From The Heart 07 04 09


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Beautiful words and music after download

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From The Heart 07 04 09

  1. 1. From the Heart..
  2. 2. Making the best..... Stop wishing for things you complain you have not, and start making the best of all that you've got. Today be happy with what you have - not discontent with what you don't have.
  3. 3. Show me the Way.... Show me the way not to fortune or fame, not to win laurels or praise for my name.... But show me the way to spread the great story that Thine is the kindom, the power, and the glory.
  4. 4. Time to be Kind... Happiness is just a state of mind within the reach of everyone who takes the time to be kind.
  5. 5. Love to the Fullest..... Each day as it comes, brings a chance to each one to live to the fullest, leaving nothing undone that would brighten the life or lighten the load of some weary traveler lost on life's road.
  6. 6. Small Deeds.... Seldom do we realizethe importance of small deeds or to what degree of greatness unnoticed kindness leads.
  7. 7. The heart's opend Door... Love makes us patient, understanding and kind and we judge with our heart, not with our mind. For as soon as love enters the heart's opend door the faults we once saw are not there anymore.
  8. 8. A precious Jewel.... Friendship is a golden chain the links are friends so dear and like a rare and precious jewel, it's treasured more each year.
  9. 9. Constant Reminders.... The sky and the stars, the waves and the sea the dew on the grass, the leaves on a tree are constant reminders of God and His nearness proclaiming His presence with crystal-like clearness.
  10. 10. Seasons of the Soul.... Springs always comes with new life and birth followed by summer to warm the soft earth and what a comfort to know there are reasons that souls, like nature must have their seasons.
  11. 11. Important Work.... We cannot all be famous or be listed in "Who is Who," but every person, great or small, has important work to do.
  12. 12. A privileage to Know.... There are some flok we meet in passing and forget them as soon as they go there are some we remember with pleasure and feel honored and privileged to know.
  13. 13. Dearest Dreams.... As you climb life's ladder, take faith along with you and great will be you happiness as your dearest dreams come true.
  14. 14. Sucsess.... Sucsess is a mixture of good, hard work good humor, good luck and good sense and the little tasks of each day, well done will bring their own reccompense.
  15. 15. Freedom.... Let the stars and stripes forever remain a symbol of a free and mighty nation built on faith and truth and love.
  16. 16. Rich Blessings.... May He who sends the raindrops and makes the sunshine, too look down and bless you richly and be very near to you.
  17. 17. Drops of Dew.... It's amazing and incredible but it's as true as it can be, God loves and understands us all, and that means you and me.
  18. 18. Love's many Ways.... Make us conscious that Your love comes in many ways, not always just as happiness or bright and shining days. Often You send trouble and we foolishly reject it not realizing that it is Your will.
  19. 19. The gift of Understanding.... Among the great and glorious gifts our heavenly Father sends is the gift of understanding that we find in loving friends.
  20. 20. You can pluck a rose all fragrant with dew without some of its fragrance remaining on you. This is a public show, PLEASE have the decency not to alter my shows and make them YOURS!!!