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BizJapan 2014 - IDEA Network & Global Innovative Youth Conference 2014


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Presentation by Angela Li at the University of Tokyo, 9th December 2013.
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BizJapan 2014 - IDEA Network & Global Innovative Youth Conference 2014

  1. 1. For BizJapan Summit 2013 IDEA NETWORK The University of Queensland, Australia, Ecuador and Germany Angela Li - Director of Global Innovative Youth Conference 2014, President of IDEA Network (2012-2013) LinkedIn: Twitter: @AngelaLi7
  2. 2. ABOUT US Entrepreneurship can be taught! Mission: educate and accelerate entrepreneurship to our members. Events: educational focus and others social. International: a diverse membership group, >30 countries, students from all academic background. Connected: prominent Brisbane business incubators, angel investors, venture capitalists and experts; assist our members in nourishing their ideas and potential. Assist: aspiring entrepreneurs to develop their ideas into successful ventures.
  3. 3. BRANCHES ▪ The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia ▪ Ecuador ▪ Germany MEMBERSHIP ▪ ~350 members in each branch ▪ ¼ business students, ¼ engineering and IT students, the rest from all faculties and levels (e.g. MBA, PhD). ▪ 51% international vs 49% domestic students ▪ Many have started their businesses or tried their hands at a start-up
  4. 4. OUR OFFERINGS ▪ Social Events ▪ Educational Events 2013 2013 Total of 32, including: Total of 9, including: - Pitch Dinner - Pitch nights - Weekly meet-ups - Guest speaker presentations - Welcome parties - Workshops - Market days - Pitch Dinner
  5. 5. IDEA NETWORK ENTREPRENEURIAL COMPETITION ▪ Partnership: with the student union (the University of Queensland Union) and an Australian incubator, ilab accelerator ( to set up a student entrepreneurial competition. ▪ Ran 8 workshops to prepare students for entry into the program, including: 1. Secrets to Success - with John Lambie and David Tisdall 2. Becoming an Entrepreneur - with Google Ambassadors at UQ and Alex Robey 3. Introduction to Bitcoin - with Sam Keightley 4. Business Knowledge and Entrepreneurial Mindset - with Colin Kinner 5. Financial and Legal Concerns - with Steve Davey, Sam Keightley and myself 6. Business Planning and Market Analysis (Lean Startups) - with Professor Tim Kastelle 7. Leadership and Networking - with Michael French 8. Design Thinking - with Deloitte ▪ Competition prize: direct entry into the iLab Germinate program, a funding package worth AUD$30,000AUD and mentoring from prominent Australian entrepreneurs.
  6. 6. OUR SUPPORTERS ▪ Workshop speakers (Colin Kinner, Steve Davey, Professor Tim Kastelle, Michael French, Deloitte and more) ▪ Pitch Dinner Attendees (RiverCity Labs (Peta Ellis and Peter Laurie), David Harrison, Sam Friend, ilab mentors and judges, Kieran Shaw and the UQ Union team, the UQ Office of Undergraduate Education, UQ Business School (Professors Damien Hines, Anna Jenkins and Tim Kastelle, and more) ▪ Special thanks to:
  7. 7. BRISBANE’S STARTUP ECOSYSTEM ▪ 1 of 4 main startup hubs in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. ▪ Compared to their counterparts in Silicon Valley, Australian startups are less likely to want to get rich, less likely to want to change the world, but more likely to want to build a great product. ▪ Government grants like Commercialization Australia is designed to support startups ▪ Digital Brisbane Strategy designed to make Australia a World City, through startups. ▪ Startup Festival planned for 2014 Source: Deloitte Silicon Beach Australian Startup Ecosystem Report, 2012 Case Study: Halfbrick Studios (maker of Jetpack Joyride, Fruit Ninja, Age of Zombies…) ▪ >10 years in making games ▪ Based in Brisbane, Australia
  8. 8. GLOBAL INNOVATIVE YOUTH CONFERENCE (30TH JUNE – 5TH JULY 2014) BRISBANE (AUS) ▪ ~150 delegates (local and international) ▪ Part of Brisbane Startup Festival 2014 ▪ To promote student entrepreneurship and global business networks amongst top university students from the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. ▪ The week-long conference will include: ▪ Workshops conducted by prominent Australian entrepreneurs ▪ Company visits to key technology incubators and startups ▪ Networking and social events ▪ Tourism around Queensland ▪ Build a startup business in our Startup Competition (in the style of a mini StartupWeekend)
  9. 9. CONFERENCE TEAM Our conference team consists of 10 capable individuals, including a: Director Sponsorship & Corporate Team HR Team Marketing & IT Team Logistics Team Ambassadors Program Please join us as an ambassador or international partner! PARTNERSHIPS (INTERNATIONAL) Confirmed: National University of Singapore Peking University IDEA Network Germany IDEA Network Ecuador KAIST – KISA
  10. 10. CONTACT US Main: Website: Twitter: Email: Angela Li –