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Advanced resume writing


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The Connect Your Community (CYC) program provides broadband training, equipment and support for 26,000 low-income individuals and their households in seven separate communities. CYC is funded through a two-year grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Broadband Technology Opportunities Program. Being in our final year, we are preparing our staff to search for their next position, post-CYC.

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Advanced resume writing

  1. 1. Advanced Resume Writing Professional Development Series 20123-9-12
  2. 2. We’ll be covering:• Content• Presentation• Style• CYC Stats• How to Use a Resume• Online Presence• CYC Professional Dev 2012
  3. 3. CONTENT
  4. 4. Objective Resume ProfileWhy you fit the Career Summaryjob.Use if applying Use if postingfor specific job. resume widely.
  5. 5. Objective• Strengths, abilities and qualifications for the particular employer.
  6. 6. Research the Company• What are their values?• Do they have a lot of turnover?• Who is the hiring manager?• Do you know someone at the company?
  7. 7. Resume Profile• About you, not the employer.• Skills, accomplishments & career level.• Creativity.• Keywords.• Certifications, advanced degrees.
  8. 8. Opener for Resume ProfileBartholomew Gonzalez is anoverachiever when it comes topeople. Bart enjoys helping peopleachieve over and above the highestlevel of their potential, from the veryyoung to the very not-so-young, aswell as the special needs community.
  9. 9. Cover Letter• Intro – Position Hiring for• Body – How you meet their need.• Closing – Express desire for follow up
  10. 10. KeyWordsQuestion:What keywords are employerssearching for your desired position?How to find the answer:Search for your desired position on JobSearch Engines. Look for commontheme in the keywords.
  11. 11. Job Search Engines• search-engines/list.htm
  12. 12. References• List on a separate document.• Get permission.• Have an idea of what they will say.• Provide upon request.• Do not include on resume.
  13. 13. Content Tips• Include websites of former employers.• Highlight relevant skills.
  14. 14. Employment Gaps• Use a cover letter to explain gaps in employment.• Avoid posting too many positions and looking like a job jumper.
  16. 16. Presentation Tips• Include personalized cover letter.• Include white space.• Include your email address which should be• Keep resume under 2 pages.
  17. 17. Resume Format• Chronological – same field• Functional - switch fields
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Digital Resumes
  20. 20. Save as PDF
  21. 21. STYLE
  22. 22. Style Tips• Bullet points• Be concise.• Have it proofread.• Use active verbs.
  23. 23. Active Verb ExampleNon-active:I made 11 curriculum modules formy team.Active:I created and/or customized 11curriculum modules for my team.
  24. 24. Outcomes with NumbersRather than stating:Taught digital literacy classes to adultstudents.State:Taught and graduated an average of18 adult digital literacy studentsevery six weeks.
  25. 25. CYC StatsFor your team, we can tell you:• The number of people trained• The number of SBAs• The number of people reached in outreach efforts
  26. 26. CYC StatsFor you:• Think about what stats you already know.• Talk to your PA.• Talk to Angela.• We’re here to help you.
  27. 27. How to Use a Resume• Send your resume to people, not places.• Send your resume with a cover letter.• Don’t mass mail your resume.• Send your resume with the job application form.• Follow up.
  28. 28. Online Presence
  29. 29. CYC Blogging Team
  30. 30. CYC Professional Dev 2012 Advanced LinkedIn for 16-Mar-12 the Job Seeker Use Your Network (Online & Offline) to Find 30-Mar-12 a Job Meaningful Networking: 13-Apr-12 Online & Offline
  31. 31. Creative Commons License• This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit