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Putting the Human in Human Resources


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When we think of people who made the biggest impact in our live, it was not their expertise or accomplishments that provided me us with direction, guidance and reassurance to accomplish our goals; it was their sincere belief in us. They let us know through their words and actions that we mattered.

The "humans" in our lives want that same validation. In fact, every single person you will ever meet shares this common desire. They want to know they matter.

Mattering a universal human need, and it’s one you have the opportunity to satisfy. In this session, we will explore specific and actionable ways to answer “yes” to the following questions:

Do you see me?
Do you hear me?
Do you care about me?
Do I matter to you?

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  • Three people during the early years of my youth let me know with their words and actions that I mattered. Only three people, but they made ​​all the difference... Thank you, Angela, for reminding me of that once again
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  • I fully agree. I give training sometimes. The first thing I do is to remember trainees' names. This proved to be a key issue for they feel important when called by their names. Notice and attention are great emotions to move people. I promoted this presentation for it is worthy of doing so. Thanks Angela for this lovely presentation
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  • Thanks Angela for your wise gift.
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Putting the Human in Human Resources

  1. A N M U in Putting H back HUMAN RESOURCES Presented by Angela Maiers @angelamaiers.comWednesday, November 14, 12
  2. YOU MATTERWednesday, November 14, 12
  3. What happens when you know YOU MATTER and understand your actions count?Wednesday, November 14, 12
  4. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  5. 1. Notice 2. Value 3. EssentialWednesday, November 14, 12
  6. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  7. IGNORE at your perilWednesday, November 14, 12
  8. The ResultsWednesday, November 14, 12
  9. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  10. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  11. ConclusionsWednesday, November 14, 12
  12. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  13. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  14. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  15. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  16. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  17. Little MATTER S PLEASE sweat the small stuff!!!Wednesday, November 14, 12
  18. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  19. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  20. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  21. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  22. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  23. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  24. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  25. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  26. The Journey Mapping ExerciseWednesday, November 14, 12
  27. SCALE THISWednesday, November 14, 12
  28. 1. Notice 2. Value 3. EssentialWednesday, November 14, 12
  29. 2-5-2Wednesday, November 14, 12
  30. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  31. LOOK AT ME? NOTICE ME? SEE ME? SAY MY NAMEWednesday, November 14, 12
  32. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  33. Secure the HEART or you don’t have a shot at their BRAINS or BUSINESSWednesday, November 14, 12
  34. 1. Notice 2. Value 3. EssentialWednesday, November 14, 12
  35. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  36. Chief Happiness Officer Tony HsiehWednesday, November 14, 12
  37. PASSION PROFILE ARCHETYPES: The Builder: Creating a strong sense of urgency to deliver results, they’re the driving force of obtaining or expanding an communities presence. The Connector: Srong desire to see both sides of an issue, they are born communicators, adept a negotiation and relationship building. The Conceiver: These “intellectual acrobats” think outside the box, imagine new possibilities and contribute to innovation. The Creator: The artisans of the organization, their thought patterns are filled with emotion and are without limitations. They eagerly address challenges and imagine potential solutions. The Discoverer: Explorers and innovators, they combine logic and linear thinking with intuition and plan ways to carry out their discoveries or achieve innovations. The Processor: The sustainers of structure, function and tradition, they create a framework for the Text organization by developing processes, analyzing information, and establishing and maintaining quality standards. The Transformer: Alchemists and change agents, they identify and embrace possibilities fo improvements in the business, the environment, themselves and others. The Altruist: The humanitarians of the organization, they are on the lookout to raise your organization’s profit, while benefiting the world at large. The Healer: With a passion for creating peace where there is turmoil, applying salve to open wounds and mending broken relationships or broken spirits, they passionately sink to the root of any issue. The Teacher: Passionate about new information and ways of viewing the world, create foundation o institutional wisdom – the single greatest organizational asset as yet unaccounted for on the balance sheet.Wednesday, November 14, 12
  38. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  39. Lasting Give ComplimentsWednesday, November 14, 12
  40. LOVE UP!Wednesday, November 14, 12
  41. Essential Reflection and RemindersWednesday, November 14, 12
  42. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  43. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  44. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  45. Wednesday, November 14, 12
  46. BONUS POINTS!!Wednesday, November 14, 12
  47. 1. Notice 2. Value 3. EssentialWednesday, November 14, 12
  48. AngelaMaiers.comWednesday, November 14, 12
  49. Wednesday, November 14, 12
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