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Small Business Copywriting: 5 Easy Headline Tips You Can Use Now


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Headlines sell. Discover five easy headline copywriting tips which are essential for small business marketing. Start using these tips today to make sales, and increase profits.

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Small Business Copywriting: 5 Easy Headline Tips You Can Use Now

  1. 1. Small Business Copywriting: 5 Easy Headline Tips You Can Use Now Presented by Angela Booth: Twitter @angee / Google+: Writing Genii:
  2. 2. You don’t need to be a copywriter to write powerful headlines. Try these simple tips. They work. Brainstorm headlines. It makes all the difference. Research. (Seriously.) 01
  3. 3. Tip 1. Remember WIIFM: "what's in it for me?" Everyone’s busy. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Think about your ideal customer (or your email recipient, your blog’s readers, etc.) Everyone wants to know what’s in it for them. Angela Booth /
  4. 4. Tip 2. Research! When you create important copy, spend half your time on research. This relates to “what’s in it for me?” Create some headlines when you know the answer to “what’s in it for me???” Angela Booth 01
  5. 5. Tip 3. Write LOTS of headlines: aim for 20. Angela Booth /
  6. 6. Brainstorm headlines with a timer. * Get a timer. Set it for ten minutes. * Write, and keep writing. * Write ANYTHING. Don’t be choosy. * Aim for 20 headlines. More is better. * Is it an important project? Repeat the brainstorming process several times. Angela Booth 01
  7. 7. Tip 4. Get emotional. Make your audience FEEL something. Angela Booth
  8. 8. Decide what you want your audience to feel, and then FEEL IT yourself. Images are powerful. They work directly on your emotions. What do you feel when you look at this vintage Coca Cola ad? Read your copy, then make a list of emotions, and find words to suit. Copywriters use lists of words which trigger emotion, like “new”, “free”, “exclusive” and so on. Come up with your own word list for your project. Angela Booth 01
  9. 9. Tip 5. Read your headline aloud. No matter how silly you feel (and you will feel silly, if you’re in an office) read your headline ALOUD. Something which looks OK may sound silly, or reveal itself to have a hidden meaning, when you read it aloud. (Don’t ask how I know this.) Angela Booth 01
  10. 10. You CAN write great headlines. Take time to focus on headlines, because… Angela Booth 01 /
  11. 11. “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” David Ogilvy, advertising master. Angela Booth
  12. 12. Contact Angela Booth for copywriting and content help today. Get inspired: useful business life tips at her Creativity Factory Blog daily. Angela Booth: Twitter @angee; at Google+: Writing Genii: 01