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Using Technology and Social Media to Grow Your Business


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Partial slides that I shared during the AARP/SBA Encore Entrepreneur Workshop in Los Angeles Spring of 2014.

If you're not using social media you are invisible. Entrepreneurs learn the 101 on using social media and technology to jump start their business.

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Using Technology and Social Media to Grow Your Business

  1. 1. AARP SBA Encore Entrepreneurship Using Technology and Social Media to Grow Your Business Angelica Urquijo Chief Communications Strategist The Imagen Group
  2. 2. Why Does Your Business Need To Be Social?
  3. 3. Are You A White Brand?
  4. 4. Connection = Sales = Successful Business
  5. 5. Who Is Your Client? Where Are They Socializing ?
  6. 6. Entrepreneurs Social Media Plan for Success • Target Audience • Where They are Talking? • What They Are Talking About? • Is Your Marketing Strategy Aligned to Your Customer Likes and Needs? • Are You Sharing Versus Selling ( 80- 20 Rule) • Is Your Website Your Focal Point? • What Do You Want to Achieve? • Start Slow…. Two or three social media platforms
  7. 7. Which One is Right For My Business?
  8. 8. LinkedIn Is a Must!!!!
  9. 9. Technology Tips for Your Biz Social Media Lifesaver • KnowEm • Hootsuite • Google Alerts
  10. 10. Technology Tips for Your Biz Day to Day Tools • Evernote • Expensify • Google Number • Square • Scan On The Go
  11. 11. Relationship Marketing = Connect Emotionally Key to Your Success as Entrepreneurs
  12. 12. It’s Been My Pleasure. Best of Luck. I Invite You to Connect With Me On Social Media Angelica Urquijo Founder, The Imagen Group Angelica@TheImagenGroup.Com (626)765-3553 Facebook: The Imagen Group Twitter: Angelica_Urquijo Linkedin: Angelica Urquijo