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Rodin Drawings


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Rodin Drawings

  2. 2. Standing Female Nude Against a Female Nude in Profile with Clasped Hands graphite and watercolour on paper cut-outs 32,4 x 22,5 cm D.4146-5228
  3. 3. La Tempête ou La Vague (The Tempest or The Wave) circa1900? graphite and watercolour on paper 32,6 x 23,6 cm D.4186
  4. 4. Portrait of Séverine circa 1893 charcoal on paper 32 x 24,7 cm D.5644
  5. 5. Nude Woman in the Movement of her Veils circa 1890 ? graphite, pen, inks, watercolour and gouache on paper 17,5 x 11 cm D.4309
  6. 6. Palais de Justice in Dijon pen and sepia ink wash on paper 18,7 x 14,7 cm D.5891
  7. 7. Le Cercle des Amours (The Circle of Lovers) circa 1880 graphite, pen, sepia ink wash and gouache on paper 19,5 x 15,1 cm D.7756
  8. 8. Six studies of Cambodian dancers July 1906 graphite, watercolour and gouache on paper 27,1 x 21,1 cm D.5076
  9. 9. La Beauté (Beauty) 1887-1888 graphite, pen and sepia ink on page 47 of Les Fleurs du Mal by Charles Baudelaire, Paris, Poulet-Malassis et de Broise, 1857 D.7174