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Abortion - Sensetive


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Abortion - Sensetive

  1. 1. Do not continue unless you are ready to never forget what you see.
  3. 3. Do You Care?
  4. 4. . In an abortion of this type the baby’s arms, legs, head and torso are violently pulled and twisted apart and removed from the mothers womb. Using the D&E method, abortionist Robert Prince KILLED this 21 week old baby The procedure is done slowly enough to avoid injury to the Mother - Thus avoiding lawsuits……
  5. 5. But it assures a shocking painful death for the child. The baby’s pain eventually ends. His mother’s pain can last a lifetime.
  6. 6. The job of examining the boy’s remains to determine age and abortion type, fell to Dr Patrick McCarty. In his medical career he had seen many grusome scenes Neverthless – He wept.
  7. 7. This little boy named Malachi died at the North Central Medical Facility in Dallas. He was buried in the Cemetery of the Innocents by pro-life individuals Who grieve for his loss.
  8. 8. Do You Care?
  9. 9. TELL YOU... DID THEY
  10. 11. that most abortions are done at 7 weeks gestation or later? that weeks earlier, his heart began beating, his brain waving and he had distinctly visible fingers, arms, eyes, legs and ears?
  11. 12. that it is not uncommon for a woman who has had a abortion, to experience extreme bleeding, premature delivery and miscarriage, when she decides that she wants to have a child? that the dreadful frozen look of terror on this baby’s face resulted from the unimaginable pain of an abortionist ripping and tearing his body apart without anesthesia?
  12. 13. It’s all true. Isn’t it interesting to learn what they don’t tell you at the family planning Clinic & abortion office? that the unnatural, abrupt end to hormone production brought on by Abortion can vastly increase the mother's risk of breast cancer? that most couples break up following a shared decission to abort an Unwanted child?
  14. 16. She is a third-trimester baby girl. She has no name. Her Mother chose to abort her August 8th, 1987 in Houston, Texas Shortly before she would have been born.
  15. 17. Abortionist John B. Coleman ripped off her head during a routine abortion… Without anesthesia. Her tiny body was thrown in a plastic garbage bag with other babies Similarly killed and left in a rat infessed alley, where stray animals Eat whatever they find during the night.
  16. 18. This is the reality of freedom of choice. Do you want it to continue?