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Dc week - Engagement in Social Media


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Dc week - Engagement in Social Media

  1. 1. Hausman and Associates Digital Capital Week Creating Community and Change out of Thin Air, LIVE November 8, 2011Hausman and Associates
  2. 2. ROI of Traditional Media (TV)18.0016.0014.0012.0010.00 8.00 6.00 4.00 2.00 Viewers (in Millions) 0.00 Law and Order… CPM Dancing with… Private Practice Christine Bones House Gary Unmarried CSI: NY Greys Anatomy Criminal Minds Hausman and Associates
  3. 3. ROI of Social Media 5 Billion 100 Million2 Million Hausman and Associates
  4. 4. Hausman and Associates
  5. 5. Hausman and Associates
  6. 6. Hausman and Associates
  7. 7. Social Network Hierarchy of Effects Attraction Awareness Phase Liking ------------------------------ EngagementRelationship Phase Participation Community ------------------ Evangelism Hausman and Associates
  8. 8. Hausman and Associates
  9. 9. Create Engagement using Interaction ---Hausman and Associates
  10. 10. Create Engagementusing Reciprocity --- Hausman and Associates
  11. 11. Create Engagement using Customer Service --- Hausman and Associates
  12. 12. Hausman and Associates
  13. 13. Create Engagement using Trust ---
  14. 14. Manage Your Engagement• Blogging• Newsletters• Sharing Hausman and Associates
  15. 15. Get the ReportUse the QR codeOrGo to:
  16. 16. • Hausman and Associates – Hausman Marketing Letter –• @MarketingLetter• Social Media Marketing – The Art and Science of Building Your Brand – on Facebook• Google+ - Angela Hausman, PhD Hausman and Associates