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Workshop Series on Marketing with Social Media, Time Management and Money


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Education Workshop Series on Marketing, Management & Money presented by the Women\'s Business Connection of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce

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Workshop Series on Marketing with Social Media, Time Management and Money

  1. 1. M arketing oney anagement 2011 Educational Workshop Series Three interactive workshops designed to move your career forward.presented by sponsored byTuesday, September 13 Re-Branding Yourself with Social Media Barbara Bix, BB Marketing PlusIn this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to leverage social media to rebrand yourself in the eyes ofmanagers, peers, clients, and others who will influence your success. Come prepared with thoughtsabout how you want them to perceive your value going forward. Leave with a communications plan forexecuting your vision.Thursday, October 20 Seven Things that Every Savvy Woman Needs to Know to be Wealthy Paula Harris, WH Cornerstone InvestmentsWomen are earning and spending more than ever before, as well as making the majority of financialdecisions. Yet, all too often women are afraid of money matters. Well, no more! We’ll start with a shortquiz, and then discuss the simple steps that motivate and inspire you about your money. You will feelempowered about your financial future and what it takes to create wealth.Tuesday, November 8 Go For It! Getting to Your Goal Mitzi Weinman, TimefinderWe all have ideas on how we can improve ourselves personally or professionally. However, it is oftenchallenging to move from an idea into action. In this workshop, you will use a simple, step-by-stepapproach to write your professional or personal goal in clear and measurable terms, break your goal downand brainstorm a list of tangible actions you can take toward achieving your goal. You will leave theseminar with an action plan ready to use immediately!Details: Eastern Nazarene College Old Colony Campus, 180 Old Colony Ave., Quincy, MA 7:00am registration, 7:30-9:00am workshopPricing: SSCC and Partner Pricing: $35 each workshop; $75 for 3 workshops Non-members: $45 each workshop Non-member SPECIAL – $350 includes 3 workshops and membership to the SSCC* *For the Non-Member Special, please contact Rayna Minder at South Shore Chamber, 617-786-0059 Register online at: LIMITED SEATING. So be sure to register early!