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Traditional Lead Gen is as Outdated as the Scrunchie


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Delivered at the Women in the Channel conference, part of the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, Angela Leavitt discusses the evolution of lead generation and how to effectively harness the power of "The Connection Economy."

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Traditional Lead Gen is as Outdated as the Scrunchie

  1. 1. Traditional Lead Gen is as Outdated as the Scrunchie Angela Leavitt Mojo Marketing
  2. 2. Let’s take a journey back in time...
  3. 3. Remember when...?
  4. 4. Remember when...?
  5. 5. Welcome to the Information Age
  6. 6. Those Were the Days!
  7. 7. Fast Forward to 2014
  8. 8. Email in 2014
  9. 9. 2014 Google
  10. 10. 2014 Google
  11. 11. How do you make buying decisions today?
  12. 12. How do we make decisions today? We research…online. Blogs Articles Consumer Guides White Papers Case Studies Videos Infographics News Podcasts
  13. 13. How do we make decisions today? We ask our social network.
  14. 14. I hate to break it to you...
  15. 15. Welcome to The Connection Economy
  16. 16. Information Age Rules • Spamming cold lists worked well • So did cold calling • It was more of a numbers game • Biggest muscles would win • Online gimmicks & tricks could work • “Sprinters” could do well
  17. 17. Connection Economy Rules • Thought leadership reigns • Prospects are educated into your funnel • Building a “tribe” or fan base is essential • Reviews, referrals, testimonials = $$ • Specialists & niches rule • Strategic partnerships are invaluable
  18. 18. Connection Economy Rules (cont.) • Giving, giving, giving is the principle • Your value = your relationships • People are just as important than the brands they represent • Fewer sprints, more marathons
  19. 19. Connection Economy Rules (cont.) “Marketing has always been a grueling and competitive sport – not unlike running a marathon. With the changes in the buying process in media and technology, and managing expectations, it’s like running a marathon as the ground shifts beneath your feet.” David Raab, Author, “Winning the Marketing Measurement Marathon”
  20. 20. Thanks a lot, Internet!
  21. 21. Is Content King? Creative Content Is King
  22. 22. Creative Content is King.
  23. 23. Change is hard, but necessary.
  24. 24. Generating leads is like gathering apples...
  25. 25. The Good News... • It naturally weeds out fakers • It continues to build on itself • It multiplies exponentially • The playing field is leveled • Very few are willing to do what it takes
  26. 26. Your Goal: Harness the Power
  27. 27. Step-by-Step Guide • Think of your largest/most recognized company • Develop case study, video testimonial, other endorsement • What industry are they in? • Learn that industry’s jargon
  28. 28. Step-by-Step Guide • Develop messaging around your specialization • Put it everywhere – Website – Business cards – Collateral – Social pages – Video content – Blog – Infographics
  29. 29. Step-by-Step Guide • Find the industry’s associations – Volunteer on their committees – Write blogs/articles for their publications – Participate in their LinkedIn groups – SPEAK at their events – Build relationships with their media people – Record targeted videos – Be creative – Develop a TRUE PARTNERSHIP – Work promotions through your partnership
  30. 30. Step-by-Step Guide • Leverage Big Data – Follow your prospects around the web (Google remarketing, Facebook ads, etc.) – Never been easier to target your EXACT audience – What they’ve purchased – What their interests are – Everything is moving toward “pay to play”
  31. 31. The Results? • Increased referrals • More trust (less having to “sell”) • Shorter sales cycles • Price becomes less of an issue • Prospects contact you pre-sold • More invitations to speak • The more of a “Rock Star” you become in that industry, the more leads and referrals you will receive
  32. 32. The Plan in Action Here are some ways we leverage the Connection Economy. Feel free to borrow or steal!
  33. 33. The Plan in Action Niche industry: Telecom Partner association: Channel Partners
  34. 34. The Plan in Action
  35. 35. The Plan in Action
  36. 36. The Plan in Action
  37. 37. The Plan in Action
  38. 38. The Plan in Action
  39. 39. The Plan in Action
  40. 40. The Results? • 80% + growth each year since inception with no dedicated sales person • “I’m calling because I see you specialize in telecom…” • #1 on Google for “Telecom Marketing” • “I’ve watched all your videos. I feel like I know you. You get me and my industry. How can we work together?”
  41. 41. Q&A Tweet your scrunchie pics to @MojoMktg for a chance to win a free infographic!!! Angela Leavitt @MojoMktg