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Choose2Matter at EdTech NJ


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The deck for a presentation by Mark Moran (@findingDulcinea) at Ed Tech NJ

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Choose2Matter at EdTech NJ

  1. 1. D
  2. 2. D
  3. 3. 65 countries - 122,000 classrooms $24,000 Sponsor 7 kids 23 students build a library across the world
  4. 4. “Kids have good ideas. We don’t know all the reasons it won’t work. We just know what we want to do.”
  5. 5. Out of the 14 teachers I’ve had since I started Project Yesu in 6th grade, only 3 ever showed any interest in what I am doing in Uganda.”
  6. 6. What happens when you know YOU MATTER and understand your actions count?