Taking Control of Your Life and Career


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  • Who are you? If nobody else told you what you wanted, what would you want?
  • What are your non-negotiables?What are your negotiables?
  • Airline oxygen mask. Distinction: wonderfully SELFISH vs. horribly SELF-CENTERED. Self-centered people drain your energy and reserves because they don’t know what they need. Selfish people know their needs and meet them in a proper and constructive way, it allows them to be generous when it counts. Oh no, not another committee??? - Learn to say No
  • If you are going to change to meet your own purpose in your own life. You need to take control of your own self-development and control what you attract.
  • Example of bridge building: People can’t just go into sales, 55% can’t sell, 25% sell the wrong things. This means 80% of salespeople are not good at selling.
  • Notice that there’s a little something wrong with this bridge?I was highly successful at something I did not enjoy --computer graphics. I built the wrong bridge.
  • It can take several spans to complete your bridge. It took me four spans from job to freelance to management to sales to self-employed. Sometimes you build to something and, surprise, it is not for you and you have to keep building.
  • Word about trust: Before I refer you to my best client or friend, I have to trust that 1-you will make me look good, and 2-you won’t mess up my relationship with my client or friend.
  • We have to train our networks what to bring us.
  • I am someone who does not put up with much, therefore I let you know when you overstep, by respectfully talking with you.=Needs to be heard and respected, therefore when I am not heard I let you know by walking away in the middle of your sentence.
  • I am someone who does not put up with much, therefore I let you know when you overstep, by respectfully talking with you.=Needs to be heard and respected, therefore when I am not heard I let you know by walking away in the middle of your sentence.
  • Taking Control of Your Life and Career

    1. 1. Taking Control of Your Career and Your Life<br />Coach Mack Arrington, PCC<br />
    2. 2. Premise #1Without You, Nothing Else Is Possible<br />After all, we are talking about YOUR career and YOUR life here today<br />
    3. 3. Premise #2In Your Life,<br />You Have<br />Requirements<br />What are your non-negotiables?<br />What are your negotiables?<br />
    4. 4. Premise #3Put on YourOwn OxygenMask First<br />You have to be very selfishto be very, very generous<br />
    5. 5. Premise #4You AlreadyAttract Something<br />Do you like what you are attracting?<br />What else would you like to attract?<br />
    6. 6. Premise #5To Get “There”Find Out Where You Are “Here”<br />When you want to cross the gap between there and here, do you know how to build your bridge?<br />
    7. 7. Premise #6The What and the HowFollow the Who<br />The usual questions of, “What do you want and how do you want it,” distract from the real question: Who are you?<br />
    8. 8. Conclusion:Who You AreDeterminesEverything Else<br />If YOU are not happy… You don’t know who you are,where you are going, you don’t attract the right things,don’t take care of yourself, and your requirements are not being met.<br />
    9. 9. The Plan for Today<br />Learn and use some life planning tools to determine:<br />Who you are (your requirements for oxygen)<br />What you want to attract (your vision of where to go)<br />How you want to attract it (bridge building to get there) <br />
    10. 10. What Do You REQUIRE, for What You Aspire?<br />To be respected<br />To be heard<br />To be loved<br />To adventure<br />To have peace<br />To serve others<br />To succeed<br />To make money<br />To be healthy<br />To be happy<br />To be appreciated<br />To lead<br />To learn<br />To create<br />To decide<br />To discover<br />To have fun<br />To be faithful<br />To have faith<br />To be important<br />To have space<br />To have good friends<br />To contribute<br />To work hard<br />To play hard<br />To belong<br />To have choices<br />To be free<br />To be generous<br />To seek God<br />This is not a complete list. What comes up for you on your own?<br />
    11. 11. Tool: Eliminate What You Tolerate<br />Distinction: Toleration vs. Tolerance.Toleration is what you put up with. Tolerance is the range of what you put up with. <br />What are you putting up with ???People, things, situations, money, technology… <br />How do you eliminate what you tolerate?Carefully become a problem-free zone. Start with the Clean Sweep Program. Strategize and evaluate risks!<br />
    12. 12. Vision: Set a Goal That You Control<br />To Create Your Vision for There or Here<br />Is there a place you want to arrive?<br />— and —<br />Is here a place you want to leave? <br />What do you want to improve or create? What step can you take towards it today?<br />Note that you can change along the way.<br />
    13. 13. Building Your Bridge<br />You need to build a bridge from where you are to where you want to go. It might take several spans. Build a good bridge…<br />
    14. 14. To Build Each SpanWhat Is Your Plan?<br />You <br />Are <br />Here<br />Training?Education?Experience?Networking? New Biz?<br />The New You Goes There<br />
    15. 15. Tool: Networking Your Network So Your Net Works<br />It is an insecure world out there: NEVER EVER stop networking for your next job, client or employee.<br />Where do you find the people who can help you?<br />Use the Referral Net Works Program<br />Without TRUST, a network doesn’t work.<br />“A person who can not ask for help is poverty stricken indeed.” —Fred Smith (Mentor to Zig Ziglar)<br />
    16. 16. Important: Asking for What You Want<br />If You Want the Carrot…<br />Networking your network so your net works. You haveto teach your network what you want and how you want it.<br />Teach your requirements, vision, goals and opportunities you want to attract.<br />If you want the carrot, why not ask for the carrot?<br />
    17. 17. What can you get from your Network?<br />Flowers<br />Business<br />Collaboration<br />Customers<br />Employees<br />Information<br />Invitations<br />Networking<br />Opportunities<br />Partnerships<br />Recommendations<br />Referrals<br />Sponsors<br />Testimonials<br />Friends<br />Fun<br />Ideas<br />Jobs<br />News<br />Warnings<br />Chocolate<br />Etc.<br />How do you get these things? (Hope vs. Ask?)<br />
    18. 18. Ask and Don’t Hope<br />Don’t just hope that others know what you want and how to please you. Ask them.<br />Don’t just hint, hint, hint and then hope, hope, hope that others get it, Ask them.<br />People don’t always think to tell you what they know. Question: Is there anything else you think I need to know?Ask them.<br />
    19. 19. What We Learned Today<br />Without You, nothing else is possible<br />Know what you require to aspire<br />Eliminate what you tolerate<br />Vision: Set a goal that you control<br />Build a good bridge, span you can<br />Network your network<br />Ask for the carrot, don’t just hope<br />Tools: Clean Sweep, Referral Net Works Program<br />
    20. 20. Taking Control of Your Career and Your Lifeby Coach Mack Arrington, PCC<br />
    21. 21. Tool: Who Are You?<br />I am someone who ______________________________.<br />Make some notes about who you are as we go along.<br />+ Loves to make good money<br />+ Enjoys helping people<br />+ Needs to be heard<br />+ Feels that my family is very important<br />+ Does not put up with much<br />+ Needs to be respected<br />+ Likes to attract good opportunities<br />+ Has a mission to change the world<br />+ Etc.<br />
    22. 22. Tool: Who Are You?(Continued)<br />I am someone who ______________________________________.<br />Therefore I _____________________________________________.<br />By ____________________________________________________.<br />+ Likes to make a lot of money<br />+ Etc.<br />+ Befriend successful people<br />+ Study how money works<br />+ Prepare for good opportunities<br />+ Going where they go<br />+ Asking my friends to introduce me<br />+ Building a personal bridge in that direction<br />