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5. angelica creative writing assignment


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Published in: Education, Business
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5. angelica creative writing assignment

  1. 1. Creative writing assignment:Title: “Arevolutionof insightful minds”. By: Angélica M. González Sánchez The deeply forged innocence was hastily ruined. Troops standing repeatedly at their staple site, Ready for the riot, unity profoundlyconveyed. The attack was imminent and so was the drive. The opponent was there, hidden from the sights And after a rough quest their lines overlapped, But some flaws were latent and came out with time: Soldier’s lives were narrow and they couldn’t last. Confusion took over, the plans all cut down Tackling companions together with foes. Their armors were heavy, though not strong enough, Exhaustion cleaved bonds, no one really won.
  2. 2. Defeat led them to an unfolding of strategies Developed by minds with ambitious thoughts. Not pulling the trigger till descrying the foe, Targeting the objective as a crucialapproach. Likewise, concentration was key to success And not wasting all forces in just one attempt, Releasing the troops in a sequential wayThe enemy’s growing weakness was the utmost ally. Outlining the tasks, increasing adeptness Constructing alliances to defy the clock: Then, the liberation was the greatest conquest And the addiction to routine no longer prevailed. The slaves of time were freed from their siege Promisesof knowledge stood still and appealed,
  3. 3. But still the new strategies needed to be reinforced And the insightful minds could not stop their enterprise. New persistence battles are yet to be fought, More developed roles must be originated To defy disturbances and backward attacks Debauching strategically the cores of command. Inspired by the seminar: “Polymer Drugs: Novel Biodegradable Drug Delivery Systems”, given by the graduate student Roselin Rosario-Meléndez. Other seminars attended:“Carbon nanoparticles as photoluminescence tags for electrophoretic bioanalysis”, given by Luis A. Colón, Ph.D. “Neutrophobic factor biodynamics in animal models of disease”, given by John Spitsbergen, Ph.D. “Examining the potential anti-cancer activities of recombinant disintegrins”, given by Julio Soto, Ph.D.