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Victoria Voner Presentation


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Victoria Voner Presentation

  1. 1. Opening Page Victoria’s Portfolio Presentation: Graphics Illustration Marketing Materials Poster Design Website Design … and much more!
  2. 2. Preliminary Line Art
  3. 3. Color Art in Illustrator
  4. 4. Scaled Floor Plans
  5. 5. Graphic Illustration proposed before an Event My Photography during the Event
  6. 6. Designed Posters for Corporate Events
  7. 7. Experience Painting Environments and Buildings
  8. 8. Creatively Designed Marketing Materials
  9. 9. Marketing Email Design
  10. 10. Website Design Unique Website Design-- Click here For website!
  11. 11. Poster Designs Poster Designs in Illustrator
  12. 12. Line Art Finished Vector Art