of her femininity.Every pulse in her body was screaming at sound-barrier pitch forrelease and her hips lifted with wanton demand for its delivery.
  37. 37. She was almost frantic with need for him when his dexterous mouthand hands stilled. Tossing her head, she writhed beneath him. Now!she cried. Dont stop... !Look at me, Tay… His words were breathless and strained, but thetouch of his hand on her forehead signified their importance.Forcing her lashes open, she stared at up the sweat- drenched maleperfection poised above her and her heart almost exploded at thedepth of emotion shining from his eyes into hers.I love you, Tay. I love you more than youll ever believe. Andnothing will ever change that.Oh.. .Crai—His mouth claimed hers in a humid, hungry kiss that she never had achance of controlling. Then he eased away and, with a smug, satisfiedsmile, moved his hips intimately against her. Now? he asked.Yes, yes... now. Now...Taylor struggled to shrug free of the hand shaking her shoulder. Itwasnt Craigs was too small. Too fragile...Mummy! Mummy, wake up! Youre having a bad dream!Panting for breath and blinking against the glare of the bedside lamp,Taylor tried to sit up. To speak. To ignore the fact she was quakingwith unsatisfied desire. To comprehend what the wide-eyed childhovering by her bed was doing in her and Craigs tiny apartment inthe middle of the night.Its okay, Mummy, the dark-haired child assured her. You must havebeen dreaming about being on Grandpas farm. She giggled. Youkept yelling "Cow! Cow!"
  38. 38. Reality struck with a crippling blow, catapulting Taylor from pastpleasures to present pain. It hurt her to breathe, nearly killed her tothink. Acid tears burned her eyes and throat. Tears for what shed lostwith the only man shed ever loved and for what shed gained with herdaughter. His daughter.Mummy, if you want, I could get in bed with you so you arent scaredany more.Taylor pulled her daughter into a fierce hug, silent tears scaldingpaths down her face and her body trembling, as despair clawed herheart.What had happened to them? What the hell had happened to theall-consuming love theyd shared? And when, dear lord, when wouldshe stop feeling its loss?It was well after midnight before Craig had the luxury of removinghis tie and stretching out in his favourite reclining chair. He sighedwearily, lifting the glass of bourbon to his lips and savouring itssoothing warmth.His dinner meeting had gone on far longer than hed anticipated orwanted. He allowed himself a smile as he ruefully admitted that partof the reason had been his inability to keep his mind on what wasbeing discussed. If Taylor had consented to seeing him tonight, hedhave cancelled the engagement without a second thought.Considering the way the events of the day had distracted him from thebusiness at hand, he would have been best served to have done so,regardless! His mind had been constantly sidetracked from the topicunder discussion by images of a beautiful, green-eyed, honey-hairedwoman.
  39. 39. Taylor was back. Sexier and more beautiful than ever. And with hershed brought a small, almost porcelain fragile, child who by rightsshould never have survived beyond a few days of life. He shivered asan image of his daughters face imprinted itself in his mind. Hisdaughter. The reason Taylor had walked out on him.He took another sip of his drink, wondering if the confused emotionshe felt towards the child were genuine or simply a side-effect of thosehe felt for her mother. And what exactly was he feeling?Guilt? Yeah. Well, sure. Hed always felt hed failed Taylor in someway from the moment shed suggested they consider having a child,but suddenly the guilt felt different. Fresher, more biting.His anger was nothing new; it had remained just below the surface ofhis day-to-day existence for the past five years. Hed never been sureif the bulk of it was directed at Taylor for walking out or himself forletting her. He also allowed himself to admit that until today a hugechunk of it had been focused on Melanie.Melanie. Until scant hours ago, hed rarely thought of the child andnever by name. It had been the easiest way of managing thegut-wrenching jealousy that consumed him. Jealousy.God! Yet another ugly emotion hed fallen victim to, made worse bythe fact it had been directed towards a tiny premature baby. Thenotion left a sick taste in his mouth and he quickly poured himselfanother drink, tossing it down in one gulp. Sighing, he contemplatedthe empty glass. For five years his life had been equally empty. Eversince the love Taylor always claimed was exclusively his had beenredirected.If shed turned her affection to another man, Craig knew hed havefought tooth and nail to win her back; he was cocky enough to believeno man was capable of taking her from him. But he hadnt counted on
  40. 40. losing her to a baby. How did a grown man compete with a helplesschild? Of course, back then hed never really tried to compete;shattered by the discovery hed been relegated to a distant second onTaylors list of priorities, it had been easier to simply let her go.And now? Well, now she was back. He didnt delude himself it wasbecause she loved him—oh, no. It was maternal love that hadprompted her to introduce him to his daughter. And neither did hedelude himself he could forgive her for deliberately falling pregnant,but he sure as hell intended to make amends for the way hed held thechild responsible for what had happened between them.There was an unaffected honesty about Melanie that intrigued himand he had little doubt hed grow to like the child. To be honest, hehoped shed grow to like him, too, for reasons other than the fact hewas her father. But he knew he had no love to give his daughter; hermother had that and she always would. It was his trust Taylor hadforfeited.He might never have wanted to be a father, but he sure as hell wasgoing to be one now.Strangely, having made that decision eased some of the tension fromhis body. Then again, he thought drily, perhaps it was simply the JackDaniels kicking in. Pouring another glass, he forced his mind to thatpart of his life he normally only confronted in nightmares— ThePast....In the sterile surrounds of the hospital waiting room, Craigs handshook as he took the polystyrene cup from Taylors closest friend, LizOShea. Emotional turmoil made him oblivious to the hot liquid thatspilled onto his hand.
  41. 41. Why, Liz? Why did she have to go and put herself at risk like this? Inever wanted or needed a baby. She knew that! But I cant livewithout her. I cant live without Taylor!Craig, her doctor is the best. Shes in good hands. Theres not a thingon Gods earth you can do now except wait.It had seemed like a lifetime later that Craig looked up and saw theobstetrician striding towards them.Well? he demanded of the older man. Where is she? Whatshappened?Shes resting, Mr Adams. But things arent good.What do you mean, arent good! If anything—Mr Adams, your wife is in labour.But its too early!Taylor has a condition called placenta previa, caused by-I dont give a stuff what its called or what causes it! I want to know ifshes going to be all right!I expect so, yes. But your wife is going to have to remain here. Its thebaby we need to concern ourselves with—Forget the baby! Its Taylor I care about. You put her first! Hegrabbed the front of the doctors coat. You understand me? Its Taylorwhos important here!For heavens sake, Craig! Pull yourself together and listen! Lizurged, shaking his arm.
  42. 42. Realising what he was doing, Craig released the doctors coat andstepped away.I...Im sorry, Doctor. Its just that if anything happened...The doctors face relaxed. Believe me, I do understand.So, Craig said wearily, whats the bottom line in all this?Your wife is in labour at twenty-five weeks along. Far, far too early.However, if we can keep the baby at bay until even twenty-sevenweeks, Ill be a lot happier. Ive made arrangements to have the babytransferred to the hospital with the best antenatal facilities in the Cityas soon as its born. But Ill be honest with you. Even then, the childschances of survival arent good.Taylor is your first priority, Craig reminded him.From then on, Craig haunted the hospital, going home only toshower, change and snatch a few hours sleep. Twice more he had tostand helplessly by as Taylor again went into labour despite all thedrugs administered to forestall such occurrences and the millions ofdollars worth of equipment monitoring both her and her unbornchild. He watched, too, as she endured painful steroid injectionsaimed at accelerating the unborn childs lung capacity, physicallyflinching when agony distorted her beautiful face and squeezed tearsfrom her exhaustion- glazed eyes. When he voiced his feelings abouthow much it hurt him to watch her suffer, Taylor gave a weak smileand clutched his hand.Darling, every bit of prodding, poking andpain is worth it, if it delays delivery. The doctors said if I can hang infor two more weeks, our baby will have a much better chance ofsurviving. Fierce determination lit her weary features. Tm going todo it, Craig. I have to.
  43. 43. And she did. Exactly fourteen days after her admission, Taylor wentinto labour for the final time, haemorrhaging heavily, but Craigwasnt with her, and by the time he reached the hospital, Taylor wasundergoing an emergency Caesarean, and a short time later helearned he was the father of a three-month-premature baby girl.He rushed straight to Taylor expecting to find her still recoveringfrom the effects of the anaesthetic, but was shocked to learn only aspinal block had been administered and that shed been consciousthroughout the operation. Yet joy made Taylor oblivious to his angerabout the procedure.Craig, shes so beautiful! So very, very beautiful!At the obvious awe in her voice, he felt a stab of rage; having seen thechild, she would find its death that much harder to bear. Taylorseemed totally unaware of what was bound to happen.Oh, darling! Shes only nine inches long but wait till you see her!Shes perfect! She even cried all by herself! Not many babies thatearly can! Taylors voice was as bright with pride as her eyes werewith tears and Craig had to swallow hard before speaking.I know, honey, he said. But how are you feeling? Thats what I wantto know.Im great! she responded, ashen face and sunken cheeks refuting herwords. But dont worry about that! Go and see your daughter!I will. Later. Right-No, Craig, now! Shes being transferred to one of the larger hospitals.One with better facilities.
  44. 44. Okay, Ill go, he said, wanting to pacify her. But Ill be back herequick smart, so dont go anywhere! he teased, brushing his handgently along her cheek.Taylor smiled and shook her head. They want to baptize her herebefore shes moved... Id like to call her Melanie Brooke. Is that allright with you?He nodded. Sure, honey. Melanie Brooke is fine, he replied, feelinghe was making promises he couldnt keep.Taylor received daily videos of her daughter from the hospital thechild was transferred to, right up until she was discharged a weeklater with the proviso she take things extremely slowly. Despite thedoctors warnings, she insisted on spending eighteen-hour days withher daughter, ignoring Craigs pleas for her to get some rest, to spendmore time at home, more time with him. Taylor obsessively followedher own agenda. So it was a pleasant surprise when one Saturday,while he was going over some work hed brought home, she walkedinto the study in the middle of the afternoon.Youre home early.She slumped wearily onto the sofa. Im going back later.Craig crouched before her, stroking her hair and her pale,fatigue-etched face. Ive got a better idea. Why dont you rest for acouple of hours, then we can go out for a romantic dinner, followedby dancing and—?Recoiling from his touch, she shrieked, Dancing! My daughterstopped breathing today and you expect me to go dancing?Taylor! I had no idea... Im sorry!
  45. 45. She leaped to her feet, rage energizing her. Sorry! Sorry! Craig,youre probably only sorry that they revived her!Honey, thats not true!Good! she screeched through her tears. Because Melanie isnt goingto die! Shes tough! Like me! Shes not a quitter like her father! Shewont die! I wont let her. I tell her that every day…Tay, honey, you have to be prepared for the worst. He reached forher, but she jumped away as if fearing contamination.Youre a quitter, Craig Adams! I hate you! She was beyondreasoning with. You never wanted a baby and the first time you sawthis one you decided she was too small and too weak to survive, andthat suited you! Well, she will survive! You hear me? She will!The strain between them from that point on became unbearable andCraig felt her drifting farther and farther away from him. In an effortto hang on to some semblance of the life theyd once shared, he threwhimself into their business with maniacal ferocity. He even tried toestablish a deal with the biggest staffing agency in Japan as he andTaylor had once wistfully discussed doing. But Taylor wasntinterested in talking about it, about anything. She rarely evenmentioned the baby to him, and when she did, it was always mydaughter, my Melanie.The final most bitter blow came when he arrived back from athree-day trip to Tokyo, which Taylor had insisted he take despite hisreluctance to leave her. Hed walked into a silent house to discover anenvelope with his name on it. Its handwritten contents read:
  46. 46. Dear Craig, The doctors have said Melanie is well enough to leave hospital now so Im taking my daughter home. Since you always believed I trapped you into fatherhood, Ive decided to set you free—I think this is best, not just for us, but for Melanie. Im going to stay with my parents in Adelaide. You can contact me there to sort out whatever legal things have to be done about the business. But since the business was always more your baby than mine, I know its better off with you, just as Melanie is better off with me.There was no signature, but then none had been needed.Now, nursing an empty bottle and a potential hangover, Craigwondered if five years later there was anything left to salvagebetween Taylor and him.
  47. 47. CHAPTER FOURYou stupid, great useless animal! Taylor muttered as the huge,lumbering St Bernard raced to beat her up the stairs. Im not going tobed! Im only getting changed!You better hurry, Melanie advised from the floor of the family room.Daddyll be here in seven minutes.Taylor forced a smile. Like she needed reminding! Mel had beenacting like the countdown voice for Mission Control ever since theydgot home from basketball practice. She on the other hand had beenhoping for a phone call from Craig saying he had to cancel.Glancing across at her daughter carefully colouring a picture intendedfor Craig, Taylor instantly regretted her selfish thoughts. It wasimportant to Melanie that her father come—vitally important. She bither lip as doubts that had kept her sleepless since shed arrived back inSydney assailed her yet again.Had she done the right thing in coming back and practically forcingCraig to acknowledge Melanies existence? Even more disturbingwas the question that had kept her awake each night since shedwalked into his office. Had she really come for her daughters sake,or was she simply using Melanie as an excuse to get Craig back intoher own life?Melanie called her and held up the drawing shed been working on. Itried to stay inside the lines. Do you like it? she asked.Yeah! I think its great! Taylor replied.Its for Daddy to put in his office. Think hell like it?Im sure he will.
  48. 48. Realizing she was still in her bathrobe, her hair wet, and wasting time,she hurried up the stairs. Would Craig see any merit in the less thanartistic scribbling of a five- year-old?Hed better! she said, sliding open her wardrobe. Or hell wear themeal he all but invited himself to! And that was something she meantto have out with him. His manipulative use of Melanie wasinexcusable!After extracting a simple white flared ankle-length dress inembroidered cotton, she tossed it onto the bed, next to thesleepy-looking dog now sprawled across it.There, Bernie, she said. No one could accuse me of dressing toimpress! In fact, she added smugly, Im not even going to botherputting on make-up.Sitting on the bed, she plugged in the blow-drier and began drying herhair, but even the appliances droning hum didnt drown out herdaughters excited yell. Hes here!Pulse skittering, Taylor dropped the drier and jumped to her feet.Already? Dammit, she wasnt ready!Craig owned up to more than a touch of apprehension as he climbedout of his car. Hed been sweating on this night for five days and nowit was here he wasnt sure he was ready for it. He didnt know what toexpect, or more importantly, what was expected of him.As he made his way up the path, the front door opened and Melaniestood waiting for him.Hello, she said, offering a smile.
  49. 49. Gday, Melanie, he said, then wondered if it was acceptable to hand abottle of wine to a five-year-old. He was still considering this whenshe tugged at his arm and led him from the tiled entrance foyer into amodern, comfortably furnished lounge.Whats in the bag? she asked.A bottle of wine.Ill put it in the frigerator, she told him, extending two small handstowards it.Well, its red wine. You dont put it in the fridge.She frowned up at him. Are you sposed to drink it hot?Eh, not exactly, Its supposed to be served at room temperature.So how do you know the temperature of the room?Craig blinked. Um, wheres your mother?Upstairs. Uncle Bernie hasnt come down yet so shes probably stillgetting dressed.Knowing Taylor had no living relatives and he had none calledBernie, the childs casual revelation that there was a man upstairswhile Taylor was dressing did ugly things to Craigs blood pressure. Who, he asked through clenched teeth, is Uncle Bernie?My dog. Hes really, really big, but dont worry, she advised. Hesfriendly.The force of Craigs relieved sigh was such that he marvelled that ithadnt blown the tiny girl off her feet. Yet his original anxiety hadnt
  50. 50. been caused by a fear of canines; a killer Rottweiler upstairs wouldnthave worried him as much as a flesh-and-blood man! He wasntshocked by the strength of his possessiveness towards Taylor; many anight hed tortured himself by imagining her in the arms of anotherman and felt pain and anger claw at his gut. Yet only now did it occurto him that in five years there may well have been more than one.Looking at Melanie, he fleetingly speculated whether she couldprovide him with an answer to the question foremost in his mind.Was she his only rival for Taylors affections or was there another?No! He would not stoop so low as to pump the kid about her motherslove life. It was a sleazy, underhanded thing to do. He tuned out theinner voice suggesting his pseudo-nobility only disguised his realreason for not quizzing Melanie—fear she might tell him things hedidnt want to know!Hi, Craig, sorry I wasnt ready when you got here.He pivoted at the voice of the woman hed been aching to see for fivedays. Now he was seeing her, the ache intensified rather thanlessened. Her hair was seductively tousled as if someone in the throesof passion had run eager fingers through its soft, tawny length, buthow those hands could have strayed from the tempting curves of herbody, detailed by the short black stretch dress she wore was beyondCraigs comprehension. He swallowed hard, his eyes following theshapely lines of her naked legs down to the spike-heeled shoes on herfeet.Dinner shouldnt be too much longer, she informed him.Unfortunately Im a little behind schedule, but Im sure Melanie willkeep you occupied until Im ready to serve.Her glossy smile was smooth, but the quick flick of her tongue at thecorner of her mouth was enough to tell Craig she wasnt as cool or
  51. 51. collected as she pretended. Past experience also told him she wasevery bit as hot as she looked.He grinned at her. Well, Im not averse to pitching in and helpingwith dinner, he offered. You used to find me pretty. ..handy in thekitchen.Taylor blushed, her traitorous mind immediately flashing back—ashed intended—to the times in their marriage when the kitchencounter had been utilized for purposes other than cooking. She triedto produce a patronizing look. No thanks. These days I manage verywell on my own.He raised an eyebrow. Effective, but not nearly as much fun. Taylorgasped so hard she started to choke. At least let me fix the drinks, heinsisted.Her eyes still watering, she spoke to her daughter. Melanie, showyour father where the bar is, please.Then can I take him upstairs and show him Uncle Bernie?Then you can take him to hell! she thought. Sure, honey, whateveryou want. Without so much as glancing at Craig, she turned andhurried to the kitchen.Taylor crouched in front of the open refrigerator, a thousand differentemotions exploding within her, but anger held centre stage. Anger atherself. Looking down at the dress shed hastily changed into atCraigs arrival, she wanted to scream. Dammit to hell, she wassupposed to be trying to establish a relationship between her daughterand Craig! Not re-establish her own! And hed been amused by herobvious attempt at self-promotion. Smugly amused! What was worsewas that she still found his cocky, self-assured attitude as arousing as
  52. 52. she had as a teenager! When hed suggested giving her a hand in thekitchen, shed damn near salivated.Youve still got great legs.At the masculine observation, she leaped from her position, whichhad pushed the tight-fitting dress to the top of her thighs.Im trying to cook in here! What do you want? she demanded,dumping the head of lettuce onto the bench so hard it bounced. Herspine tingled with awareness as his eyes slid over her.Is that a trick question, or do you want the truth?Trying to ignore him, despite the fact that her hormones wereoverdosing with interest at the blatant innuendo, Taylor gave herattention to unwrapping the steaks. But his nearness was creatinghavoc with her senses, making her efforts to triumph over the plasticwrap slow and awkward. After several minutes of trying to pretend hewasnt there, she gave up the charade.Is there some reason youre just standing there? Youre supposed tobe visiting with Mel—I brought your drink, he said, holding her glass aloft.She blushed, feeling stupidly juvenile, and accepted the drink thenretreated against the counter.You look good, Tay. He raised his glass as if the words were a toast.Really good.So do you, she thought, but knew better than to say so. Not becauseshe was trying to score points off him, but because she didnt want toverbally acknowledge what her eyes, brain and hormones werebeating her over the head with! That blue denim jeans looked better
  53. 53. moulding his hard muscular thighs than those of any male modelbreathing; that the yoke of his shirt accentuated his broad shoulders,making her hands itch to caress them; and that his lips, closing overthe rim of his glass, sent a million sparks of desire raining through herbloodstream.At the sound of Melanie calling his name, Craigs mouth twisted inannoyance; his reaction was sufficient to snap Taylor back to reality.Shes lots of things she wants to show you, Taylor said. So youdbetter go.Shaking his head, he reached out a hand to touch her hair. Id muchrather stay here with you.She pulled back. Thats not the reason youre here.Isnt it?No, dammit, its not! she snapped, angry he could disregardMelanies feelings so easily. She was about to tell him as much, butthe childs appearance denied her the chance.Come see Uncle Bernie, Daddy, she said, taking Craigs hand andtugging. Mummy gets cross if you talk to her when shes trying tocook.He left hand in hand with his daughter, but it seemed to Taylor he wasback under her feet in no time. She was dishing dinner when shesensed she was no longer alone. Though his approach had been silent,she recognized the scent of his aftershave and the almost-physicaltouch of his gaze. She forced herself not to turn around.You remembered steak was one of my favourites, umm?
  54. 54. You were only getting stir fry, but I missed getting to the butchers.Steak was all I had in the freezer. Dont flatter yourself that Im tryingto impress you.Youve never had to try to impress me, Tay. You do it just bybreathing.His seductive tone laid a carpet of goose bumps over her, causing herhand to tremble. Worried shed slice the top of her finger along withthe celery, she dropped the knife, reached for her half-empty drinkand finished it before turning to him. Yet the hope that a shot ofalcohol would immunize her against the effect this man had on herwas a futile one and the impact of his dark, brooding handsomenesswas such that she had to steady herself against the Formica counter.The electricity arcing between them, even from a distance of two feet,would have electrocuted anyone attempting to pass between them.The notion immediately reminded Taylor that five years ago someonehad.Wheres Melanie? she asked.Upstairs. Putting away her battalion of Barbie dolls, like I told her to.Taylor gave him a doubtful look. Yeah, right, and pigs mi... Herwords died as Melanie charged into the room looking enormouslypleased with herself.Hey, Mummy, I put my things away all by myself, she said.Forcing a smile, Taylor muttered, Good girl, to her daughter, despiteresenting the fact Craig had apparently secured good-naturedcompliance in a few minutes for a task that required her to beg, pleadand threaten in order to get results. Even pouting ones! She slanted aquick look at the man in question. How dare he display betterparenting skills than her!
  55. 55. His grin was blatantly smug. Youre obviously too soft on her, hecommented, his mind-reading irritating her even more.Beginners luck! she snapped. Besides, "new toys" always get themost attention from a child, but eventually the novelty wears off,Craig.Touche.The dullness of his response made her regret her bitchiness.By the time Taylor had tucked her daughter into bed, she was anemotional mess! Her nerves were stretched tightrope taut, andknowing that even now Craig was watching her every move didnthelp.During dinner she hadnt been able to relax for one second. Not evenMelanies childish chatter could distract her from noticing the wayCraig had been visually stripping her through the entire meal,optically devouring her with a relish suggesting he considered herdessert. What was worse was no matter how hard shed tried, shecouldnt stop recollections of the feast of pleasure theyd providedeach other in the past from creeping into her mind and bringing withthem a vaporous heat, which had curled its way through her body.Cant I please have a story, Mummy?No, Mel, youve already stayed up for an extra hour. Youve gotschool tomorrow.There were a few more beseeching pleas followed up by mutinousmutterings from the youngster, but Taylor remained firm, constantlyconscious of the amused male eyes on her.
  56. 56. Good night and God bless, sweetheart, she said, bending to kiss herdaughter. Little arms wrapped around her neck and Taylor gavethanks that God had decided to trust her with Melanies life.Your turn, Daddy, the child said, releasing her mother.Taylors heart turned over at her daughters request and the eagerpleasure shining in her young eyes. Had Melanie missed having afather to kiss her good-night? Had she found Taylors mother loveinsufficient? The thought cut her to the quick.Realizing Craig had made no move towards the child, she spunaround, intending to glare him into compliance. Instead she foundherself in his arms.Daddys turn, he whispered before the touch of his mouthimmobilized her.The gentleness of his tongue slipping over her bottom lip pushedTaylors heart into overdrive; its pounding pace echoed in her earsand made her tremble. But all too quickly she was released and thepulsating drumming was replaced by childish giggles.No, silly! Melanie chided. Youre sposed to kiss me!Ah! Craig said, drawing more giggles with his pseudo-innocenttone. Now I get it!Shaken to the core, Taylor bolted from the room.
  57. 57. CHAPTER FIVEIT WAS fifteen minutes before Craig joined her in the family room,and, though still rattled by his kiss, Taylor was determined not toshow it. Setting aside her coffee cup, she began pouring one for him.You always did make the worlds best coffee. I dont think Ive had adecent cup since you left.She would have challenged the exaggeration if her mind—andbody—hadnt become totally distracted by his presence beside her onthe sofa. Alarmed, she sprang to her feet, the movement drawing apuzzled frown from Craig.Whats wrong? he forgot the after-dinner mints.Dont worry, I dont want any.I do.She fled the room, calling herself a stupid fool only to return fiveminutes later feeling an even bigger one. Craig was fiddling with herelaborate sound system, and the laid-back lyrics of Jimmy Buffettwere drifting softly in the air. A slow smile creased his face.Couldnt find the mints?She blushed, but tried to distract him from noticing by answeringwith a careless shrug. Forgot I was out of them. Eh, would you likeanother coffee?He shook his head; coffee was the furthest thing from his mind. Whathe wanted was her. He was weak with want for her—her touch, herpassion, the taste of her femininity. He exhaled in a rush as his loins
  58. 58. tightened in desire. Taylor was desire and femininity personified.Perfection personified.He smiled, recalling how until hed met her hed classed himself as alegs man, but after one look at Taylor Radcliffe, his range ofappreciation immediately expanded. Sure, her long, smooth legs hadbeen second to none, but so was the rest of her; her bottom and hipswere in perfectly proportioned contrast to her tiny waist and high,firm breasts, and the elegant line of her neck and patrician facialfeatures stunning in their own right. The waist-length honey blondhair he remembered might be gone and there was a new air ofmaturity about her, but those changes counted for nothing. Taylorstill bore the sleek, flowing gracefulness God had gift-wrapped her inand she was still the most desirable woman Craig had ever known.Uncomfortable under the intensity of his gaze, Taylorself-consciously smoothed her hands over her hips before a flare ofdesire in Craigs eyes told her hed interpreted the action asprovocative. Her stomach fluttered at the thought, making her wonderhalf-guiltily if, regardless of her best intentions, her subconscious hadintended him to misinterpret the nervous gesture. If so, she was introuble. Big trouble.With Mel in bed, she could no longer count on the child to act as arelease valve for the sensual tension that had been building up allnight. She and Craig were on their own now, and, given their pasttrack record for succumbing to lust over level-headedness, thingsdidnt bode well. Taking a deep breath, she fought to gain control ofthe situation. Deciding that returning to the sofa was tempting fate,she quickly moved to the farthest armchair and sat down.Youre staring, Craig.He took two steps toward her. I cant help it. Two more long-leggedstrides brought him closer still. Youre beautiful.
  59. 59. I... A strange blend of excitement, fear and desire strangled whateverresponse shed been going to make and began permeating her body ashe continued to shorten the distance between them. By the time hestopped, only inches from her, Taylors heart was pounding as if itwould explode. As she looked up into his eyes, a vague dizzinessswept over her. Though perhaps it had nothing to do with his eyes andeverything to do with the way he clasped her hands and tugged her toher feet.I realize we need to talk, Tay... His words brushed her cheek. But Ineed to do this more.She could no more have stopped her arms from wrapping around hissolid male frame than she could have stepped away from his kiss. In adistant region of her brain, she registered that finally having contactwith his body relieved her from the crushing emotional pressure shedbeen experiencing for days, but hadnt understood what was causingit. Now she knew— curiosity.Curiosity as to whether her memories of Craigs love- makingmastery were accurate or if her mind had merely embroidered them asa means of justifying her once- wanton reaction to them. When histongue plunged inside her mouth, Taylor had her answer.To feel a part of him moving within her after all these years threw hersenses into chaos, intensifying them to the point where she couldactually feel and hear her blood circulating through her body; couldsmell the desire seeping from their pores and could almost taste hotmale arousal. She rose to her toes, desperate to get closer to the solid,hard maleness of him, her hands moving with desperate urgencyacross his shoulders and back. For five years she had dreamed of thisman. Ached for this man. Now she could again experience him—Craig had never known such an overwhelming sense of gratefulnessas he did when Taylors arms closed around him. He devoured her
  60. 60. mouth, driven by the need to have the heat of her passion defrost histoo-long frozen soul. His life had been so empty without this woman.More like an existence than a life! The taste of her after half a decadewas the most exhilarating thing hed ever experienced, the warmth ofher body the most sensual. He cupped her breast, and her low purr ofapproval made him almost as mindless as the touch of her lips at histhroat.Oh, Tay! Ive missed you so much! Ive almost died from wantingyou, he muttered, burying his face in her hair, only to again return tothe nectar sweetness of her mouth as desire hummed through hisblood. The flavour and feel of her made him feel weak and powerfulat the same time. He couldnt get enough of her.Tay, honey, he rasped, Ive been crazy without you. Lets goupstairs...Dazed by desire, he took several seconds to realize that the warm,responsive woman in his arms had suddenly become rigid and wasstruggling to withdraw from his embrace. Opening his eyes, he wasshocked to see tears slipping silently down her cheeks. In momentaryconfusion, he relaxed his embrace, allowing her the opportunity tomove away. She eluded his attempt to recapture her.Tay.. .honey?This is where the night ends, Craig.He swore, moving to catch hold of her hand as she tried to turn away.What the hell do you mean, this is where the night ends?I mean, she said, trying to tug her wrist from his grasp,..I want youto go home. Now.
  61. 61. Liar, he said, feeling the speed of her pulse as rapid and eager as hisown. Your body gives you away, babe. It always has.A flash of anger sparked in her green eyes. So? she challenged.These days, I listen to my brain, not my libido! I take into accounthow my actions might hurt other people—Believe me, honey, send me home now— he glanced pointedly atthe bulge in his jeans —and well both ache all night.Taylor felt her insides cramp with desire as memories from the pastraced through her mind. The urge to give in to him was almostoverwhelming and it took more will-power than she credited herselfwith possessing to shake her head. What happened tonight wouldinvolve someone other than the two of them; it would involveMelanie. Freeing herself from his grasp, she told him as much.Craig, our wants arent the only ones we have to consider. Whatabout Melanie?Shes asleep! Dont tell me you need a five-year-olds permission tomake love to a man youre still married to!In that instant, Taylor hated him. Damn you! she cried. Could youjust pretend to like her?I do like her.No, you dont! You simply see her as a means to get to me. Youwangled this dinner by manipulating Melanie, and you know it!OK, I admit that wasnt being completely up front, but-Theres no excuse, Craig. Melanie is just a little girl. I wont have herhurt.
  62. 62. Surprisingly, her inference that hed deliberately harm the child stung.Lets get one thing straight right now! he commanded. Even thoughI never wanted children, Id no more deliberately hurt that kid than Iwould you!But you did hurt me, Craig. Pain can exist even without intent. Thedamage of her own words immediately registered in his face, but shefelt no pride in the fact and quickly lowered her gaze.You left me, Taylor, not the other way round. So dont talk to meabout hurt. I loved you. I still do.The words came out as if he didnt have the strength to hold them in.She stepped back, shaking her head.Its the truth, Tay. In spite of everything that happened—You mean in spite of the fact I conceived Melanie against yourwishes? she challenged, wondering if he would ever understand thatwithout trust declarations of love meant nothing. Or in spite of thefact she exists? What about her, Craig? What exactly do you feel forMelanie?Jeez, Taylor! He ran an aggrieved hand through his hair. Shes onlybeen in my life five minutes! How can I be sure what I feel? I barelyknow her!Since youve no one to blame for her absence from your life otherthan yourself—You took her with you! he accused. You couldnt even wait until Iwas in the country to tell me face to face!I did what was best for Melanie! She needed to be surrounded bylove not—
  63. 63. Yeah, right. And shes had your love for as long as I havent.Thats a stupid comment! Parental love isnt the same as... as what wehad.So tell me, which is stronger, Taylor? he asked. Because I knowfrom firsthand experience they cant coexist.She knew he was referring to the fact that his parents, whod beenhappily married and childless for eighteen years before he was born,had divorced within two years of his birth. Neither had ever had anyqualms about telling Craig that they each held him responsible for thefailure of the marriage.Taylor had no intention of ever letting that kind of guilt tall ontoMelanie. Nor did she believe Craig would ever be so cruel. Still, shehad no words with which to answer his question as to which love wasstronger. All she could offer in response was a helpless shrug and ashake of her head. He sighed heavily as if hed pinned all his hopes onher being able to tell him.Look, he said, shoving his hands into his pockets, I admit I haventbeen any sort of father to Melanie in the past, and lord knows mybackground doesnt provide me with many examples of what a fathershould and shouldnt do, but... Id like to try to be one now. He raisedhopeful eyes to her. If youll let me.Taylor turned away, choked with emotion. Almost a full minutepassed before she could speak and even then her voice was unsteady.All right, Craig.. .you can see her.She watched his shoulders sag as if hed been holding his breath forher answer. Thank you. I appreciate the second chance even if I dontdeserve it.
  64. 64. Nodding, she began clearing away the coffee things.Would it be OK if I came over on Friday to see her? he asked.Unfortunately I have a meeting in Canberra tomorrow and I wont beback until late, but Im free Friday night. We could go to the movies.She couldnt help smiling at his obvious eagerness. Clearly he wasntgoing to waste any time.I dont see why not. But youd have to pick her up before six oclock,she told him, carrying the coffee tray to the kitchen. I havebasketball.I meant all of us could go. You know a... a family outing.Taylors blood froze and only a miracle allowed her to deposit the trayon the bench before it fell from her hands. The image of Craig,Melanie and herself as a typical family was out of focus, fuzzy andblurred like a badly tuned television screen. Of course, you couldadjust a television and fine-tune it, but Taylor wasnt convinced thesame could be done with relationships. Especially one like theirs,where the emotional wiring was in such a tangle.I dont think thats agood idea, Craig. You and Melanie need time to yourselves.Dammit, Taylor! What about what we need?Im not sure I know what we need, Craig, she said, amazing herselfwith her calmness. But right now, its Melanie Im concerned about. Iwant her to get to know you and I dont want emotional baggage fromour past complicating things.Craig shook his head, a bemused look on his face. OK, Tay, wellplay by your rules. But its not the past that worries you. Its thefuture.
  65. 65. CHAPTER SIXON FRIDAY after returning Melanies excited wave as she drove awayin Craigs Porsche, Taylor remained in the doorway for severalmoments after the car had disappeared, trying to come to terms withthe mixed emotions she felt.She could have gone. Craig had again tried to convince her to opt outof the basketball game, but shed refused. In her heart she knew it wasbest for Melanie that she have her father to herself; shed waited solong for the chance. Yet Taylor was honest enough to acknowledgeher good intentions were somewhat frayed at the edges; a part of hercouldnt be noble about seeing the unrestrained delight that had litMelanies face as shed scampered into the low-level sports car,thrilled at being with her father.Get a grip, Taylor, she told herself. A trip to the movies doesntequate with a custody battle.As soon as she said the words, Taylor felt ill.Three hours later, she gave a grateful sigh as her coach indicated hewas making a substitution. Slumping onto the bench, she reached intoher sports bag and rummaged about until she felt the coldness of herdrink bottle. Pulling it out, she took a long swallow of therefreshingly cool glucose mixture.Whats the score?Gagging on the drink, she jerked around to find the voices ownercrouching behind her.Craig! What are you doing here? Wheres—?Hi, Mummy! Are you winning?
  66. 66. Taylor nodded, indicating the electric scoreboard. Wh-what are thepair of you doing here? she repeated.Daddy said it would be a good idea if we picked you up before wewent to McDonalds! Then we could all have burgers!Melanies tone implied she thought the idea was full of merit. Taylordidnt.We phoned your place and didnt get an answer, so we took a puntand came here from the movie. Craig lowered his mouth to her ear.Id forgotten how sexy you looked in a sweat-soaked singlet.Craigs slow appraisal of her body as she stood up didnt do anythingto improve her respiration rate. If anything, she was even morebreathless now than when shed first left the court.Taylor! Youre on for Gina!Ummm, I have to go. I.. .were nearly finished. She hated that shewas stammering like a schoolgirl.Hey, Adams! the teams grandfatherly coach bellowed. You here toplay or chit-chat? On the court!Trying to ignore the amused look Craig sent her, Taylor threw herselfinto the game with renewed gusto, but her concentration wasnt whatit should have been and she tripped over the feet of one of her ownplayers and went crashing to the floor. The hard surface rattled herbones, but with the game continuing around her, she instinctivelytried to spring back to her feet. She failed; scorching pain knifed herin the knee.Grasping her leg with both hands, she tried unsuccessfully to bitedown on the anguished cry that tore at her throat. She screwed her
  67. 67. face up in an effort to stop the pain, a pain so intense even closed eyescouldnt prevent tears from rolling down her cheeks. Team-matesbegancrowding around her, but with her senses blurred by agony, shecouldnt identify who was saying what.You okay?What happened?Think she rolled her ankle...Finally someone got it right. Is it your knee?She nodded, then immediately shook her head as someone tried to pryher hands away from the injured area.Oh, God! she cried, tossing her head in an effort to shake free of thefire burning up her leg. It hurts like all hell!As she said the words, she felt herself being swept up in a pair ofstrong, familiar arms. Of its own accord, her head lowered against afirm, muscular chest.Take it easy, sweetheart, Craig murmured softly.Easy for... you to say, she said, grimacing. Its not your leg thatsfalling off. A sudden thought struck her. Its... its not broken, is it?Craigs averted eyes and the straight, tight line of his mouth were heronly response.With infinite care, he lowered her onto the court side bench. Againsomeone shoved a drink towards her, and again she shook her head. Itwas going to take more than a swig of Gatorade to make her feelbetter!Mummy, are you okay?