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The beatles jeanie


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The beatles jeanie

  1. 1. By: Jeanie R.
  2. 2. What type of music doesthis artist or groupperform?This group performsmany different typesof music because ofthe years that wentby and because of thechanging moods andalso because of thingsthey’ve gone through.
  3. 3. What words would youuse to describe the styleof this artist or group?Amazing, talented, unique, one of a kind.
  4. 4. What emotions does thismusic make you feel?It makes me feelhappy, sad, slow, hyperdepends on what song Ilisten to but most of thesongs takes me to bettertimes in my memory.
  5. 5. What special talents does theartist or group possess, andhow are these talentsdemonstrated?All their talents show intheir music and they puttheir talent in their musicand show it in publicplaces .
  6. 6. How does this musicreflect the society inwhich it was written?It reflected on society in agood and bad way becausesome of the music writtenor was covered wasn’tapproved for manyreasons.