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Application software


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Published in: Technology
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Application software

  1. 1. A look at my favorite software By: Angela Coury
  2. 2.  This is a type of spreadsheet software that helps you perform calculations and analysis. ◦ Charts and graphs ◦ Financial Analysis ◦ Accounting ◦ Budgeting
  3. 3.  They can increase your productivity when dealing with various types of data. Allows you to keep track of finances and expenses. Helps to keep everything looking neat and organized. Great if you aren’t a math wiz
  4. 4.  As long as you can input numbers it is easy to use. You will look more neat and organized. Professional looking Calculates numbers for you
  5. 5.  Spreadsheets help your productivity and allow you to keep track of your expenses. They help you keep organized. I gave you my recommendation of why you should use Spreadsheet software.