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SCAMPERing can add fluency, flexibility, originality ,and "Ummmph" to any idea or project. A powerful and easy way to stay motivated, relevant.

Published in: Design, Sports


  1. 1. S.C.A.M.P.E.R
  2. 2. S ubstitute
  3. 3. Combine
  4. 4. Adapt
  5. 5. Mix
  6. 6. Put toUse
  7. 7. Erase
  8. 8. Repurpose
  9. 9. Photo Attribution• Close Your Eyes Photo on Flickr by keesssss.!‘s• Jelly Beans Photo on Flickr by Farl• Things May be Different…Well Adapt Photo on Flickr by wajakemeks• Impulse Photo on Flickr by Jaki Good• What Used to be My Bag Photo on Flickr by artzyviv• Pencils and Earrings Photo on Flickr by .tomate depingles.s