Travel to london sara luis dóniz 4ºb


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Travel to london sara luis dóniz 4ºb

  1. 1. Trip to London.
  2. 2. The first day all students have to bein La Cruz Santa at 3.00 Then We took the bus to the airport in the south, Queen Sofia. We waited a while to check and finally the plane came the London at 7.30
  3. 3. When we got to London, we all rode the bus and went to the Royal National, theteachers distributed there rooms and we go to slept.
  4. 4. We got up at 7.00 to goto breakfast. At 9.30, we left the hotel to a shop to buy food and later took awalk around London, we stopped at ’’the monument . The monument is next to London Bridge, thismonument commemorat es the Great Fire of London. From this
  5. 5. Later went to the River Thames and took a boattrip from the boat we saw Big Ben and the London Eye, when we got offthe boat we could appreciate the Big Ben and the London eye, after that we saw a little movie in 4D on London eye and after see the movie, we got on the treadmill.
  6. 6. Later we all went to the subway to go to dinner at Albert Pub afterdinner we took the subway back to the hotel.
  7. 7. We got up at 7.30, then went down to breakfast and we leftthe hotel at 10.00, Later we walked to theMuseum British Museum, is one of the biggest in the world and shows the history of the humid and culture. In the museum were until 12.30
  8. 8. We took the subway later to Camden town, there wereable to buy everything you wanted, is a very famous for hosting one of the most varied street markets and extravagant in all of London. After going to CamdenTown all went to a store for rich Harrods where you can find all sorts of things Later we went to go walking to the Sussex pub where we had dinner and after dinner returned to the hotel.
  9. 9. We got up at 7.00 we went to breakfast and later the bus came to the hotel to go to the amusement park in London, in Thorpe Park was raining all day but that didn’t stop the fun together. All things were very exciting and fun. Thorpe Park is one of the parks most complete because it has all sorts of nearby attractions like the colossus, the only roller coaster in the world with 10 loops or for example the Nemesis Inferno makes you feel the experience of being at 4.5 G
  10. 10. We left the park at 5.00, the bus came to pick us up and went directly toward the rising sun pub where we had dinner and then returned to the hotel
  11. 11. Today we woke up later than usual, we went to breakfast and we left the hotel toBuckingham Palace where we visited houses of parliament, Victoria station, Trafalgar Square and Horse Guards.
  12. 12. Then we went to Piccadilly Street where we split into groups and went to eat, there could buy more thingsif we were missing went later to the surprise prepared by the teachers was the Lion King musical, the music was exciting, fun and very nice, after the musical drive to the prince of wales pub at 10.30 where we had dinner and then returned to the hotel
  13. 13. We got up at 7.00 and then went to breakfast, later went to the Natural History Museum, in this museum we saw all the things our ancestors etc. After we wentto Hyde Park where we ate at a place.
  14. 14. . We got up early and had breakfast, we left the hotel to buy food to eat on the plane after we prepare to leave luggage at the hotel bus came and took us has London Airport, Gatwick went there a time to check in and got on the plane at 3.30 that was heading to Tenerife. We reached the southof Tenerife airport to 8.00 and fromthere we went to school, arrived at 10.00.
  15. 15. Then went to the Madame Tussauds museum where we saw alot more famous and later we go to the pub blue posts to dinner, after dinner we returned to the hotel, the teachers gave us a very nice stuffed because of the changing of the guard.
  16. 16. Sara Luis Dóniz.