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Canterbury Tales Review


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Study this for the test that will be soon!

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Canterbury Tales Review

  1. 1. The Canterbury Tales Review Game
  2. 2. Which of the pilgrims tells a tale of avarice? The Pardoner
  3. 3. Which of the pilgrims is traveling with the Pardoner? The Summoner
  4. 4. Which two pilgrims are brothers? The Parson and The Plowman
  5. 5. Name two of the three pilgrims Chaucer respected? Knight Parson Plowman
  6. 6. Which pilgrim had bright red hair, a wart on his nose with hair growing out of it, and a foul mouth? The Miller
  7. 7. Why are the pilgrims going to Canterbury? To visit the grave of St. Thomas a’ Beckett. He was the Archbishop of Canterbury who died for his religious principles instead of giving in to King Henry II.
  8. 8. What month is it when the pilgrims begin their journey? April
  9. 9. How many tales will each pilgrim tell? 4
  10. 10. Who will judge the contest? The Host
  11. 11. Which pilgrim was responsible for buying all the food for the lawyers of the Inner Temple?(He was smarter than all of them, but illiterate.) The Manciple
  12. 12. Which pilgrim has been married five times? The Wife of Bath
  13. 13. Which of the pilgrims is the Squire’s father? The Knight
  14. 14. Which of the pilgrims is in debt, but gave financial advice anyway? The Merchant
  15. 15. What name do we give to the dyer, carpet maker, weaver, carpenter, and haberdasher collectively? The Guildsmen
  16. 16. How was the Wife of Bath made deaf? Her 5th husband Jankyn hit her for tearing his book.
  17. 17. Which of the pilgrims was a foreman on his master’s estate? He was so much better at business he bought his master gifts and lent him money. The Reeve
  18. 18. Which of the pilgrims keeps little dogs and prefers to speak French? The Prioress
  19. 19. Explain why Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales” is called a “snapshot of an age.” It contains descriptions of individuals of a diverse group of economic and career situations. It gives a good idea of what life was like in this time period.
  20. 20. Which of the pilgrims says he has a special license from the Pope to hear confessions? He also had a fondness for young women. The Friar
  21. 21. Which pilgrim’s job was it to haul people into religious court? The Summoner
  22. 22. Which pilgrim owned greyhounds and acted as though he were a rich gentleman rather than his job? The Monk
  23. 23. Complete the quote, “If gold rusts, _________________________?” what will iron do?
  24. 24. Who says that quote? The Parson
  25. 25. This man appeared busier than he really was. He knew every law and statute on the books. The Sergeant at Law
  26. 26. What does the winner of the contest win? a meal paid by all at the Tabard Inn when they return
  27. 27. What happens if one of the pilgrims refuses to tell a tale? That pilgrim has to pay everyone else’s expenses for the trip.
  28. 28. Why is the miller not likely to win with one of his stories? His stories are foul. He “has a mouth like a furnace door.” The winning story has to have good morality.
  29. 29. How many tales did Chaucer intend to write? 30 pilgrims X 4 stories= 120
  30. 30. How many did he actually finish? 24
  31. 31. Why did Chaucer leave the tales unfinished? He worked on them for 10 years, but he died before finishing them.
  32. 32. Which of the pilgrims had blisters and sores on his face? The Summoner
  33. 33. What disease were these sores an indication of? Syphilis
  34. 34. What two things did the Wife of Bath say made a good husband? Rich Old
  35. 35. What is the Wife of Bath’s strategy for never getting yelled at by her husband? Accuse him of the crime first.
  36. 36. Which of her husbands did the wife of Bath marry for love instead of money? Johnny #5
  37. 37. According to the Wife of Bath’s Tale, what is it that a woman most desires? To be her own boss, to be able to make her own decisions and have her opinion matter to her husband.
  38. 38. Which of the pilgrims was the sheriff of his district and loved to throw big parties? The Franklin
  39. 39. Which of the pilgrims was feared by the servants on his master’s estate? The Reeve
  40. 40. Which pilgrim was good at his job, but enjoyed kickbacks from apothecaries and cheating people out of their gold? The Doctor
  41. 41. Which pilgrim is said to have worn a short gown and slept as little as a nightingale? The Squire
  42. 42. Which pilgrim prepared an excellent blancmange? The Cook
  43. 43. Who made all of their enemies walk the plank from his boat the Maudelayne? The Skipper
  44. 44. Which pilgrim wears a brooch that says “Love conquers all.”? The Prioress (Nun)
  45. 45. Which pilgrim keeps little gifts in his pocket to attract pretty girls? It says he “fixed up many a marriage.” The Friar
  46. 46. In the Pardoner’s Tale, what is it that the three rioters are seeking when they leave town? DEATH
  47. 47. Why does the old man they meet tell them to go behind a certain tree? He says he left Death there earlier. It was really money that he knew they’d kill for.
  48. 48. How does the youngest rioter die? The other two rioters stab him when he returns.
  49. 49. How do the other two die? After they killed the first rioter, they drank one of his bottles of wine that was poisoned.
  50. 50. What is the message the Pardoner is hoping you’d get out of his story? Money is the root of all evil. If you want to go to heaven you have to give away your money. Look! Here’s a collection basket now!
  51. 51. Which pilgrim would prefer to buy books rather than food? The Oxford Cleric
  52. 52. Which pilgrim immediately tries to get money out of the other pilgrims as soon as his or her tale is finished? The Pardoner
  53. 53. Who wrote the Canterbury Tales? Geoffrey Chaucer
  54. 54. Who is probably the richest of the pilgrims, but is humble, honest, and good? The Knight
  55. 55. Which two characters does Chaucer use to make positive statements about he Catholic church? Parson and Plowman
  56. 56. Which pilgrim is said to have a thumb of gold? The Miller
  57. 57. Name any two characters Chaucer uses to point out flaws in the Catholic church. Nun, Friar, Monk, Pardoner, Summoner
  58. 58. Which pilgrim is a servant to the knight? The Yeoman
  59. 59. Which pilgrim is an honest, hardworking Christian man? He works all day in his fields but won’t hesitate to help a friend or neighbor. The Plowman
  60. 60. What is the Tabard Inn? The place owned by the Host where they all meet to start the pilgrimage to Canterbury.
  61. 61. What literary device is used in “The Pardoner’s Tale” when they talk about Death as a character? Personification
  62. 62. What commentary was Chaucer trying to make about he class system with his characters, The Nun and the Monk? In the upper class, daughters who had no dowry to make a good marriage were forced into the church. The same was true for sons who had no inheritance. It was the only “respectable” thing to do.