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The positioning of the artist shows him that he is in the foreground, so it’s about him. The fact that the piano is in the...
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Media Studies


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Media Studies

  1. 1. The positioning of the artist shows him that he is in the foreground, so it’s about him. The fact that the piano is in the background and he is about to pursue a solo career aloneThere is a hint of red, which suggests death. Red is the colour usually associated with blood. It is also situated near his shoulder that could signify the blood is on his shoulder and the death of his piano will always be with him.Artists name is at the top showing that it is about him, which is a typical convention.The font is showing the blowing up of the piano with a few pieces missing from each letterRelates to the fact that he’s going in search for something new he’s “all over it.” all over his piano.Same font on the album so people will be able to instantly recognize this album is the album that they want to hear.Jamie Cullum’s offical WebsiteJamie Cullum’s top button and tie is loosened which suggests that he’s almost relieved. He could be feeling this because maybe this is something that he has needed to do for quite a while.The piano is blowing up in the background, which could represent the fact that his relationship with this particular instrument is over. You could argue that to a certain extent that this could be a change for he better, him pursuing a career being dependent on his voice alone. Maybe he’s going in search for a better instrument.The colour of his suit is a dark colour almost black, which could suggest gloom and death. The suit he’s wearing portrays a smart, formal, conforming person, however this has been contradicted by doing an act like this (blowing up his piano) you could also imply that it was murder because he’s killed his fellow companion.The quote from GQ magazine could suggest that leaving his piano is the best thing that he has ever done. This could also suggest that this is something that nobody expected from Jamie Cullum.His hands are by his side.He’s looking directly at the camera.His face is showing serious, showing that he’s not turning back. His face also seems lifeless. Release date 6858001371600<br />