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13201751 pss7

  1. 1. Telepresence Business Fan Wing Sze 13201751 14 October 2013 Education
  2. 2. What is telepresence? Telepresence To connect geographically separated people via high-quality audio and video streams To feel everyone in present in the meeting even though they are attending the meeting from different parts of the world
  3. 3. What is telepresence? Telepresence Video telephony Telephony  placement of cameras  colors and the furniture of the room  tables and chairs
  4. 4. Equipment that can deliver high-quality audio and HD video 3 At least two locations with dedicated server hardware and software, bandwidth to support the HD throughput 2 1 How telepresence works? People appear lifesize with hands and torso visible. They can discern body language and facial expressions
  5. 5. Advantages  Save time  Provide speed decision making  Reduce CO2 emissions  Cut travel costs  Provide realistic two-way interactive video conferencing  Improve employee productivity
  6. 6. Disadvantages  Replace normal(face-to-face) interactions  Have disruption or failure over the Internet /technology  Incurs high cost
  7. 7. Current Applications Names Explain Connecting communities To establish a sense of shared presence or shared space among geographically separated members of a group. Where humans are exposed to hazardous situations are suitable to use telepresence for avoiding those risk. Students can stay at home to have a class. Hazardous environments Education Pipeline inspection It is used especially in small diameter pipes which can not be viewed for examination.
  8. 8. Future trend Application Segment What is it ? IllumiShare A desk-lamp shaped projection device that enables local and remote workers to view, share and work with physical or digital objects on any surface. The Beaming Project It is a telepresence concept that uses visual reality and haptic interfaces to record a remote user’s interactions in one locations and mirror those inputs on a humankind robot
  9. 9. Online Survey Target Information The understanding of telepresence Site • https://qtrial.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_9TZGASap5LdYZKZ
  10. 10. Survey Result
  11. 11. Survey Result Education level of interviewers Bachelor's degree or higher 32% Associate Degree or Higher Diploma 30% Others 38% High School Graduate 32% Others 6%
  12. 12. Video
  13. 13. Conclusion Although telepresence systems have certain disadvantages they are still becoming increasingly popular in both business and academe, and  a number of schools have implemented such systems over the past few years . It is believed that new avenues of sharing will emerge with the rapid improvement on telepresence.
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