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Naturales tema 6 BIOSPHEERE


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Naturales tema 6 BIOSPHEERE

  1. 1. Ángel Ayuso- Morales Moya 5º de primaria Colegio maestro juan de Ávila
  2. 2. • The biosphere is the largest ecosystem because it is made up of plaet Earth and all the living things. • living in an ecosystems can be……. PRODUCERS CONSUMER S DECOMPOSER S
  3. 3. • PRODUCERS: Living things that produce their own food from sunlight water and minerals salts from the soil (plants and algae).
  4. 4. • CONSUMER • Linving things that eat other living thing ( animals). • PRIMARY COSUMERS:are animals that eat plants ( herbivores as rebbits, and insect as grasshoppers) • SECUNDARY CONSUMERS: are animals that eat herbivores animals (owls, foxes) • TERTIARY CONSUMERS: are animals that eat secondary consumers (hawks) PREDATORS Are carnivorous animals that hunt other animals (lions) SCAVENGERS Are carnivorous animals that eat the dead bodies of other animals (vultures) PARASITES Feed of living things without killing them (mosquitoes)
  5. 5. • Living things that decompose the remains of other plants and animals so the minerals of these living things return to the soil (fungi and bacteria) FOOD WEBS are a conbination of various food chains FOOD CHAINS show how the species in an ecosystem are connected to one another by their food relationships
  6. 6. • Loss of biodiversity EXTINCTION occurs when every single member of a sepcies dies and none are left alive Ex.Dinosaurs, flyying reptiles and the golden toad in Costa Rica. CAUSE S • Humans are rensposible for most of the recent loss of biodiversity in the world. • Climate change. • Pollution. • Hunt and capturing animals. • Over- exploting resources. • Releasing pets into the wild. • Alteration of habitatns Protectig biodiversity Endangered species are those which are in danger of excenting . National paks and bioshpere reserves are created to prodec wildlife and its environment.