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The competency framework


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As an Agile professional I’ve been asking myself for years: what can I offer to my organisation as an Agile Coach? What can I give to the agile community as an Agile practitioner? What competencies do I need to develop in my organisation to successfully implement Agile? How can I become a better agile professional and help others to do so?
Coaches, teams, organisations and Agile communities have a duty to actively contribute to the growth of agile practitioners. For that, it’s essential to understand what key competencies have to be developed in Agile coaches, Scrum masters and Agile Managers among other Agile professionals to reach their next level.
Lyssa Adkins and Michael K. Spayd, describe in their whitepaper “Developing Great Agile Coaches” ( The Agile Coach Competency Framework. This is one big clue to answer these questions. Over the past two years, this framework has guided the development of hundreds of agile coaches. Agile managers and champions also use it to obtain “truth in advertising” to hire the right coach at the right time.
This competency framework consists of eight primary areas of competence that provide a focus for education and professional development for Agile professionals. This areas are:
Agile-Lean Practitioner: Knowledge & Application
‘Process-focused’ competencies: Coaching & Facilitating
‘Content-focused’ competencies: Teaching & Mentoring
Domain Mastery (Technical Mastery, Business Mastery and Transformational Mastery)

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The competency framework

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