Los angeles 1984 trabajo


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Los angeles 1984 trabajo

  1. 1. Los angeles 1984
  2. 2. The 1984 Olympics were held in Los Angeles, USA, between28July and 12 August. Participants 6797 athletes (5230 men and1,567 women) from 140 countries competing in 21 sports and221 specialties.Although a total of only 14 states abstained, was notably absentfrom countries that used to be at the top of the medal, as theSoviet Union itself, East Germany and Bulgaria. In fact,in the1976 Montreal Olympics starred countriesnow boycott had won58% of the total goldmedals [1]. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Romania won themost Olympic medals in its history.
  3. 3. After the news received from the loss of money from the 1976Montreal Olympic Games in Canada, no city was presented to host the 1984 GamesThis was seen as a threat to the future of the Olympic Games. It was initially thought New York and then Chicago, and finally opted for Los Angeles. The city of Los Angeles who had submitted thebid to host the Games in 1980 and in 1978 renewed its bid for 1984 along with the American committee, made a plan that madethe Olympics make money. It was the first city to make a profit in the Olympics and be a model for subsequent towns. The way toMontreal would be against. Los Angeles used its halls and stadiums that already existed, and used company funds to organize the Olympics as well as to build only two new centers,one for cyclists and a new Olympic pool. The city made ​a profit of200 million dollars ($ 370.19 in 2005).
  4. 4. Best moments of this olympic games Mexican Athletics scored a historic success to achieve victory inthe two walking tests, thanks to Ernesto Canto (gold in 20 km)and Raul Gonzalez (gold in 50 km) and silver in 20 km Carl Lewis of the United States team in Olympic history comes tomatch the success of Jesse Owens getting in Berlin in 1936, winning four gold medals in the same events: the 100 m, 200 m,the 4x100 relay my long jump . During his third Olympic Games United Kingdom DaleyThompson, faces West Germany Jürgen hings in the decathlon.After flat in the first seven events, Thompson takes a decisive advantage in the pole vault and javelin winning their secondconsecutive gold medal.
  5. 5. Carl lewis
  6. 6. Best moments of this olympic games In swimming, there was no male undisputed star, but stressedGermanys Michael Gross, nicknamed the Albatross won twogold medals (100 freestyle and 100 butterfly) and two silver (200butterfly and 4x200 relay In the mens artistic gymnastics individual champion was Japans Koji Gushiken, who beat Peter Vidmar U.S. and Chinese Li Ning.The United States won by teams. In boxing the Americans won nine of the twelve categories. BiggsTyrrell won the heavyweight gold. However, the futureheavyweight champion Evander Holyfield could not get thebronze in the 75-81 kg category. France won the football tournament, defeating Brazil 2-0.
  7. 7. Best moments of this olympic games And one of the important sports in USA are the basketball and in the olimpic games of this country the national team won the gold medal in the final against spain. The best in the U.S.A Michael jordan and Erwing
  8. 8. Horrible moment in this olympic games In response to the U.S. boycott the 1980 Olympics, which took place in Moscow, the Eastern Bloc countries, except Romania,along with 8 other socialist allies did the same with the games in Los Angeles. The Soviet Union, promoting the boycott, arguedthat there were sufficient guarantees for their athletes and announced his decision not to attend the May 8, just over two months before the start of the Games
  9. 9. Ángel José Reguillo Palacios 4ºA